5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
Snow Streaking

5-Volt and her husband were out visiting relatives for Christmas in a secluded log cabin on a snowy mountain, leaving the kids with a babysitter.

Trying her best to once again put her indecency behind her (especially with last month's extremely close call), 5-Volt attempted to enjoy her time there... but she'd always wondered what it would be like to frolic nude in the snow... and her Christmas sweater was just SO itchy.

Before long, she muttered, "Screw it. I have to be naked in the snow."

Coming up with a plan, 5-Volt excused herself to the bathroom, and snuck out the bathroom window. Running away from the cabin with a cheer, 5-Volt began her usual routine of stripping, but not before saying, "With my hot bod, how can I be cold?"

While getting nude, it took 5-Volt a little longer than usual since she wasn't wearing her usual outfit. First came off the itchy red Christmas sweater along with her bra, leaving her topless bouncing breasts exposed to the elements resulting in her nipples hardening. She would then kick off her sneakers and pull off her socks before finally pulling down her jeans and panties leaving her FINALLY naked as the day she was born!

5-Volt ventured completely naked into the unknown. Her nipples were stiff and tight from the cold winter air that swept in gusts of wind around her.

Right now, the streaking woman just stood where she was, 5-Volt's body was still fully exposed as always as she let herself realize that she was totally naked outside. Any minute, someone could pass on by and find her standing there in nothing at all.

Sexual excitement and arousal seeped into 5-Volt's naked being, not to mention the cold air that taunted her skin and the snow below her bare feet.

Several minutes of silence elapsed, 5-Volt just stood, cupping the soft roundness of her C-cup breasts before rubbing her vagina where her pubic hairs would be. After squeezing her butt cheeks, she smiled at her feet because of dainty they were.

Over the next few minutes, 5-Volt sat her naked butt down on a rock, shivering while groping her breasts. Her chest rose in deep heaves while her hands groped and fondled her nipples. Soon, 5-Volt filled her mouth with her right tit, taking it all the way in and letting the point dance on her tongue.

As 5-Volt swirled her tongue around her nipple, she squeezed her other breast, causing a tingling sensation to swell inside her. Her body twitched with excitement and she purred softly between mouthfuls of her own bare boobs, "I'm a dirty whore that loves being naked in public."

A while later, 5-Volt's fingers crept up her calves and over her kneecaps. She could feel the heat from her hands as they inched their way up her thighs and then came to rest on her pubic bone. One index finger outlined the cleft of her lips. Then 5-Volt spread her smooth legs wide open, exposing her bare pussy to the outdoor elements, and she giggled in response to such tickling from such a cold climate.

When 5-Volt made a snowman, she hugged and kissed it until it melted. Sometimes, she made snow angels. Other times, she used lost sleds to go sledding.

Half an hour later, 5-Volt wondered, "Did I... make a mistake?"

She was lost now in the freezing cold while buck naked... being naked in the snow wasn't as fun as she thought it would be because of just how FREEZING COLD it was. The sun was setting and 5-Volt was currently shivering with her teeth chattering and her skin looking cartoonishly blue. Feeling hopeless, the naked woman whimpered, "Could this night get any wor-"


Unlike the bear 5-Volt had once fucked, the polar bear looked more hungry for flesh than sex. Seeing her situation, 5-Volt thought to herself, "Screw it. May as well go out with some dignity."

If the nude woman was going to die tonight, then she wouldn't die without a fight!

Shifting into her Amazon form, Amazon 5-Volt lunged at the polar bear, using her legs to choke it. When it fainted, she got off it, only to be lunged at as well by the bear. Narrowly avoidly a few claw swipes, 5-Volt was pinned down and roared at, but she used her legs to make it fly backwards.

Next, 5-Volt and the polar bear pushed and shoved like sumo wrestlers. However, 5-Volt punched its stomach, then did some damage below the belt by kicking the bear's crotch, making it kneel in pain before 5-Volt delivered a painful uppercut.

