Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 14

Tails's cheek felt soft against Mina's back. She could feel him breathing against his skin and it was so sensual. Mina moved the sheets a bit more and pushed her bum back as Tails licked her so deep and then went to suck her clit. The combination felt so good, Mina moaned to herself, "Oh my, I need to stop these thoughts! I can feel myself get soaked."

Mina's buttocks felt warm, and her pussy felt so soft and inviting, getting tighter as Tails slid in her and felt how wet she was. He gently pushed forward while grabbing her boobs and playing with her nipples. She loved them being fondled and slightly pinched.

His head against her lips was amazing and Mina was dripping on him. Ever so slowly, Mina push back a little and felt Tails's cock slowly push her open. Her hands were inconspicuously playing with her nipples too.

Just a little bit more and Tails was all the way inside, it was so hot that Tails could feel little drops coming from his cock. Mina was so ready for him; her hips were rhythmic, and he was sure she would get him off in no time.

The sensations were unbearably erotic, Mina was so horny and wet that she could feel her orgasm already being close, it was wonderful. Mina pushed back a little more to get Tails's head in completely, she liked how it popped into the little rim and felt tight between his lips.

Meanwhile, Tails was so hard and could actually feel how tight his balls were getting as well as hear her wetness squish. Now, Tails needed to concentrate otherwise he would cum all inside her too soon, he moaned, "I can't stop. This is so teasing me. I got to slide so slowly but every second of me in her is building my orgasm. She's pinching her nipples and squeezing me. I really better not thrust now. I'd cum straight away!"

One last push to be balls deep inside Mina and Tails began to feel her shake and squeeze. Wetness dripped all over his balls and the sheets were beginning to feel wet. It was amazing and Tails had never felt her shake like that.

Neither of them could stop what they were doing. Mina was thinking that she had dripped all over Tails, she knew he is still hard, and she wanted him in her mouth. She knows the taste of her own sweetness and Mina actually wanted some of it, so Mina rolled over and surprised Tails by pinning him down, then grabbing his cock and then sucking it straight away. Both of their tastes have combined, and it tasted super-hot. Mina wanted all of Tails.

However, Tails did not want to let himself get sucked without eating her out, so Tails grabbed Mina's hips, moved her leg up and stuck his tongue straight inside her. He felt that Mina was so wet that Tails needed to swallow her down, she tasted lovely. Tails grabbed Mina's ass and pushed his tongue deeper inside her, every now and then sucking her clit. With Mina on top of Tails, he rubbed his tummy against her nipples, he wanted to stimulate all of her.

She felt like Tails knew how quickly Mina could cum if he pleasured her in all the right ways, Mina really wanted him to squirt all over her. Mina also wanted to feel his warm juice on her fur, her breasts, and her tummy, so she decided to squeeze him harder and let her tongue wiggle his head, she could feel him tense up.

Mina was moaning which meant she would cum soon. Too bad Tails could not hold himself for much longer because Mina was sucking and jerking so good. Her cheeks were soft, and her tongue was wild, Tails wanted to try to make her cum first, so he sucked her clit and slid one finger in her pussy, which made Mina tense up. This could just work, Tails needed to hurry, though, because he was getting close too. His other finger slid in as well and his pinky pushed just hard enough against Mina's rosebud, the rest of his fingers curled inside Mina as Tails's tongue flicked over her clit and she moaned, "Shit, I can't hold much longer..."

Tails could hear his own noises and knew he was close as well. Mina took Tails out of her mouth and started jerking him strong and steady, she could feel him get harder and harder as she slid her breasts in position. He was fingering her faster and faster and his pinky was teasing Mina, who knew she needed to concentrate before she would cum. Then, Mina loved the feel of Tails's warm load over her breasts and he grunted. One, two, three, four massive squirts. She covered with it, his finger slowed down and his pinky pushed harder as he stretched out in pleasure, she could not hold it anymore.

Because she was no longer able to hold it, she came, squeezing Tails's fingers. Tails could see her wetness dripping out of her as she moaned, and her body shook. She trembled afterwards as she slid back on the sheets. The taste of her orgasm was so sweet. They both were wet, and the lingering feeling of orgasm made them curl up together.

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