Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 34

Tails was brought by Wave and Lien-Da into Wave's bedroom to check out a new item, which was a 3D printer. That immediately gave Tails an idea: print a double dildo.

Given his intelligence, the fox didn't need to do much work while on a computer, all he did was set it up, then get the desired files and codes to make a dildo that felt good on both ends.

Once the dildo was printed, Wave and Lien-Da wasted no time in preparing it for use, they used one end to insert it into their vaginas. It felt rather nice and very kinky as they knelt in front of each other.

The ladies really started to revel in their new 3D object, Tails even suggested, "Wave, Lien-Da, you filthy sluts, worship that double dildo, lick it like a lollipop! Oh yeah, yeah, really stuff both shaft end in your mouths!"

Sitting on their butts, Wave and Lien-Da each held the two-sided sex toy with one hand, then brought their head closer to each other to put the tips of the dildo in their mouths. While doing so, they loved the heat already coming off their bodies and the smell of their already-fragrant sexes. They kept moving their heads closer to each other, putting the smooth dildo in their mouths.

Tails even wanked while seeing Wave and Lien-Da suck both ends of the printed toy, they even made some gagging sounds as their heads were close enough to kiss with the dildo ends almost making them choke and their eyes water. Neither female backed away, they wanted to see how long they could keep the sex object in their faces and kiss like lesbians before they needed to stop and get some air.

As he masturbated, Tails encouraged them, "Don't stop now. Take it all again, you two."

What Lien-Da and Wave did next was spread their legs as wide as possible, then moved their vulvas closer together until their clits barely touched. Once they were in position, they put the dildo in their vaginas in a way that had one end in Wave and the other in Lien-Da.

Now that they were both penetrated at the same time, the ladies began tribbing while Tails got closer to them, kissing their bare stomachs and licking their navels.

Taking one of Wave's breast into his mouth and squeezing it with his hand, Tails ran his other hand between Lien-Da's cleavage.

Both Wave and Lien-Da felt such wetness their cunts, they even heard sloshing sounds. That was when the fox decided that the ladies were clearly ready for the next step.

Tails requested both of to stand up. Once they were standing straight, he then made them face away from each other before making them bend over. He took the two-sided toy dick and positioned Tails and Lien-Da so the sex object could go into both of their puffy, swollen lips. Then, he made them get closer until their butt cheeks pressed against each other. Wave and Lien-Da let out a few grunts, "Unk, nnk, ahhhh..."

It took Wave and Lien-Da a little while to get the hang of moving the new appendage inside them by thrusting their hips, making them bump their butts. Excited by the sight he was seeing, Tails masturbated again while he egged them on, muttering, "Ooh, ooh, let that 3D printed dildo give it to you hard, gals. Oh, let it fuck you both and make you scream!"

The fox kept cheering them on while stroking his own sex organ. Both Lien-Da and Wave were feeling their strong muscles clench the toy with each thrust. Then the females took a turn kissing Tails, he even allowed them to briefly fondle his cock and balls with a free hand, bringing him closer to eruption.

As Tails, Wave, and Lien-Da all approached orgasm, their dirty talk subsided into cooing and sighs, and the theatrical thrusts were replaced by squirming and wriggling as each girl tried to get just the right friction on their sensitive vulva, plus moans from the ladies whenever Tails kneaded their breasts or sucked on their distended nipples.

Finally, all three of them could sense a long series of quivers, twitches, and gasps. Such body movements made finally orgasm. Wave and Lien-Da squirted with their vaginal spray splashing all over the other's ass while Tails ejaculated with his seed getting on the floor.

Wave and Lien-Da backed away from each other, got the dildo out of them, then kissed Tails deeply while intensifying their strokes on his cock until he exploded a few more times onto their hands so they could taste his semen. Lien-Da and Wave rubbed the tips of the dildo in his semen and licked it off. Tails even smiled, "Yeah, lick the double cock clean like the nasty sluts you are. Clean it, you little bitches."

Thoroughly, the ladies lapped their own juices from the smooth heads, then shared them as their lips and tongues met. Once it was clean, Tails laughed, "Oh, you gals. 3D printing sex toys seems like the coolest idea ever!"

Wave and Lien-Da giggled, "We agree. No more buying them, we can just make them ourselves."

Tails, Lien-Da, and Wave smothered each other in kisses before curling up together on Wave's bed like a basket of puppies.

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