5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
No Longer Tiny

On the quest for food, a naked amazon 5-Volt was riding atop a caterpillar, leading a herd of ants into her house. Inside, they ventured to the kitchen towards the pantry. It seemed like the whole trip was taking much longer than they thought because of how small 5-Volt was and because of how small ants were.

Eventually, after a long, long, LOOOOOONG trek, 5-Volt and her party reached the inside of the pantry. However, none of the ants knew what to do. One ant soldier asked 5-Volt, "How the heck are we supposed to get up there?!"

Amazon 5-Volt looked at her caterpillar and answered, "Like this!"

5-Volt's caterpillar shot up a string of silk, creating a string of rope up to the first shelf of the pantry. After amazon 5-Volt, the ant herd and the caterpillar reached the first shelf, the naked woman used her strength (alongside her unique fingers and thumbs) to tear a hole into a box of "Coco-Honey-Crunch."

The ants started bringing down all the cereal pieces one-by-one. Eventually, most of the ants and the caterpillar made their way down, only for the pantry door to open. In a panic, the ant-herd fled and hid while 5-Volt hid inside the cereal box just in time for her Amazon powers to wear off and for her naked body to revert back to normal as the nude woman collapsed and in an exhausted heap.

5-Volt felt the cereal box get picked up as she was suddenly poured into a bowl, then was surrounded by cereal pieces and soaked with ice cold milk pouring down on her. A spoon picked up a heap of coco-honey-crunch with an exhausted and naked 5-Volt inside it and up to an expectant mouth.

Seeing who was getting cereal made 5-Volt freak out. It was her husband, and he was about to eat her alive. The husband spoke with a voice that sounded very low-pitched from 5-Volt's perspective, "Man, I am starved."

Fearing her doom, 5-Volt desperately flailed and called out to her husband, who heard her squeak like a chipmunk, "NO HONEY! NOOOOO! PLEASE DON'T EAT MEEEEEEEEE!"


Suddenly, a re-enlarged 5-Volt appeared with the spoon under her butt as her husband dropped it. She was normal size again. Being big meant the spoon was sticking to 5-Volt's butt as she crashed onto the table with the table itself collapsing under her "re-enlarged" form. 5-Volt's husband was confused as he saw her wet with milk on her skin and hair, and he asked, "There you are, 5-Volt. Where have you been for the past few days?"

The naked mom answered, "In an ant hill in the backyard."

5-Volt sighed, "Well, at least we know how long the serum lasts..."


"Dr. Crygor helped me shrink down to ant size with a shrinking serum."

"I see."

5-Volt watched her ant herd exit out the back door, now she could not go back with them. Once all the ants were gone, 5-Volt looked at her naked body and the milk dripping off of her, dried herself off with some paper towels and smiled at her husband, "You almost ate me while I was tiny."

"Seriously, I almost ate you?"

"That was before I grew back to normal size."

"That would have been a disaster."

Pointing at her vagina, 5-Volt giggled, "Still want to eat my pussy?"


As 5-Volt's husband kissed her hard on her lips, he made sure 5-Volt's tongue got the massage it deserved from his. He ran the tip of his tongue along the whole length of 5-Volt's, tasting every taste bud, every drop of saliva that formed in his naked wife's mouth.

The husband could feel the contrast between the soft, slightly rough top of 5-Volt's tongue, the softer, smooth underside of her tongue, and the hard, ridged texture of her hard palette. When he quickly flickered his tongue along her hard palette, he whispered in 5-Volt's ear, "You'll feel much better when you feel my tongue flicker over many other parts, more sensitive parts of your beautiful body.

Eagerly, 5-Volt sat her naked butt on the floor and her husband turned her head to her left. 5-Volt's husband quickly started to softly kiss her neck from her nape to her jaw. No patch of soft skin was left unkissed.

After feeling those waves of pleasure throughout her body, 5-Volt instantly felt even stronger ones as her husband nibbled her earlobe. From there, he gently ran his tongue along the outsides of 5-Volt's ear, licking softly and carefully.

Then, without warning, 5-Volt's husband thrust his tongue deep in her ear. She let out a surprised yet soft gasp, but then the naked mother remembered how alone they were in the kitchen and let out a longer, louder moan.

5-Volt knew her husband liked it when she moaned. Her moaning made him turn her head the other direction, after which he immediately thrust his tongue into her other ear, seemingly and impossibly deeper than before.

Volts and jolts of electric pleasure pulsed through 5-Volt's nerves as quickly as her husband was flicking his tongue in and out of her ear, making the naked woman moan even louder, this time with a rougher, almost animalistic tone to it. After moaning, 5-Volt asked her husband with a giggle, "Honey, I think what we're doing would be way more exciting if you were as naked as me."

