5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
The Wilderness

A completely naked 5-Volt had somehow managed to evade the police by hiding out in the woods. She had been trying to survive for a month now while wearing nothing at all and devoid of any possessions.

Her nipples were stiffened and tightened from the cool forest air that swept in slight breezes around her. The streaking woman's body was still fully exposed as always. There were at least a few dozen instances where someone passed on by and noticed her bare body. She had no clothes to put on since she took them all off and left them behind. Still, sexual excitement and arousal seeped into 5-Volt's naked being every day, not to mention the chilly spring air that taunted her skin and the dirt below her bare feet.

During the day, 5-Volt just walked around naked in nature, wandering around trees while cupping the soft roundness of her C-cup breasts, rubbing her hairless vagina, and squeezing her butt cheeks. At night, she started fires to keep warm while building a tent out of large sticks.

Being naked in areas outside of her own house was still fun and liberating, so 5-Volt didn't really have any regrets... other than leaving her family and friends. Sometimes, she considered leaving the safety of the woods and going back to Diamond City to reunite with them, but she really didn't want to go back to jail and be put in a strait-jacket or a jumpsuit, so she just kept living it up in the wilderness. When she wasn't touching herself or looking for food, she was getting high on mushrooms.

As days went by, 5-Volt's hair was messy and her nails were a bit long, but she kept her skin clean by skinny dipping in the nearest river she could find.

One day, 5-Volt was currently suffering from stomach cramps after eating a bad mushroom. Over the next few minutes, she got into a supine position and lied down on a log, groping her breasts and rubbing her stomach. Her chest rose in deep heaves while her hands groped and fondled her nipples. Soon, 5-Volt would have filled her mouth with her left tit, taking it all the way in and letting the point dance on her tongue. However, easing the pain in her tummy was a higher priority.

As 5-Volt swirled her finger around her belly button, she squeezed her right breast, causing a tingling sensation to swell inside her. Her body twitched with excitement and she purred softly, "I'm a dirty whore that loves being naked in public, despite everything that has happened to me. Ow! My sexy stomach!"

A while later, 5-Volt's fingers crept up her calves and over her kneecaps. She could feel the heat from her hands as they inched their way up her thighs and then came to rest on her pubic bone. One index finger outlined the cleft of her lips. Then 5-Volt spread her smooth legs wide open, exposing her bare pussy to the outdoor elements, and she giggled in response to such tickling from the windy air.

Just then a tree branch snapped, 5-Volt stood straight up and listened intently and wondered if someone was coming as the trees rustled, as if someone big was walking through the woods. Then she heard a roar a few dozen yards from her, so she perked her ears to detect any noises that would show she had been spotted by an onlooker or passerby.

It wasn't long before 5-Volt noticed that a black bear was approaching her. Sadly, she didn't have anything to seduce it into animalistic mating, so the bear was most likely intending to maul her to death and eat her. Because of her bellyache, she could not shift into her Amazon form, so she gulped, "Please don't hurt me, bear."

While 5-Volt remained motionless, the bear pinned her down the ground and began sniffing up one of her legs. When it reached the top of her thigh, it nuzzled its face into her crotch. Breathing in hungrily, the bear took in her fresh scent.

Spreading 5-Volt's pussy lips with its nose, the bear moved into her cunt. The tip of his tongue came out and flicked her tiny clit a few times before moving in a slow circular motion. It made 5-Volt squirm, her juices already coating her dusky pink lips and beginning to drip down her ass crack. This wasn't mating, this was unwilling rape, but it was better than being lacerated by sharp claws and bleeding.

Before 5-Volt knew it, the very head of the bear's penis pulsed with the flow of its blood. Veins were throbbing as 5-Volt's nude body was still held down, unable to stop the bear's oral assault on her most delicate part.

5-Volt honestly didn't think of it as unwilling rape anymore, she still loved having sex in public. She gritted her teeth to it, "Do it. Fuck me now or I will explode. Slide you cock into my twat. It's twitching already."

Likewise, the bear's rock hard shaft now throbbed uncontrollably, tingling and yearning to submerge itself deep inside 5-Volt's slick hole. The bear got behind her to mate with her like it would with a female bear. Its front pressed on her back, but she was strong enough to support the bear's weight, even without her Amazonian muscles.

As the bear moved closer to sniff 5-Volt's hair, its hot breath blew down onto her in hard puffs. While the bear rubbed his cock up and over 5-Volt's clitoris, it was circling the vaginal folds with its head and then sliding the full length of his shaft up it.

When the bear's penis had become completely covered in her juices, it placed himself at her small opening. Vaginal warmth beckoned the bear, and it dipped its cock head into her oozing slit. Her hole stretched open to allow the intrusion, and it inched itself further inside.

5-Volt tensed beneath the bear while her pussy muscles clamped down around his shaft. As the bear began thrusting in and out of a naked 5-Volt, she moaned to herself, "Wow. I think my stomachache is getting less painful."

It was true, the cramps in her tummy were going away. It was like sex was the cure.

The bear was now pounding into 5-Volt forcefully, each plunge bottoming out inside her pussy. It stood on its hind feet while its front feet were above the ground on either side of 5-Volt's stomach. She was sucking in heavy breaths while her walls clamped tighter.

Sexual feelings built inside 5-Volt, burning and throbbing as each thrust brought her closer to climax. Knowing what was going to happen, she let the bear know, "I'm about to cum, so don't stop."

Soon, the sensation of the bear's thick cock filling her hole over and over became too much. 5-Volt's naked body stiffened completely and her cunt locked down on the bear's thrusting dick. Then she shuddered and small spurts of hot liquid shot out of her with each pussy contraction and drenched part of the bear's fur, but it seemed like the bear was not done just yet because it was still pounding into 5-Volt's twat.

As the bear pounded harder, it got closer and closer to spewing its load. Feelings swirled and built up inside the bear as it pulled its cock out of her still throbbing vagina, making 5-Volt scream, "Fuck!"

After the first squirt of pearly cum shot out of the bear's dick and onto the back of 5-Volt's neck, she stroked its cock in quick motions to release its full load. Spurt after spurt, the bear covered 5-Volt's spent body in its juice before stumbling backwards.

All of a sudden, the bear knocked down a beehive and honey splashed on the ground, resulting in a nude 5-Volt and the bear getting chased by angry bees. The bear scampered back to where it came from while the naked woman ran in the opposite direction. While running as fast as she could, the bees still didn't leave her alone. They kept swarming around the naked mom, clearly intending to sting her. Trying to swat the bees away did nothing as 5-Volt yelled, "Shoo! Go away! Don't sting me!"

Too bad for her, 5-Volt felt a sting on her left butt cheek, making her scream, "OW!"

Worse, the bees STILL did not cease. They then stung her right buttock. It took more several more stings on her exposed ass before the bees slowly went away.

5-Volt didn't stop fleeing and flailing her arms until no more buzzing was heard. When she did stop, she felt pain on her bare bottom because of all the bee stings. Her rear end was swollen.

Right then and there, 5-Volt sighed, "Who am I kidding? It's clear not gonna last much longer in the wild. I have to go home. If I don't, I'll be dead soon."

With that, 5-Volt was officially ready to shove off for home, but while trekking barefoot and butt naked, her bottom hurt with every step.

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