With the bear on its back, 5-Volt finished it off with a sleeper hold. Her arms quickly caused the bear to fall asleep. She smirked, "I win."

After finally overthrowing the bear, and working up a great sweat in the process, Amazon 5-Volt then ground her clitoris into the polar bear's 14-inch cock and proceeded to fuck it raw, but she first spread pussy lips with her fingers.

The naked mom flicked her tiny clit a few times before moving in a slow circular motion. It made 5-Volt squirm, her juices already coating her dusky pink lips and beginning to drip down her legs.

Before 5-Volt knew it, the very head of the bear's penis pulsed with the flow of its blood. Veins were throbbing as 5-Volt got on top of the bear to slide its cock into her most delicate part with her front facing it. She screamed and felt like she would explode. 5-Volt wanted cum to burst out of her already twitching twat as she gritted, "Come on, let's fuck like wild animals."

Likewise, the bear's rock hard shaft now throbbed uncontrollably, tingling and yearning to be stuffed deep inside 5-Volt's slick hole. The bear was still asleep, unaware that it was ravaging 5-Volt and mating with her as if she was a female bear. She grinned at the bear's sleeping face because she thought it looked peaceful.

First, the bear's cock was sliding in and out 5-Volt's clitoris, sometimes circling with its head and then sliding the full length of his shaft up it. When the bear's penis had become completely covered in her juices, 5-Volt stuck its cock head into her oozing slit. Her hole stretched open to allow the intrusion, and she inched it further inside. 5-Volt tensed above the bear while her pussy muscles clamped down around his shaft.

As a naked 5-Volt kept bouncing on the bear's dick, she moaned at it, "Almost like mating with a female bear, one that's smaller and has no fur or claws, isn't it? You can call me Mama Bear or even Mama Bare."

Now 5-Volt had the bear's penis pounding her forcefully, each plunge bottoming out inside her pussy. The bear was still lying on its back while 5-Volt was sucking in heavy breaths as her walls clamped tighter.

Sexual feelings built inside 5-Volt, burning at first, then throbbing. Each thrust brought her closer to climax, and she wanted to tell the bear, wake it up and let it know she was about to cum. Soon, the sensation of the bear's thick cock filling her hole over and over became too much. 5-Volt's naked body stiffened completely and her cunt locked down on the bear's thrusting dick. Then she shuddered and small spurts of hot liquid shot out of her with each pussy contraction and drenched part of the bear's fur.

Hardly believing what she just did, 5-Volt gasped, "I just mated with a polar bear."

However, it seemed like the nude mom was not done just yet because she kept the bear's dick in her twat. The harder the pounding, the closer the bear got to spewing its load. It wasn't long before the bear orgasmed and when 5-Volt noticed, she pulled its cock out of her still throbbing vagina, screaming, "Fuck!"

After the first squirt of pearly cum shot out of the bear's dick and onto 5-Volt's face, she stroked its cock in quick motions to release its full load. Spurt after spurt, the bear covered 5-Volt's spent body in its juice from her head to her toes.

Finally satisfied, 5-Volt collapsed onto the bear, enjoying the feeling its fur on her exposed skin. She lied on her tummy, pressing her breasts against the polar bear as she hugged its neck and softly kissed its nose before whispering, "We're not so different, bear. Like you, I don't wear clothes and I love to mate."

5-Volt fell asleep with the bear... only for the thin ice they were on to crack open, resulting in the polar bear and Amazon to fall in a body of super cold water.

Amazon 5-Volt and the polar bear were now solidified in a large chunk of ice... thankfully, though, they were found and brought back to the cabin and were currently next to the fireplace, trying to get thawed out.

5-Volt's husband said, "You know, dear, you didn't have to keep your hobby a secret, my folks are already aware of what you (and sometimes me) do... They just wish you did it in more savory weather."

If she could have at that moment, 5-Volt would have grabbed at her hair and screamed in frustration.

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