Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 2

The next morning, Tails experienced a rude awakening from a naked Rouge. Opening up his legs and positioning herself firmly between them, she took hold of his chin. Tilting his head up to meet here eyes, she said, "It's a good thing I'm not wearing any clothes at all, don't you think?"

Tails bit his lip and nodded. She raised an eyebrow and took hold of his hands, bringing them to his penis, saying, "Well, I suggest you doing something about this immediately."

Breathlessly, Tails started to stroke his cock. He took care of his testicles, never taking his eyes of her face as he worked all the way up and down his length. Her eyes drank in the sight of him and she thought to herself, "My god, he is cute."

He moaned, "Like what you see, Rouge?"

"God yes!"

He laughed, "Good, I'd hate to disappoint."

His mouth found hers, her tongue taking his breath away. Rouge's hands found their way around his waist, pulling him into her. Moaning, Tails asked, "How and why did you even come up with a nudist colony?"

Rouge answered, "Because nudism gives us all a sense of freedom. Sometimes, clothes can be considered constricting. Everyone else might give you the same answer."

She moved her hands up his legs and found his hard cock, which was bulging underneath him. Rouge heard Tails inhale sharply as her hands touched it, she looked up at him as he locked eyes with her, breathing hard as her hand brushed against his cock. Suddenly, Tails just realized that he forgot to take off his gloves, he didn't want them to get dirty.

Once his hands were ungloved, Tails placed them on a nearby nightstand, then Rouge sank to her knees in front of him. Tails's eyes widened in surprise as she brought her face to his rock hard cock and kissed it from the scrotum to the tip. Rouge heard him moan and felt her pussy tingle with excitement. Grabbing his hard cock, she loved how firm it felt in her hands and how her touch made him inhale sharply. She looked up at him again and giggled, "Oh Tails, those eyes...I love the way you look up at me like that."

Tails said, "Open your mouth for me."

Rouge was pleasantly surprised and she opened up, he slowly slid his hard cock in her mouth, inhaling sharply, "God, your mouth feels so good around my cock baby."

She moaned, reveling in the taste of him. He buried his hands in her hair and started pumping faster into her eager, warm mouth. Tails said, "Oh yes...let me fuck that pretty face of yours."

As she relaxed her jaw for him, she provided him with more access, then choked a little, "Gh...ghh..."

The bat was gagging on his hard cock and loving every second of it, her eyes never leaving his face, which was a glorious display of pleasure. Tails moaned, "Oh yes...baby...just like that. Keep looking at me. Aaaah, I'm going to cum!"

He pushed his cock all the way down her throat as he came, forcing her to swallow every drop of it. Tails smiled, "Hhmmm, baby, that was good. I love those pretty lips around my cock."

Rouge smiled back at him and licked her lips. Tails's hands reached down and hooked under her arms to lift her up. As he placed her where he was while taking Rouge's position and getting between her knees, Rouge said a little cheeky. "I aim to please, babe."

Tails said while spreading her legs, "Hhm, you're doing a damn good job so far."

His fingers caressed the inside of her thighs, up to her sensitive clit. Her head fell back as she squirmed with pleasure underneath his adept fingers and she moaned. Tails said, "Let me taste you."

Tails's fingers left her clit, only to be replaced with his tongue. Rouge gasped, "Oh fuck."

The fox kept playing with her, keeping her on the edge of orgasm. His tongue was dipping in and out of her wet hole and coming up to swirl over her clit. He growled and stopped for a moment, looking up at her. His chin was covered in her juices and he was licking his lips he said, "You taste so sweet, baby."

His hands found their way to her curvy thighs and held her in place as he buried his face between her legs again. His tongue lapping ever so slowly, enjoying every little moan that came out of her and every shudder that went through her body. Suddenly, he sucked hard on her clit and her eyes rolled back in her head. Rouge screamed, "Oh...please, please...Fuck that's so good!"

The sucking ceased and his voice came from between her legs, "Please what?"

She looked at him as she felt her pussy contract and she bit her lip. Tails repeated, "Please what? Tell me what you want baby."

His tongue flicked out against her pussy and she gasped, he reiterated yet again, "Tell me..."

"Hhmm...please Tails..."


Another little lick over her clit made Rouge exclaim, "Fuck...I want you to make me cum, please!"

With a giggle, Tails brought his mouth back to her pussy, flicking his tongue over her swollen clit and increasing the pressure. Her head fell back as the orgasm came on and she moaned loudly. As she sat back panting, coming down from her orgasm. She asked, "Tails? Who do you wanna fuck next?"

"Don't know, don't care. I'll just do it with whoever I bump into around these parts."

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