5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
Another Dream

5-Volt and Mona were back in their cake bodysuits and were now flying a plane made from dough with measuring cups on their heads. After doing a loop-de-loops, they crashed landed in a desert... with a giant glass milk bottle nearby; it looked as big as a restaurant. Entering through the front door of the bottle, they found a stone table built into the ground with a cold metal pitcher.

Thirsty from their travels, Mona picked up the pitcher and begins rubbing the nozzle in an attempt to make the liquid in it come out. Mona kept grunting as she tried everything to get some milk. After two minutes of frustrated grunting and cursing, Mona sighed in defeat and stopped trying to get milk.

Then 5-Volt had an idea in which she took the pitcher from Mona and rubbed her tongue along the end before sticking it inside the hole. With that, milk suddenly started squirting out and filling the... well, "milk bottle".

As 5-Volt and Mona eventually got enough milk for them to drink, it got their feet wet before rising up to their knees, thighs, vaginas, navels and necks. Before long, there was more than enough milk to swim around in, the milk level kept rising and didn't seem to stop. While the milk level continued to rise, their cake bodysuits fell off before leaving 5-Volt and Mona completely in the buff. All the way to the top, Mona and 5-Volt sang:

Mona: We're in the milk and the milk's in us!

5-Volt: God bless milk and god bless us!

Eventually, the two naked women reached the top of the milk bottle. There, 5-Volt and Mona shared a toast with the measuring cups that were once on their heads and drank down the rich creamy milk. They then made out naked while they were sinking to the bottom.

Naked, 5-Volt and Mona shared a few kisses like they were lesbians. While Mona's arms were around 5-Volt's shoulders, the mom wrapped her arms around Mona's waist.

When 5-Volt pinched Mona's buttocks, the redhead giggled as she playfully retaliated by pinching 5-Volt's buttocks. Soon, butt pinching turned into butt squeezing and eventually turned into butt slapping. 5-Volt and Mona couldn't help but giggle when they felt their own bare bottoms pinched by each other, they knew they were thicc.

Once 5-Volt and Mona stopped touching each other's asses, they started touching each other's breasts, 5-Volt loved her decently large C-cup breasts and also loved Mona's breasts. While Mona's were slightly smaller, they still looked pretty plump. After a while of squeezing each other's breasts and taking turns sucking on the nipples, they shifted focus to each other's vaginas.

Because of the wet milk that they were submerged in, 5-Volt and Mona couldn't tell if their pussies were wet with arousal or not. They were sure that they were wet with sexual excitement because of the fun they were having, though. With their right hands, 5-Volt and Mona put two fingers in one another's vaginas and they also fingered themselves with their left hands. 5-Volt and Mona also kissed while fingering.

The naked women fingered each other for quite some time as they eventually sank to the bottom. Because of the milk they were skinny dipping in, neither 5-Volt nor Mona could tell if they actually orgasmed or not. It was kinda like peeing in a swimming pool.

However, Mona and 5-Volt felt that they must have climaxed at some point because they felt something come out of their vaginas and they became sleepy as the world warped around them...

Mona said, "5-VOLT! Wake up!"

5-Volt came to, completely naked on a beach with her head in an equally naked Mona's lap. As the nudist mom woke up, Mona hugged her and said, "Thank god you're ok! You passed out after you brought us here. Also, your naked body reverted back to normal some time after transforming into your Amazon form!"

Raising her head from Mona's lap, 5-Volt stood up to look around for a familiar landmark... and found a volcano in the distance. 5-Volt said, "Well, we're certainly not in Kansas anymore... or Diamond City."

Mona asked, "How do we get home now? When is your family supposed to be back home?"

"Don't worry, we'll think of something. I'm sure we have time to get back to our homes before anyone else finds out."

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