5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
Free Pass!

5-Volt and her husband received a strange letter in the mail. According to the envelope, the letter was from "a lot of secret admirers".

When 5-Volt opened the letter, it said to come to the public park for a little surprise.

Leaving her house, 5-Volt and her husband jumped into their car and drove to the park as instructed. Once at the park, they went in and were next to a park bench when a huge crowd of at least a hundred people started to surround them. Most of them were single males in their early twenties. She asked them all, "Can I help you?"

One male said, "We know you as that naked woman from that soccer game."

That surprised 5-Volt, who asked, "Really?"

Another male stated, "Yeah, we recognize you by your hair."

5-Volt's husband then questioned, "What exactly are we doing here?"

A third male explained to 5-Volt, "After the cops chased you for being naked, we thought about giving you an opportunity to let be naked for your fans without getting in trouble with the law."

Then a fourth male added, "That's why we made a little safety circle around you. If an officer comes by, we can prevent them from catching you in the act. Think of this as a free pass."

Moved by this, 5-Volt smiled, "Wow. You did all of this for me? I don't know what to say."

The husband suggested while grinning, "Let's get naked?"


However, someone warned 5-Volt that a police car was driving by, forcing her and her husband to hide in the crowd. When the car was gone, someone said, "Ok. It's safe now."

Ready to have some fun, 5-Volt was immediately ready to strip as her husband followed suit. She took off everything. Her shoes, socks, apron, hoodie, pants, bra and underwear were all removed in about 10-15 seconds. It took 5-Volt's husband roughly the same length of time to take his clothes off as well.

Now that 5-Volt and her husband were totally naked, she put her hands on her hips and smiled as he looked at her like a pervert from her head to her dainty feet. She had soft, sensitive skin all around with none of it covered by clothes. The brown hair on her head smelled lovely, and she had a cute face with an adorable smile. Her neck was slender and her breasts were big and cute with small nipples. Also, her bare stomach was healthy, toned and flat with a cute navel. Plus, her bare feet were delicately small and pretty with adorable little toes. Between her sexy long legs was a hairless vagina, already dripping from prolonged exposure.

As 5-Volt turned around, her husband marveled at her bare back and butt. 5-Volt's bare bottom was round and firm, it would jiggle when she walked around naked like her breasts would. Turning back around, 5-Volt smiled, "Aren't I beautiful?"

"You're a goddess, a beautiful naked goddess."

"Hee hee. I have a naked goddess's skin, breasts, vagina and especially buttocks."

Closing the space between them, 5-Volt gave her husband a big hug, took his face in her hands and kissed him fiercely. The naked woman bit his lip and ground against his hardness.

As the husband's breathing grew shallow, 5-Volt massaged the skin of his neck with her mouth and nipped at his earlobe, whispering, "Your smoking hot naked wife wants you inside her, I want to ride you in the middle of this park. I want to make you moan my name. Come on, we have a freebie to take advantage of."

While the husband grabbed 5-Volt's waist assertively, he placed his mouth on her right breast and began sucking the nipple. She tilted her head back and sighed as his teeth gently grazed the tender flesh, and then his tongue traced over the bite.

5-Volt's pussy was dripping by now, so her husband shifted to let her be directly on top of him. The nude woman felt him pressing up against her, his erection not inhibited by anything as they separated so the husband could let 5-Volt ogle him back.

Being nude like 5-Volt, her husband chuckled at how she was struggling to maintain eye contact with him as 5-Volt's gaze descended from his toned chest to his flat stomach. Looking down, her husband's legs were slightly hairy and his bare feet were undoubtedly bigger. Before 5-Volt knew it, she was staring blatantly at her husband's penis and testicles.

Getting on her knees in front of her husband, 5-Volt took his firm cock in her hand and guided it towards her mouth. Holding his gaze, she slowly kissed the tip before running her tongue along his shaft. His breathing grew ragged.

A nude 5-Volt stayed there for several long moments, gliding her tongue up and down her husband's shaft, then swirling it around the tip. She continued to tease him, taking his balls one at a time in her mouth, sucking on them gently.

When 5-Volt brought her mouth back up to the head of her husband's engorged member, she felt his fingers knot in her hair. He pushed 5-Volt down onto his shaft, commanding her to blow him. That request made her pussy throb in arousal as she pulled her head back, resisting him. Looked down at his wife, she grinned mischievously up at him as he asked, "What is it, sweetie?"

"I told you. I want to ride you..."

Standing, 5-Volt took her husband's hand in hers and finished, "... right in front of our fans."

As 5-Volt searched for the right spot, she imagined what they looked like. A husband and wife, a mom and dad completely nude in a public park, hand in hand, both of them wearing nothing but a smile.

To 5-Volt, being completely naked was an image of confidence, not a total shredding of dignity. She giggled, "I love when we're both naked as jaybirds."

Her husband grinned, "Me too. I missed the times we did thigs like this."

5-Volt saw her husband his butt on the bench before he asked, "You ready?"

The bare woman wrapped her arms around his neck, giggling, "Sure am. My skin, my breasts and my bare bottom could use some sexual stimulation."

