Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 24

One day, Tails was in his room, reading a newspaper that talked about Sonic's recent victory against Eggman with the newspaper commenting, "It has been reported Eggman is running out of ideas to defeat the blue blur and is considering surrendering."

A few minutes later, Tails heard knock on his door and responded with, "Come in."

After Tails allowed whoever knocked on his door to come in, in came his female counterpart, Millie. He asked, "Oh. Hey, Millie. Is there anything you need?"

However, Millie told Tails, "I don't need anything, Tails. It's just that I never got the chance to properly thank you for allowing me to stay with you and the other girls that lives here after everything I've been through in my dimension."

With that, Tails replied, "No problem. It was the least the girls and I could do for you."

Then, Millie explained to Tails, "Now, I honestly feel like I can be a lot more open with you and everyone else."

Once Millie started to get intimate with Tails, he hesitated and asked, "Are you sure about doing this?"

"Are you kidding me, Tails? I feels more sure about doing this than I ever was since I arrived in your dimension. I know you can be trusted."


Both of them eased up onto their knees on the bed. Millie's tongue reached out and licked around the head of Tails's penis, which smelled of sex and excitement. She licked the stickiness of his precum off before pushing her mouth halfway down his length.

Tails had his hands on Millie's head as she pushed and pulled her mouth in and out. Knowing she now had him wet enough for her liking, Millie pulled away from him and asked, "Lie back down onto the bed, onto your back?"

As soon as Tails did, Millie straddled him and leaned down to run her tongue over his lips and into his mouth as she slid her soaked pussy all over his cock. Millie could not help but tease Tails a little bit. She loved feeling how he tried to twist and wiggle to line himself up and shove himself into her that much sooner. Quickly, she conceded because she wanted him pushing into her just as much and she was all like, "Mmmmm, that stretching."

Although Millie was soaked, she could never fit Tails fully in on the first stroke. That meant she had to stretch around him a bit, feel her lips pull and her clit stretch to get that thickness pressed into her. Pulling herself back up, she let herself sink further down. It took her a few tries to get all of him inside her. She wiggled a bit as she was seated on him, wanting to make sure she had him pushed up as far as she could. Tails said, "Hot damn, that feels good."

While Tails pulled Millie down onto him, she could feel his cock head rubbing up inside her. Both of them that it would not take long. Millie could already feel her clit brushing against Tails and it was not going to wait any longer for relief.

With her hips shifting back and forth, Millie was rubbing her clit against Tails's pubic bone, moving his cock in and out just enough to stretch my lips and bang that cock head back inside of her. Reaching up to her neck, Tails pulled Millie down to him to get her nipple into his mouth. His hand went to the other breast. She squeezed his cock tighter inside of her as he pulled on her nipples.

Millie was riding Tails at lightning speed. When his teeth grazed over her nipple, she was done for because she began to crest over and soak him. He gave her a few seconds as she was milking his cock with her orgasm before he coaxed her back up a couple inches, just enough space to gain the leverage needed to shove that cock up into her.

As Tails held Millie's hips there, she slammed herself into him again and again. Her wetness was leaking down him, so every thrust made a slapping noise and he was groaning as he was rocking into her.

It did not seem like enough as Millie pushed her hips down to Tails's with every thrust. Slamming them together, her clit rubbed off against all the wetness each time they collided.

Just as Tails felt Millie start to cum again, she pushed down to grind on him. Her whole body tensed as he spurted jet after jet up inside her. They were both riding their waves and holding onto each other.

As Millie relaxed onto Tails's chest, he hugged her close and turned them onto their sides. She fell asleep with him stroking his hand down her side, feeling cum leaking out of hear and hearing her breathe.

Millie was so happy to have someone like Tails, the only male that she knew would never hurt her.

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