Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 3

A single seed was growing in Tails's workshop. Tails momentarily left the nudist hideout (though he decided to not to put his gloves, shoes or socks back on) to head back to his workshop real quick to grab the plant and let it grow inside. Amy asked him, "Tails? What've you got there?"

Tails explained, "Have you heard of Cosmo the Seedrian?"

"You mean from Sonic X? She was a friend to Sonic and us in season 3 looking for our help with the Meterex."

"Later on, I fell in love with her as the season progressed. Sadly, she sacrificed herself in order to put an end to Dark Oak's regain of terror, leaving behind the plant that I had in my workshop. I plan to let it grow so she and I can finally see each other again."

"Aww. That's so nice."

Amy had Tails follow her to her room. He felt one hand on the back of his neck and she brought her face close to his, "Well, Tails, while you wait, why don't you fuck that wet little pussy of mine...until I scream for you?"

He smiled and she felt his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. With his eyes locked on her face and his hands still on her neck, he pushed his hips forward and she felt him enter her. Her eyes rolled back in her head. God, he felt so good filling her up and he moaned, "Oh baby...shit, your pussy feels so good! Yes...that's it...take all of me."

His other hand found her hip as he started to slide back out. She grabbed his arms and locked eyes with him and she said,"Oh god, yes. Please fuck me, young man."

Tails smiled and picked up the pace, "Hhmm yes baby...there you go...you like that, huh?"

"Uh huh!"

Amy pushed her hips forward to meet his thrusts. Tails's mouth took possession of hers again and she wound her fingers in his hair as they found a rhythm together. He broke their kiss with a growl and brought his mouth to the nape of her neck as he stilled his hips. His lips were placing urgent kisses and his hands were moving down to her waist as she mewled with pleasure. He nibbled on her earlobe and whispered, "I want your ass, babe."

His fingers were digging into her hips, then his eyes lit up and a slow smile crept over his face. Suddenly, he grabbed Amy's hips, lifted her up a bit, bent her over the bed and pushed her face down. His hands where on her ass instantly, saying, "Oh yes...this ass!"

Tails slapped her right cheek and Amy felt a shock of pleasure, moaning, "Hhmmm."

She felt Tails bend over on top of her as his voice sounded in her ear, "Amy...do you like spanking?"

"Go nuts."

Another slap landed on her ass and she yelped. His fingers squeezed and massaged, before coming down in another slap. Amy felt her pussy contract in pleasure as she gritted her teeth, "Oh...yes. Please...I want some more..."

Three more slaps followed quickly before her head was yanked back by a hand in her hair, Tails asked softly in her ear, "Who's ass is this, baby?"

Her pussy clenched even more and Amy answered, "Yours...it's all yours...do whatever you want to me!"

She felt him line up his cock with her asshole, all fear gone from her mind. She just wanted him to fuck her and hard. Tails giggled, "That's right baby...all mine."

With that, Tails pushed against her hole, his hand still holding Amy's head up by her hair. Her tight asshole gave way easier than she would have thought and his cock slipped in fully, until his balls where against her pussy. She exclaimed, "Oh...my...gooood."

"Fuuuuck baby, that ass is so tight."

"You feel so good inside me."

"Shit, this is going to make me cum so fast."

He picked up the pace once more, her ass now used to his hard cock. Tails pulled her up by her hair and Amy felt his hand move around her neck, applying pressure. Her mouth opened with pleasure and her eyes rolling back in her head, she took every inch of his cock. He was ravishing her ass and she loved it! Amy felt fingers being shoved in her mouth, causing her to gag a little. It was enough to make her cum hard and she heard Tails groan as he felt her pussy and ass contract. Never dropping the pace, he brought his mouth close to her ear, "I'm going to cum so hard in that big ass of yours baby..."

Amy mewled and his fingers left her mouth, grabbing hold of her left breast. His other hand releasing her hair to move to the right one. He pounded away at her ass as she screamed in pleasure, "Oh fuck baby...yes, yes...take it! Take it! Oh god...Yes... I'm cumming baby!"

With one last thrust, Tails came deep in her ass as Amy reveled in the feeling of his thick cock spasming, squirting out all his seed. His hands released her breasts and wrapped around her body. She felt his face rest on her back as he moaned, "Ooh baby...I've been waiting so long to do that to you."

She smiled back, "While you wait for Cosmo, feel free to have a turn with everyone else."

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