Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 33

Blaze and Honey added a brand-new form of entertainment to the colony: A bowling alley. The alley was rather small because it had 10 lanes.

In the bowling alley, Blaze and Honey played a little one-on-one with Blaze going first. She proposed, "Winner dominates the loser?"

Honey smirked, "Bring it."

A shiny black ball slid down the lane, its clockwise spin whirling over the glossy finish of the wood and oil until just past half way down the alley, then, like a perfectly honed knife it began to slice, turning away from the gutter and careening toward the sweet spot between the first and third pin. Well before the ball touched a single pin, everyone knew it was going to be a strike. Even the sound was perfect as the mass of pins seemed to shatter into a million pieces, all bouncing, spinning, and tumbling into the dark pit behind the machinery.

From that first ball, the outcome of the match was pretty much assured. Taking a quick glance at Honey, Blaze noticed a bead of sweat forming on her forehead as a bright X that lit up on the overhead scoreboard. Honey commented, "Dang. You're good."

"Thanks. I'm you're just as good as me."

Once it was Honey's turn, she grabbed her pink ball, ran her cloth over it to wipe off any excess oil, and then moved into position. She glided forward, swung the ball along her side, snapping her wrist at the point of release, and slid into the perfect stance with her right hand held high and her right leg kicked behind and across her body.

Once again, the ball slid down spinning in the oil, before gripping the wooden lane and turning quickly to the left. It careened into the sweet spot with a force that drove one of the pins against the wall so hard it whirly-birded across the lane knocking down everything in its path, marking a strike for Honey.

Since it was Blaze's turn again, she moved forward, swung the ball past her body, and flicked her wrist spinning the ball down the lane and crashed into all ten pins. The same was true for Honey's second turn.

The next several turns went by quickly. There were a few seven-ten splits for both of them, a few gutter balls, and a few spares instead of strikes, but they mostly got strikes. Often, Blaze and Honey told each other, "Nice shot. Thanks."

It came close, but in the end, both Blaze and Honey ultimately tied with at least 200 points scored by each. Confused, Honey asked, "Neither of us won or lost, what do we do now? Rematch?"

Instead, Blaze leaned over and kissed Honey, they pressed their tongues into each other's mouth, tongues toying around as their hands gently slid to one another's chests to fondle each other's breasts. Running their palms over the other's breasts caused them to feel a moist tingling between their legs. Now they were ready to go, but not before Blaze answered Honey's question, "Forget the rematch, let's just do what we want to each other."


Wrapping their arms around each other, Blaze and Honey pulled one another closer to them, their breasts crushing between them. They kissed wildly, their tongues sliding into and out of each other's mouth, then trailing down one another's necks while displaying such exuberance.

In a minute, Blaze eased Honey onto the floor before moving down between her legs. When Blaze slowly began kissing up her thighs, each touch felt electric.

Honey didn't know whether she wanted Blaze to go straight for her clit or take her time, so she just let things happen.

Moving up Honey's thighs, Blaze's lips touched her pussy, which made Honey gasp with delight. She felt Blaze's tongue dart into her several times and even heard her mumble, "So wet, oh yes, so wet."

Incredible sensations ran up to Honey's clitoris where once again, Blaze used every part of mouth to drive her crazy.

Blaze seemed instinctively to know exactly when Honey wanted it firm, and when a soft touch was needed. In no time, Honey felt the sensations building as she felt her muscles tighten, and she reached down and ran her fingers though Blaze's hair as Renee gave her the most incredible orgasm she had ever experienced.

Just as Honey's pussy began convulsing in ecstasy, Blaze slid two fingers into her, moving so perfectly in, out, and around. All of it forced Honey's body to arch with her back curving while feeling what Blaze was doing to her, as she came again and again. Finally, Honey had to push Blaze's head away and roll over onto her side as she gasped for breath, "Stop for a minute. Stop for a minute or I'll just melt away here."

Sixty seconds later, Honey felt better, leaned over, and kissed Blaze on the mouth. Then she went down her neck to her breasts as she made Blaze lie on her back.

Sucking Blaze's nipples into her mouth, Honey smiled as Blaze's whole body tingled. Moving downward, Honey looked at the vagina between her. Blaze smiled in encouragement, prompting Honey to suck the clit and lick her pussy.

Blaze was very wet and the taste enveloped Honey, who felt the the tangy flavor of vaginal fluids rippling over her tongue, so gentle, so soft, so... feminine. Everything Honey did was causing Blaze to moan loudly and squeal out, "Oh yes, yes."

Honey quickly slipped two fingers into the wet opening and kept them there. Warm and wet flesh quivered and squeezed her fingers repeatedly. Only after Blaze's climax and as the contractions subsided did Honey let her fingers slip out. Then she glanced up at Blaze's face and asked, "How was that?"

Smiling and pulling Honey on top of her to wildly kiss her all over her face, Blaze answered, "You were good, way too good. You can't tell me you haven't been with a woman before."

"That's because I actually was with other women in this colony, just like you."

Before sleeping, Blaze brought up something, "You know what I find surprising?"


"We should have used bowling pins as tools for penetration."

"You're right, I'm surprise neither us did that. Maybe next time, we will."

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