Tails and the Secret Nudist Colony @woodyk
Chapter 10

A week has passed since Cosmo's revival, with her and Tails spending that week together to make up for lost time. Now Amy, Cream, Sally, and Fiona were spending the day with Cosmo over at Station Square (with their clothes on, of course) as they showed Cosmo around the city.

Then, they went to have lunch at one of Station Square's finest restaurants and as they were eating gourmet food and telling Cosmo how the club came to be, Fiona left to use the restroom.

As Fiona finished her business, she came across Zooey the Fox, the same woman that Scourge cheated on her with, Fiona shouted and pointed, "YOU!"

Zooey was scared, "F-Fiona?"

"Yes! The one had an affair with Scourge!"

"I-I didn't know. He said he was single."

"He lied!"

"Also, him having sex with was...against my will."

Fiona's expression softened a little and sighed, "Boy, he just loves to sink lower and lower."

"Please, just let me explain."


After their rocky encounter, Zooey began to give her side of the story.

Zooey was ordered to sit on the edge of the bed and bend over to take him into her mouth. Scourge pulled her head back up and kissed her, telling her, "Not now. You've got me so worked up that I'm going to cum much too quickly. I need to shoot inside of you while you're cumming."

She silently whimpered, "Please, let me go."


They lay upon the bed and began kissing and feeling each other up. He moved to his knees between her legs and bent down to taste her again. As he did, Zooey was unable to resist anymore and started moaning, "No, no. I need you to fuck me."

Scourge rose up, held her hands and started to rub his dick up and down her slit. She was humping madly, trying to get him inside of her. He whispered something in her, apparently, he commanded Zooey to say to him, "Put it in, will you, you bastard, oh god please. Stick your cock in my cunt and fuck me."

Zooey narrated, "With every second it went on, the way I caved and gave into Scourge making me his bitch was making me feel more and more guilty. It may have sounded like I had fun, but deep down, I was not. I wanted to escape, but he just wouldn't me go."

Scourge dipped the head into her and stopped there, basking in the feeling. Zooey was trying to pull him completely into her, but he had other plans. He wanted to bring her to the brink of orgasm and plunge fully into her when the shaking started, so he continued alternating between rubbing his length along her slit and dipping the head inside her. She whispered, "Release me."

He snarled, "What did you say?!"

She started whimpering, "Give it to me, fill me up...deeper."

"That's what I thought."

It didn't take long before she began to cum. Just as she started shaking, Scourge slammed into her fully and held it there. She jerked her hands from his and hugged him tightly, digging her nails into his back. He reached between them and tugged on her nipples. Slowly, he slid out of her until just the head remained inside and then slammed fully back into Zooey. He repeated this several times and each time he pounded into her, she screamed and shook. Eventually, Scourge started pounding her faster and in short order, he reached his peak. "Oh shit. Oh my god. I'm cummmmming."

Scourge started shooting and Zooey went ballistic. They were both experiencing mind blowing orgasms. When all the shaking and trembling stopped, they both collapsed in each other's arms.

As they both relaxed and caught their breath, they started to chuckle at how exhausted they were Scourge had Zooey kiss him lightly and demanded praise from her, she said, "That was sooo good, I thought I was going to pass out. I don't think I ever came so hard for so long. At least if I did, I don't remember it. You were wonderful."

Scourge told her, "You just bring out the animal in me."

"I guess so."

A third voice said, "I don't?!"

Scourge and Zooey saw Fiona, she had just walked in after hearing enough and was on the verge of tears, Scourge panicked, "Fiona! I can explain!"

Fiona simply shouted, "Don't bother, you cheating liar!"

Then, she burst into tears and ran away.

Zooey added, "After you caught us in the act, I realized that I needed to cease my infidelity, so I broke things off with Scourge and tried to piece my life together ever since, but I can't bring myself to get back in touch with my ex-boyfriend."

Fiona asked, "Why not?"

"I dumped without telling him why. I..."

Fiona began feeling bad for her after hearing Zooey weep, she couldn't really be mad at her for being used by Scourge, so she offered, "It's ok. It's not your fault, it's his. Men like him are such self-centered jerks. Why don't you to hang out with the girls and I at our table?"


They head over to the table, but before Fiona could introduce them to Zooey, Amy immediately lost it the moment she saw Zooey, saying, "You! You have some nerve to show your face around!"

Amy tried to attack her, but Cream and Sally restrained her as Cream asked, "How do you know her?"

The pink hedgehog responded, "Zooey used to be a good friend, but our friendship ended after she broke her ex-boyfriend's heart."

Fiona asked, "Who did you dump anyway?"

Zooey whimpered her answer, "T-T-Tails."

Everyone gasped. After the shock of the revelation, everyone calmed Amy down while, Zooey explained to them, "Scourge forced me to break up with him for no reason and then have sex with Scrouge. After Fiona became heartbroken by his infidelity, it made me realize how much I hurt Tails. I didn't even want to!"

All of a sudden, Zooey broke down in tears and everyone felt really bad for her, especially Fiona, knowing exactly how she felt. They all forgave her, though Amy gave Zooey a warning, "Even though you are forgiven, I'm still going to keep a close eye on you."

Zooey understood, "Totally fair."

Sally then told her, "Did you know we are part of a secret nudist club?"

Zooey was shocked, "No."

"It's mostly girls only, but we made an exception for Tails. You can join if you like."

Amy was skeptical, but Zooey said, "I will need some time before I can even face Tails again."

The girls (minus Amy) understood and gave her a map to the hideout for whenever she's ready. With that, they left the restaurant as the girls headed on back to the hideout and Zooey headed home, thinking over on how she can face Tails again.

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