Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 28

One day, Tails asked all of the ladies if they were interested in doing ballroom dancing with him. Out of all the women he asked, only Vanilla and Rouge volunteered to do so right away since everyone else was occupied.

Tails had a little ballroom dancing session in his room, moving stuff off of the floor to make some room. He offered to guide and coach them through the complexities of the Waltz, the Quickstep, the Slow Foxtrot, the Jive, and the Cha-Cha.

First, Tails had Vanilla and Rouge learn the Waltz. As single 3/4 notes were played, Tails had Vanilla be his willing helper to demonstrate the steps for Rouge. After that, Tails and Rouge demonstrated for Vanilla. It seemed straightforward enough for both ladies, so they were instructed to pair up and practice while Tails voiced instructions, "One, two, three. One, two, three. That's right. One, two, three. One, two, three. Splendid!"

By the end of the first session, they shambled through a robotic waltz and by the end of the second lesson, they all could also do something which might have been recognized as a Slow Foxtrot. For each dance, Vanilla and Rouge took turns being Tails's dance partner.

Whenever Vanilla and Rouge danced together, they did something interesting in every dance. One of them would extend their left arm to meet the other's before they clamped their naked bodies together. Their grips with their right arms were like vices as they were bringing them into contact at every point. The theory being that in order to follow one's steps required direct contact with their legs at the thigh.

Being so intimately connected to each other made Vanilla and Rouge experience sexual arousal that made them squirm uncomfortably. While watching, Tails grew an erection from seeing two naked females ballroom dance, suspect that both of them enjoyed having their mons veritas rub together. He smiled as he felt that they danced like angels, his teachings were learned well.

Tails eventually gave them permission to stop, saying, "You two have learned more than enough. How about a reward?"

Before Tails could kiss them, Vanilla asked, "Did we learn all the dances?"

"I think so. If you didn't, then there's no need to do more dancing. Both of you were impressive."

Rouge quickly kissed Vanilla lovingly on the mouth and had them both lie on their backs. Tails got the hint and pressed his bulge into Rouge's groin by lowering himself. She thrust up towards him, grinding her pelvis against it while fondling her breasts. As her heavy breathing signaled her renewed arousal, he used his hand to stimulate of her clitoris and sopping vagina.

When Rouge opened her legs, Tails allowed his very stiff penis to nudge up against her absolutely sopping wet outer lips. A little push and the head of his cock slipped into her. She gave a long sigh as he pushed a little harder, sinking more of him into her and, despite being deliciously tight, her lubrication allowed him to move forward unobstructed for about a third of his length before coming upon her hymen. He pushed and the resistance disappeared. She gave a little cry and flinched, but the deed was done. Hugging Rouge, Tails sank the whole length of his penis inside her. After a few seconds of enjoying having his cock completely enclosed by her warm, wet tunnel, Vanilla said, "Don't forget me."

Tails had an idea. He lied on his back with his meat still in Rouge's pink cave, she managed to maintain balance while having to stand up and then squat down to keep his cock in her pussy. Now lying down, Tails beckoned Vanilla, "Squat to have your cunt touch my mouth so both of you can be satisfied simultaneously."

Eagerly, Vanilla did as she was told, standing with his head between her feet, then squatting down to let Tails kiss and lick her pussy.

Now that he could pleasure both vaginas at the same time, Tails started to thrust in and out of Rouge with long slow strokes to which she quickly responded by bouncing up and down against him on each inward stroke. When Vanilla his tongue and lips on her vulva, her knees felt like jelly and she leaned forward, using the palms of her hands to support herself.

They all could have cum then and there, but they all wanted to prolong it as much as they could, so they slowed down their movements and averted their minds from the pleasure they were giving and receiving.

However, none of them could delay their orgasms any further when all heard and felt each other approaching their climaxed. Rouge's vagina gripped Tails's cock in a way that he had often experienced before while Vanilla's covered his mouth in a liquid that ran out of her. Meanwhile, Rouge's juices ran down his cock and balls, onto the floor beneath him. That was the signal he needed, he thrust deep and hard several times to bring himself and Rouge to orgasm while kissing and licking harder on Vanilla to help her cum as well.

The semen reserves of an eighteen-year-old were endless and he pumped his life source for what seemed an eternity into Rouge before she and Vanilla came. Both women collapsed out of exhaustion on the floor.

It took a few minutes for Vanilla and Rouge to regain their stamina. When they did, they rolled over to cuddle on either side of Tails with a glow on their face that would have lit two rooms and a smile that would have needed Leonardo da Vinci to capture. Hugging and kissing Tails, Rouge told him, "Man, that felt so wonderful."

Vanilla added, "A bit sore, but wonderful."

Tails laughed and, looking down at his flaccid organ, said, "Class dismissed."

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