5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
The Naked Mask (Part 1)

Several police chases, two arrests that ended with her being thrown in jail and one incredible shrinking adventure that almost caused her to end up in her husband's lower intestine... 5-Volt wondered if there was anything else she could do with her nudity?

After a while of pondering, an good answer came to 5-Volt when she stumbled upon the hentai "Kekko Kamen". Because she had a passion for nakedness, she watched and rewatched the hentai a lot of times over the past few days.

Now 5-Volt wanted to fight crime in the buff... or at the very least get back at that stupid street gang that raped her a while ago. She was still kind of sore about what those brutes did to her that night. Reminiscing, 5-Volt recalled being chased by some thugs while she was streaking one night, being kidnapped by those thugs and being assaulted.


"Wooooooo hooooooo!"

"Yo man, she was completely naked, I tell you!"

"Dat bitch was buck ass naked, I swear to God!"

After flashing back a bit, 5-Volt switched back to her amazon form, then put on some red boots, long white gloves, a bright pink bow wrapped around her neck and finally a white full face mask with cat ears and two eye holes. She was also supposed to have a cape, but she kept tripping over it, so 5-Volt decided not to wear a cape.

*Cue Batman spinning transition*

Now kneeling atop a roof looking down at the gang hideout below, 5-Volt, also known as "The Naked Mask", wondered how she was going to ambush the gang. She growled quietly while looking at those monsters, she wanted to make them pay for threatening her and forcing lots of dicks into her orifices, snarling, "Those BASTARDS! I vowed to give them what they deserve ever since they did horrible things to me! Now is the time to get even with all of them."

While The Naked Mask wanted to do it non-lethally, she was interrupted before she could make her move. When The Naked mask looked behind her, it seemed like a random and insignificant civilian somehow snuck up on her and said, "Ahoy, citizen!"

5-Volt looked at where the voice came from and the civilian said to her, "Greetings, we have much to do, you and I!"

As The Naked Mask simply stood and stared in confusion, the civilian continued, "My true identity must remain a secret, but my fellow vigilantes call me... THE GANGANATOR!"

...Somewhere God facepalmed...

Thinking the name was so stupid, The Naked Mask asked in even more utter confusion, "Ganganator?"

The Ganganator replied, "Yes, but even my powers must fall short sometimes. Be a dear and fetch me my "Boots of Might", my "Cape of Valor", my "Mask of Secrecy" and "THE FISH!"

5-Volt, aka The Naked Mask, asked while sounding more confused than ever, "... The Fish?"

The Ganganator said, "Yes, and the last part is important now. Do remember to not forget the fish!"

Nodding, The Naked Mask said, "Okay, I have got to see where this is going, I'll do it."

Being a dear, 5-Volt reluctantly asked where the Ganganator's gear was so she could fetch them. After she did, she thought it would be a lot to just let him have her gear since 5-Volt wanted to be completely naked and not cover any parts of her body.

*Batman transition spin*

Just before The Naked Mask could head off to get The Ganganator's possessions, he said without thinking anything through or giving her time to fetch his belongings, "Excellent! Come now, victory awaits!"

However, when the Ganganator charged headfirst into the gang hideout, he almost immediately got jumped by a few goons that were guarding the door, resulting in a brawl cloud with several flailing limbs sticking out of it. Ultimately, the Ganganator was overpowered and restrained in less than fifteen seconds, rendering him totally helpless.

Naked Mask facepalmed and sighed with a tinge of annoyance, "Where are Dribble and Spitz when you need them? Maybe I could get Cricket and Mantis to help out? Nah, on second thought, there is no time to look for other people, I better go rescue him myself."


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