Her husband chuckled, "Of course, sweetie."

Helping her husband strip, a completely naked 5-Volt removed his socks, shoes, shirt, pants and underwear. 5-Volt smiled how her husband was completely naked too, with his growing erection exposed to her while reaching maximum length and girth.

It was only now that a naked 5-Volt noticed her equally naked husband's penis pressing hard against the skin right above her lower set of lips. He was less than an inch away from pressing against 5-Volt's clitoris, but his erection left its current position almost as quickly as she had noticed it.

Now was the time for the hubby to give attention to 5-Volt's breasts, 5-Volt and her nude husband loved her big breasts, especially without a bra censoring her nipples. Their size, their softness, their large nipples that her husband enjoyed sucking on, they were perfect for 5-Volt.

5-Volt's husband playfully flickered his tongue on her right nipple as he looked deeply into her eyes. Even though his flicker-flicker-flicker seemed playful in nature, the look in his eyes was something different. His eyes meant business. They were telling 5-Volt that she was going to be in for quite an orgasm within the next few minutes.

With that, the husband took as much of 5-Volt's breast into his mouth as he could, making sure that all of her nipple was now in his mouth, while the other was being pinched between his fingers. He sucked on 5-Volt's nipple as hard as he could. The noise that escaped from her throat made it seem like the nudist mom was almost beyond noise, like she was in a place where no sound in the world could express the pleasure 5-Volt was feeling from being naked and having sex.

Shortly after 5-Volt got lost in that place, her naked husband started to softly bite down on the mouthful of her breast that he was sucking on moments before. 5-Volt screamed in delight, just the sound her husband wanted to hear. She begged him, "Please bite down on my other breast, I'll cum if you do."

Her husband grinned, "That's exactly what I want. I want you to cum. HARD."

Obeying, 5-Volt's husband bit down on her other breast, balancing on the fine line between pain and pleasure. With the familiar sensation on her other breast, 5-Volt felt her climax start to build and fast. The naked woman started to breathlessly let out two of her husband's favorite words over and over, "I'm cumming" I'm cumming!"

As 5-Volt's orgasm built with exponentially increasing wetness, spasming, and breathing, her husband released the grip that his mouth had on her breast.

With incredible ease, 5-Volt's naked husband quickly slid his body down between her smooth legs and immediately started to thrust his tongue in and out of her tight, wet lips. In and out, in and out, in and out, his tongue probed deeply, but not as deep as 5-Volt was in the throes of her orgasmic experience.

Repeating the process of going in and out, in and out, in and out, the husband continued the motions for a blissful eternity, until 5-Volt's screams start to finally die down. However, he didn't want his nudist wife to stop yet, though.

Quickly, 5-Volt's husband began sucking on her clit, first with just his lips, then with his tongue and his teeth. That immediately set 5-Volt into a countless string of orgasms. She must've had at least 5 or 6 by now, but he still was not finished yet.

The husband kept sucking on 5-Volt like that until she couldn't take it anymore. Clitoral orgasms were one thing, but having just the right amount of pressure on her special spot would completely send 5-Volt over the edge. Her husband knew that as well as she did, but he was waiting for her to ask for it as he told 5-Volt, "Just tell me what you want amd I will give it to you right now. I am your pleasure. Just ask."

Then, 5-Volt's husband heard it. Just one word. One word, and he know what she meant by it as 5-Volt begged, "Now... now..."

With no hesitation, 5-Volt's husband sat up on his knees and thrust deep into her. His absolutely throbbing penis was inside of 5-Volt and they both loved it. Her eyes were wide open, as was her mouth, struggling to remember to breathe. She was almost forced to as he slid in and out, in and out, in and out of her tight, wet, warm opening.

5-Volt smiled as her husband's erection was completely surrounded by her. It felt absolutely amazing. Then, her husband angled himself so that his shaft would slide against her clit as he thrust harder into 5-Volt. The rubbing of 5-Volt's clitoris and the pressure on her special spot was more than either of them could handle.

After one more powerful thrust of his body, 5-Volt's husband pressed deeply inside of her. He could only guess by the way her nude wife was crying out that she was coming with him now. The head of his penis was spasming against 5-Volt's special spot, his shaft was throbbing against her clit and 5-Volt was bucking her hips up to meet his, making her husband's testicles slap against her.

It felt like 5-Volt's husband's orgasm had lasted a full five minutes before everything started to die down. He collapsed on the floor while 5-Volt cuddled on top of him, hugging him close to her, trying to make this moment last as long as it can...

Once 5-Volt and her husband regained the strength to stand up, he put his clothes back on while 5-Volt stayed naked. He looked at their mess, saying, "I'll get a mop."

5-Volt said, "Also, we should probably buy a new kitchen table."

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