5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
Caught! Again!

The next day, police presence was high in Diamond City, which meant that for 5-Volt and Mona, heading outside would have been a near death sentence... if it weren't for the fact that the only thing the police had for mug shots of them were their perfect bubble butts.

Mona was a little worried from the outcome of their public nudity stunt as she expressed her concern, "Did we... go too far with our stunt?"

5-Volt assured Mona, "We'll be fine, we just have to get you back home without being spotted."

So getting Mona back home was going to be much easier than intended...it should have been if it weren't for the fact that none of 5-Volt's clothes fit her. Also, with their clothes back at the café (and most likely in police evidence by now), the naked women were more or less strapped for options. Stumped, Mona asked, "Do you have any ideas, 5-Volt?"


Now, the smart thing to do was to have 5-Volt go over to Mona's house and bring back some clothes... but common sense and a wildly throbbing libido that nothing could wipe out have never gone hand in hand. 5-Volt grinned, "I have a plan."

Taking inspiration from her "sweet-dream" and the book titled "In the Night Kitchen", 5-Volt and Mona submerged their naked bodies into an extra large thing of cake batter. Once they were covered up to their necks in batter, they squeezed themselves into the oven, letting their heads stick out so their faces wouldn't get burnt.

Upon the timer making a ding sound, the sexy duo emerged from the smoking oven, now covered from their necks to their feet in baked cake bodysuits. Mona liked the idea, "Wow. This is a pretty sweet idea...in more ways than one. Am I right?"

5-Volt giggled, "You sure are. Come on, let's go."

Ready to go, the nudists hopped in 5-Volt's car and they were off.

Driving all the way back to Mona's, 5-Volt looked the beach along the way. With her libido in full swing, 5-Volt asked Mona, "Hey, Mona. Do you want to stop at the beach for a bit?"

Mona looked at the beach. Apparently, she was as horny as 5-Volt and she answered, "Oh, what the hell? Let's hit the beach."

Making a quick stop, 5-Volt and Mona headed to the beach for a quick dip. After swimming around and playing with some dolphins, the two reemerged from the water with their completely naked forms glistening in-

… Wait, NAKED?!

Looking down in surprise and seeing that she was nude again, Mona pointed out to the mom while covering her private parts, "Uh, 5-Volt? I think our cake bodysuits were not waterproof."

Gasping and looking down at her nudity, 5-Volt saw that Mona was right and covered her genitals too as she said, "Oh dear. You're right. They must have fallen off during our dip."

Both nudies noticed some people pulling out their phones, some apparently taking pictures and some calling the police. Mona said to 5-Volt, "I guess now our best course of action is to make a run for it."

"Yeah, pretty much. Let's get out of here!"

Sprinting naked across the crowded beach, 5-Volt and Mona finally made it back to 5-Volt's car... just in time for a police van to show up.

The ensuing chase that followed was somewhat similar to the Sonic Adventure 2 G.U.N. Truck chase... except it was a large police van chasing after a red mini-cooper. Every once in a while, 5-Volt and Mona would masturbate while naked in the car.

To start off, 5-Volt and Mona were chased through the park, everyone in the vicinity hurriedly leapt out of the way so no one would get run over. Sometimes, Mona and 5-Volt would call out for people to get out their way so they wouldn't hurt anyone.

Next, 5-Volt and Mona ransacked another mall (similar to the "Blues Brother's" Mall Chase), crashing a toy store, a clothing store, a bakery, a store selling band equipment and various kiosks.

After speeding through a sub-urban neighborhood and driving back and forth at a construction site, 5-Volt and Mona lost the cops and stopped at a car wash to get the car cleaned. Gosh. That's a lot, ain't it?

When the cops caught up with them, 5-Volt and Mona resumed the car chase before finally losing the police van in a small alley that said van couldn't get through.

The naked duo thought they had escaped, but then Mona and 5-Volt were ultimately stopped by a police roadblock. It didn't seem like they could just turn around and flee because more police cars stopped them.

Trapped and with no other ideas, 5-Volt and Mona hung their heads in defeat, powered the car off, and stepped out with their hands over their heads. Both naked women were cuffed and thrown into the back of a cop car.

5-Volt's captivity in an itchy straight jacket in solitary confinement wasn't as bad as she thought it would be... though that probably mostly had to do with Mona being her cellmate. Mona felt bad and expressed remorse, "Maybe we... went way too far. What a way to celebrate legal adulthood. How are we going to explain any of this to our friends and families?"

The mom consoled the redhead, "Don't feel bad, Mona. This is more my fault than it is yours since my love of being naked fueled yours. I promise I'll get us out of this mess and we won't need to explain anything to anyone."

"I hope you have a plan. Do you?"

"Sure do."

"Good. I'm actually hatching some ideas too."

Nevertheless, the duo had big plans to escape their prison and resume their naked streak.

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