5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
Prison Break!

5-Volt once gained super strength from exercising with those heavy duty frying pans that Mr. Sparkles promoted on TV. Eventually though, she practiced enough that she gained the ability to burst out of her clothes and into an 8-foot tall, overly muscular and naked amazon.

It had been a few years since 5-Volt called upon that power, though. The first phase of the plan was for 5-Volt to reconnect with that power to make an escape. The second phase was for Mona to break the restraints of her straightjacket that covered her whole body and try to dig a tunnel out of the prison. However, the second phase was still a work in progress and not as easy to complete as the first.

Mona felt excruciatingly uncomfortable in the straightjacket, trying to scratch herself as cried out in agony, "GOD, these things are sooooo itchy and I can't scratch my itches!"

5-Volt looked at how Mona was still stuck and asked, "Still no luck, Mona?"

Sighing, Mona lamented, "Sadly, no. It's almost like a second skin... god, I wish I could just touch myself right now..."

Straining herself, 5-Volt grunted as she tried to get the straightjacket off of her, "Me too. I wish I could feel the breeze on my naked body, I wish I could twerk my big breasts, nipples, shake my bare butt, and pee all over those stupid guards. I want to... I WANT TO BE NAKED IN PUBLIC! I... must... gain... super... strength!"

And just like that, the Amazon in her was awakened. It took some time, but 5-Volt finally managed to burst out of her straightjacket in all her overly muscular glory!

Completely naked, 5-Volt did some flexing to show off her hot body, twerking her exposed breasts, bouncing her bare bottom and poking her vagina to confirm how wet she was. Mona was aroused by 5-Volt's nakedness.

With phase one officially complete, 5-Volt began phase two. She then picked up Mona, pulled her straight-jacket off and put the redhead on her shoulder. Now that Mona was completely naked too, they both felt free again, but now they needed to break free from their cell and the jail. 5-Volt said to Mona, "We... are... getting... out of... here... NOW!

Amazon 5-Volt punched out big a hole in the wall with her fist and sprinted through the prison, knocking through all the guards as if they were bowling pins!

While the guards were injured and lying on the ground, 5-Volt took a moment to pee all over those stupid guards. However, that angered the guards into getting up and continuing the chase. 5-Volt hurried on her way, she used her fist to punch another hole to break out of jail. The hole lead to a cliff and nothing else but water for miles, making Mona panic, "EEEEEK! Slow down, 5-Volt! We're going to go off that cliff!"

However, Amazon 5-Volt didn't see any other ways out, so she told Mona, "I don't know else to do, Mona. We're just going to have to jump."

Mona freaked out from what 5-Volt said, "Wait, whaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Amazon 5-Volt jumped off the cliff and into the ocean below, assuring Mona on the way down, "Don't worry. I'll get you home. I'm a good swimmer, especially with muscles like mine. Trust me."


Splash! 5-Volt and Mona disappeared under the water.

Watching the water, the guards scowled in frustration as they could not see the nudies anywhere, "Dammit! We lost them!"

As the guards left, they did not see 5-Volt swimming away with Mona hanging onto her naked body, clinging onto the amazon for dear life.

Also, the naked mom was not lying. The muscles really did make 5-Volt a great swimmer/skinny dipper that went as fast as either a jet ski or a speedboat. Mona noticed a speedboat going slower than them and smiled in amazement, "Wow! You were right, 5-Volt! Damn, you are crazy fast! Those muscles of yours are incredible."

Only time would tell where the naked swim would lead 5-Volt and Mona...

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