5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
Hot Bod, Hot Environment

One day, 5-Volt was at a laundromat with a basket full of dirty clothes since the washer at home was broken. As she emptied the dirty shirts, pants, socks and underwear in the washer, she was about to insert coins into the washer to turn it on before she stopped for a moment. A naughty idea crept in her head and she whispered under her breath, "Maybe everything I'm wearing could be washed too."

Before she knew it, 5-Volt slowly grabbed her yellow apron, took it off and put in the washer. She then removed her shoes. Next, she stripped her socks, red hoodie and her green pants. Only adults were inside the laundromat at the time and everyone inside was diverting their attention to 5-Volt, who was now wearing only a bra and panties. To everyone's surprise, she took off the bra and her undies, tossing them both in the washer.

Officially wearing nothing at all, 5-Volt smiled while looking down at her naked body before smiling at everyone else in the laundromat. Before the unclothed woman could insert any coins into the washer, a man gave her a lot of coins, grinning, "It's on me. Anything for a beautiful naked woman."

Pleased by the generosity, 5-Volt giggled, "Thank you, kind sir."

"Keep the change."

Once she inserted the coins and turned on the washer, she blew kisses to all the males before she sexily walked out of the laundromat, swaying her hips and groping her butt.

Back in the car, 5-Volt shivered in delight from the material of the car seat against her bare skin, especially her bottom. By now, she would have grabbed her car keys from purse, but she sat motionless for a moment. The reason for her not doing anything yet was because of what her husband said about doing her exhibitionistic antics in more savory weather after she got lost while streaking in the snow. That made her ponder, "A hot climate is guaranteed to be more savory, right?"

Grabbing her phone, the nudist housewife used the GPS to search for the nearest desert. Deserts were hot, so being completely naked there seemed somewhat more appropriate than being nude in cold climates. She found the nearest one to be fifteen minutes away from the laundromat. To her, it seemed perfect to kill time and made a plan where she could drive there, masturbate quickly, drive back, put the clothes in the dryer, go back to the desert, quickly masturbate again, return to the laundromat, get the clothes and then go home.

Driving, 5-Volt was naked and alone in the car as she sped to the desert. Feeling the seat against her bare behind kept making her giggle.

At the desert, there were no cars as 5-Volt pulled over near a little oasis.

Getting out of the car, she walked towards the little body of water that roughly a hundred feet away. When she got close to it, 5-Volt stopped and simply stood with her arms at her sides, smiling while reveling in how she was completely naked, "With high temperatures like these, I'd be crazy to not be naked here."

While the desert was hot, 5-Volt felt her naked body was even hotter. Physically, she had healthy brown hair, a beautiful face with a little nose and smooth cheeks. Her hips were bodacious, her hairless legs were long, her bare feet were dainty and her thighs were silky. Also, her arms and armpits were hairless as she basked in her overall smoothness.

5-Volt's chest was a source of pride for her, her breasts were C-cup with pink areola and small nipples. Plus, her stomach was amazingly flat and her innie belly button was fun to poke. Between her legs, there was no hair, just wet and puffy pink lips.

Putting her hands on her hips and looking down at her nakedness, 5-Volt grinned as she considered herself to be attractive and desirable in every way, an opinion confirmed every time she looked in the mirror. She always really enjoyed her nude body in both appearance and in feeling, "Damn, I'm still sexy as always."

With a womanly body like hers, 5-Volt felt confident enough to walk around totally naked and exposing herself to others with little regard for decency, it was always exciting her.

While talking a little walk in the desert, she stuck close to where she parked to avoid getting lost and she would stop straying far when her car was too far to be seen. Aside from the oasis and her car, there was nothing but sand and cacti for miles. Hot air blowing on 5-Volt's naked body tantalized her breasts and vagina, making her nipples stiff and her vulva wet. Touching herself, 5-Volt said softly, "Not even wearing a bra or underwear feels great."

Every step in her little stroll reminded 5-Volt that she didn't even have socks or shoes on as she felt sand under her soles. Walking barefoot meant she wouldn't need to worry about smelly feet, thought her bare feet could still be dirty from the ground beneath them.

Suddenly, a naked 5-Volt felt a need to urinate. Since there were no toilets nearby, she walked to the nearest cactus. 5-Volt squeezed her own bare bottom as her pee noisily splashed all over the cactus. As she finished, she knew there would be no toilet paper, but also knew that the hot desert air could quickly dry the area between her legs.

Then 5-Volt looked at her wristwatch. Apparently, she spent too much time exploring the desert because it was almost time to move her clothes to the dryer. She shrugged and said, "Oh well, I'll save the masturbation for later."

After rushing back to her car and driving back to the laundromat, 5-Volt once against astounded all the other adult patrons by being completely nude. Once the clothes were transferred to the dryer, another man offered to pay for her.

This time, 5-Volt did more than seduce with her body, she beckoned the male customers to let her kiss them. Every time, she popped a leg up while getting them to pinch her bare butt. Now that she mesmerized men with her nudity again, she got back in the car and drove back to the desert, stopping at the same spot.

Back where she started, 5-Volt sat her naked butt down on the sand and leaned back against the front door of her car. The naked woman had one hand rubbing her stomach and poking her belly button while the other hand was between her legs. It felt good as 5-Volt touched herself with her legs spread as far apart as possible. While rubbing her vagina, 5-Volt began to have images in her head.

Closing her eyes, she herself rubbed a bit faster and started imagining herself naked on a runway in a strip club. 5-Volt was being a naked stripper on a stage in front of equally naked men cheering her on. She imagined that two of them were Jimmy T and Young Cricket.

First, 5-Volt did some pole dancing. There was some twirling, some grinding, some turning upside down, some humping, there was even a lot of getting the pole between her breasts. While pole dancing, 5-Volt could often hear male saying how beautiful she was with her hairless legs and firm tits.

Next, she did some twerking. As 5-Volt jiggled her exposed ass by moving her hips, she encouraged men in the audience to pinch it. Every time someone pinched 5-Volt's buttocks, she giggled and blushed. Often, she squeezed her butt cheeks for them, showcasing how thicc she was. When Jimmy and Cricket squeezed her bottom, she kissed them on the lips.

Finally, 5-Volt sat her butt down and started rubbing between her legs again. Rubbing the little hard nub between her legs, the naked mom moaned as she rubbed the edge of her hand up and down across her clitoris as hard as she could. Looking down at her beautiful body, 5-Volt could feel an intense pressure building up inside her and she rubbed harder and harder. More and more, her clit was throbbing and she felt waves of intense energy start to ripple through her body.

Soon, the pleasure was becoming too much, she started screaming at the same time that a massive wave of light pulsed through her nude body. The feeling was euphoric and before she knew it, she climaxed for her audience. All the men cheered as 5-Volt suddenly orgasmed again and again...

Opening her eyes, 5-Volt quickly stopped rubbing after discovering that she came for real. Her cum blasted and spilled out into a puddle between her legs. Still, naked men were in her eyesight, so she rubbed her eyes to make them go away.

She stayed sitting until her head started to clear, 5-Volt was moaning uncontrollably now and her pussy was burning like she'd rubbed it raw. When she got back up on her feet, she noticed that her hand was soaking wet. Jimmy T and Young Cricket were still naked and still chanting for her to cum. Again, 5-Volt rubbed her eyes and when she opened them, they were gone and she told herself, "I think I'm starting to have a heat stroke. I better get out of here."

Back in her car, 5-Volt set the air conditioning to a cold setting to cool off her body as she drove back to the laundromat and got all the clothes. Thankfully, 5-Volt did not seem to be sunburnt and she put her clothes on before going home.

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