Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 29

Tails was brought to a little stage by Amy, Zooey, and Sticks. It seemed like the three of them were planning to put on a little show of some sort. He was so engrossed in seeing them kissing and feeling each other up. The ladies playfully tugged on one another's hair to make Tails stare in awe while he just stood and watched.

Amy, Zooey, and Sticks all looked like they had broad shoulders, narrow waists, narrow hips, slender legs, and not a hint of fat on any of them. Their muscles were nicely defined without being bulky, showing how much they worked out.

One minute, Amy pulled Zooey and Sticks to her strongly by their hands and gave them each a very deep kiss. Zooey and Sticks liked the way Amy pulled their hair and loved the way she kissed them. Amy's left handswent to Zooey's breasts and began to knead them while her right hand did the same to Sticks's rack.

A minute later, Amy's hands went to their firm asses and began to rub their buttocks. That made Sticks and Zooey weak in the knees and they had to lie down to avoid falling down. With Sticks and Zooey lying on their back, Amy's hands stroked their faces before fondling their breasts again.

At that point, Tails could not contain myself much longer. He asked Amy to sit so he could set his face between her powerful thighs and lick at her crotch. Amy's beautifully bare pussy had a rather large labia and a very pronounced clitoris which was already sticking out from under its hood. Tails ran his tongue between her labia to get a taste of her nectar which was quite delicious, then he stuck two fingers inside of her exploring for that special spot, while my lips and tongue went to work on her clit.

While that went on, Zooey and Sticks touched each other, making them gasp for breath with their arms flailing around as they kissed on her lips. Soon, they sucked on each other's magnificent breasts while their fingers went inside one another, keeping them in a constant state of sexual tension, interrupted every once in a while by a little O as they enjoyed their pleasure immensely. Zooey moaned to Sticks, "Fuck girl. Where did you learn to make love to me like that?"

Sticks smiled, "Oh. I've been around."

"I never thought you would be interested in me."

"Believe me when I say I am."

Meanwhile, Amy grabbed a strapless dildo she brought with her, lied down spread eagle, and instructed Tails to insert the girly end of the dildo into her, giggling, "It even vibrates."

Before using the toy, the fox ran hid hand from Amy's right ankle, up her inner thigh by passing her pussy, to her belly, and finally to her breasts which he played with for a while before leaning forward to suck on her nipples, alternating between them while her other hand and slid between her legs and cupped her sex. There was a sweet gentleness in the way he touched her combined with an intense electric feeling that was making her tingle from head to toe. He kissed her gently while his fingers parted her labia and two of them slipped inside, giving Amy an immediate toe curling, gut wrenching, back breaking, screaming-her-head-off orgasm that must have lasted for several minutes.

Amy felt Tails gently pinching her nipples and heard him say in a soft whisper, "Your breasts are as beautiful as everyone else's breasts."

He then proceeded to gently cup Amy's tits in her hands and squeeze them ever so gently.

Zooey gently massaged Sticks's right foot, playing with her toes and running her nails along her instep, causing the badger to tingle. Then Zooey put the toes of that foot into her mouth and began sucking on them as her hands massaged Sticks's left foot. Both of them started leaking like crazy from the foot fetish.

All four of them were strangely silent, they could just barely hear each other's breathing.

While Tails penetrated Amy with a dildo, Zooey breathed her warm breath on Sticks's pussy, while commenting, "Oh my, what a beautiful pussy you have. Bare, pink, and your lips are open as they wait for me. You smell good too. I wondered how you would taste, and you taste fantastic."

Sticks felt the tip of Zooey's tongue start at the bottom of her slit and slowly work its way to her clit, then it pulled away. Zooey giggled, "Oh my god, you do taste great!"

Tails began to gently flick Amy's clitoris with the dildo, flicking it gently with the tip as it swelled out from under its little hood, causing her to writhe. Then he licked her slit from bottom to top, pushing her tongue in a little further with each gentle pass.

Eventually, he got on his knees and stuck his own cock in her, slowly pounding her. Every minute, he went faster and faster. Tails and Amy even kissed and groped each other to speed up the process of climaxing.

Sticks and Zooey got in a 69 with Zooey on top. Zooey placed both knees on either side of Sticks's head, and slowly lowered her hot, wet, dripping pussy onto her mouth. They began licking on each other's clits. Already, what they were doing seemed to be having a desired effect because they were rocking back and forth on one another's face, groaning and moaning in pleasure. Their juices were flowing into each other's mouth and they were swallowing them greedily. All of a sudden, they stopped and let out some long and very deep groans as their juices squirted into each other's mouth, both of them came.

At the same time, Tails and Amy finally orgasmed. He emptied his seed in her while she spilled her juices all over the floor near her.

None of them moved for several minutes. Sticks and Zooey's pussies were still plastered to each other's mouths and they slid their tongues between each other's swollen lips to capture the last of their nectar. In doing so, they caused one another to gasp and grunt, indicating that they were having one more mini O. Tails fell backwards and lied on his back, saying, "Oh fuck, that was so fucking good. When an audience member wants to actively participate in an erotic show, you know it's irresistible."

Amy, Sticks, and Zooey laughed.

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