Kissing 5-Volt, her husband wrapped his arms around her bare back. The cool outside air tickled the naked mom, making her smile and giggle as her husband kissed her neck and caressed her back. It felt so good as 5-Volt cooed, "I want to orgas-"

However, 5-Volt's husband cut her off with a kiss and lied her down on the concrete path, whispering against her lips and also biting her earlobe, "Shhh, I have to make sure you're warmed up."

The nude mom could feel the dampness between her legs, 5-Volt's naked body was longing to be ravished. He raised his eyebrows, and she laughed, "Go ahead."

By feeling a warm trail of her husband's kisses along her thigh, the streaking MILF's legs butterflied open. As 5-Volt's buttocks squished against the concrete beneath her, she moaned when she felt her husband's hand on her breast and his mouth on her clit.

As 5-Volt's husband's tongue flicked back and forth, his oral sex was sending more blood coursing to 5-Volt's already aroused area. His left hand massaged her breast and his right gripped her ass.

5-Volt closed her eyes and focused on the sensation of her husband's tongue as it alternated between a circling and a flicking motion. He then ran his tongue along the lips of her pussy, applying more pressure and licking up some juice flowing from her nude body. The left hand left her breast and his grip on her hips strengthened. Feeling his fingers digging into her naked skin as he licked her soaked pussy with new fervor, she moaned, "Oh god."

Then 5-Volt felt her back arch as her husband's tongue slipped inside the bare mom. His tongue flicked in and out of her entrance and her fingers pulled up tufts of grass as 5-Volt's beautiful body reacted to his touch. Her eyes flew open, and she gasped with pleasure when he slowly slipped two fingers inside her. While he worked them back and forth slowly, his mouth was still tending to her clit as she whispered, "Faster."

It didn't look like the husband heard her as he maintained the same steady speed, 5-Volt insisted, "Faster, please."

Removing his fingers from inside his bare wife, the husband pulled himself on top of 5-Volt, who realized his breathing was ragged as he asked while looking amused, "You wanted to be on top?"

5-Volt had her husband get off of her, asking him to lie on his back. His hands found her waist as she straddled him. Slowly, she slid herself onto his thick cock and 5-Volt was so wet that she easily slipped inside him, despite her tightness. She heard him sigh as she began to slowly ride him, lifting her bare body up and down his shaft.

As 5-Volt rode her husband's dick even faster, they soon reached a steady pace. His hips were thrusting up to meet her riding motion while his hands were firm on her waist and he was holding her gaze. As she focused on the feeling of his cock inside her, she tightened her cunt around him on the outward motion. Seeing his eyes shut, the nudist wife smiled and asked him, "Can you hold off?"

"Hold off what? I was going to wait."

The exhibitionist wife leaned down and kissed him, giggling, "I want to finish first."

While the husband's hands were still firmly on her waist, 5-Volt moved her body up along his torso. Now that her pussy was within reach, his tongue flicked up to her clit. 5-Volt sighed as she braced her thighs, holding herself over his mouth as he murmured between licks, "So wet..."

A hand reached around 5-Volt's butt and she felt her husband toying with her rear entrance. His index finger applied gentle pressure, and she released a long groan. He applied a bit more pressure and his tongue moved inside her cunt. As 5-Volt could feel her body rocking back and forth, she was imitating a fucking motion as she gasped, "Don't stop."

Tilting her head back, 5-Volt opened her eyes to gaze at the sky. The day was light blue and brilliant.

Tracing the tip of his finger along 5-Volt's butt crack and causing an involuntary whine of pleasure to fall from her lips, her husband shoved her down. Putting his weight on top of her, he pinned her down and grinned, "I'm not waiting any longer, 5-Volt."

When the husband thrust his cock into 5-Volt, she back arched violently while her hands clawed at his back as he pushed himself deep inside her. All of it made her moan, "Oh god, yes."

In and out, each thrust felt harder than the last. A cry of ecstasy fell from her lips as 5-Volt felt a warmth growing in her stomach and screamed, "I'm- Oh god!"

5-Volt briefly met her husband's gaze as she climaxed. His eyes were glossed over with lust and he continued to pound into her as her body contracted. Her toes curled and her thighs tightened, gripping his body between her legs. She heard him groan as her pussy contracted around his cock repeatedly.

Another grunt and 5-Volt felt her husband filling her with his cum. He slowed his thrusts down as ropes of his warm semen shot inside her. The feeling sent another ripple of pleasure through her body and she heard herself saying his name repeatedly. Her heart was pounding uncontrollably and her fingers clawed down his back. She didn't remember the last time she came so hard, she also didn't know if she wanted it to stop.

Eventually, the husband stopped thrusting, and he kissed 5-Volt's breasts as her orgasm subsided. When 5-Volt finished, her legs collapsed as she muttered, "Well fuck."

Her husband kissed her cheek, "I'm so good at that."

"What? Sex?"

He nodded, "It feels great to do this for the first times in ages. I love you, 5-Volt."

"I love you too."

They lied curled against each other, basking in their post-orgasm euphoria for a few minutes. Once they regained the strength to stand up, they put their clothes back on just as everyone left and a cop was walking by. 5-Volt and her husband stood still and whistled innocently to avoid confrontation, then they ran to their car in a bit of a panic and drove home.

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