5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk

One day in the park, Ashley was practicing her magic with Red keeping her company. Ashley aimed her wand at a tree and said, "Hocus Pocus."

However, nothing happened to the tree Ashley pointed her wand at. Instead, she summoned a well endowed, overly muscular she-devil. That she-devil looked a lot like 5-Volt, except with red skin, devil horns on her head and a tail. Quickly, Ashley pointed her wand at the she-devil and made it disappear. 5-Volt (fully clothed) rushed over and asked, "Aw. Why did you get rid of her?"

Ashley answered her question with another question, "You didn't want me to?"

"No, I would've had a little fun with that devil version of me. Can you bring her back?"


Trying again, Ashley pointed her wand at 5-Volt and said, "Hocus Pocus."

The well endowed, overly muscular she-devil reappeared in front of 5-Volt. Again, the she-devil looked a lot like 5-Volt, except with red skin, devil horns on her head and a tail. 5-Volt and the she-devil looked at each other and slowly walked one another. Then, 5-Volt kissed the she-devil, much to Ashley's disgust as she cringed, "Ugh, don't kiss in front of me. That's gross. I'm out of here."

Once Ashley and Red were out of sight, 5-Volt and the she-devil stripped completely naked. Putting her hands on her hips and smiling, 5-Volt smiled at the she-devil, "You're hot."

The she-devil smiled back, "Thank you. You're hot too. Just call me Devil 5-Volt."

"Ok. Hee hee."

Naked, 5-Volt began kissing, nipping and licking her way from the equally naked she-devil's ear down the right side of her neck. She traced Devil 5-Volt's collarbone with her tongue before kissing from her shoulder to her wrist.

After kissing the back of the she-devil's hand, 5-Volt sucked her fingers one by one. When 5-Volt wasn't stopping between the fingers to lick and suck the skin between Devil 5-Volt's fingers, she was kissing all over her palms.

Going back up Devil 5-Volt's arm, 5-Volt made her way to the left side of her neck. She nipped and sucked on the skin up to the left ear, then traced the outer edge with her tongue.

Pulling back to look into the she-devil's eyes, 5-Volt told her, "Look at you. You're 100% naked and very beautiful."

Devil 5-Volt giggled, "Thank you. You're beautiful when you're entirely nude, too. You look amazing wearing nothing but a smile, I see nothing but bare pale skin and it feels so soft and silky."

"Your red skin feels smooth as well."

5-Volt followed down Devil 5-Volt's neck again and kissed her way down her left arm. She smiled and winked before she sucked on the she-devil's fingers, looking in her eyes as she sucked each digit.

Kissing her way back up Devil 5-Volt's arm, 5-Volt kissed across her right breast. Licking from the outside around the underside, 5-Volt made her way around to her areola, then flicked her tongue across her nipple before sucking it in her mouth. She fondled Devil 5-Volt's left breast with her right hand and continued until she began moaning loudly and lied down on her back.

As 5-Volt got on top of Devil 5-Volt and smiled, she kissed her way to the she-devil's left breast and repeated. Devil 5-Volt ground like mad upon her thigh.

5-Volt pulled away before descending to Devil 5-Volt's stomach. She laved her tongue in her belly button as she passed it. Looking up at the she-devil again, 5-Volt nipped her hip bone and kissed her right thigh while running hands on the underside of it. While doing the same to the left thigh, 5-Volt saw that Devil 5-Volt was wet and on the verge of climaxing, so she stopped.

Lying down on her back, 5-Volt said with a sweet smile, "Your turn."

Devil 5-Volt got on her knees to look at 5-Volt's bare feet. She knew 5-Volt had dainty feet as she kissed to the top of her foot, kissing each toe from the pinky to the big toe. After kissing the arch, the she-devil went up 5-Volt's heel and up to the ankle before kissing up the inside of her leg from the ankle to the junction.

Staring deeply into 5-Volt's eyes, Devil 5-Volt rubbed her nose up her outer labia to breathe in her arousal. She stopped and parted 5-Volt's inner and outer labia while gazing upon her engorged clit and blowing lightly upon it before kissing her pubic mound.

Then, Devil 5-Volt began her journey down the left leg as she had the right. Once she finished at the junction between 5-Volt's thighs again, she rubbed her hand from the bottom to the top of 5-Volt's vagina, feeling how wet she is for the she-devil. Just blowing on the wetness made a naked 5-Volt whimper as Devil 5-Volt flattened her tongue and ran it up her wet, throbbing pussy.

While licking 5-Volt outer labia and inner labia, Devil 5-Volt ran her flattened tongue back over her pussy from the bottom to top, then flicked her tongue across 5-Volt's clitoris, making her moan and wiggle, "Oh my god."

5-Volt then lifted her sexy ass to let Devil 5-Volt pinch it a few times. The she-devil then ran one hand up to 5-Volt's breasts and played with them as she stuck two fingers inside her.

Having her g-spot found made 5-Volt moan and buck wildly. Devil 5-Volt pulled the other hand away from her breasts to spread her labia and pull the hood back to expose her clit to her mouth. Latching her mouth onto 5-Volt's clit, Devil 5-Volt's tongue flicked across it as she sucked on it.

All the sensations that her naked body was feeling made 5-Volt scream and moan loudly as Devil 5-Volt felt her juices coat her fingers. She stopped sucking 5-Volt's clitoris to kiss her inner thighs and her pussy, Devil 5-Volt was running her tongue down her pussy to her perineum and savoring all of her flavor. She even beckoned 5-Volt, "Finger me."

After rubbing 5-Volt's pussy again, Devil 5-Volt kissed her mouth, letting 5-Volt taste herself on her lips and tongue.

5-Volt had three of Devil 5-Volt's finger in her tight box and her thumb rubbing her clit. Devil 5-Volt moved down to suckle her breasts. Before she knew it, 5-Volt came and so did the she-devil.

However, it was not over. 5-Volt yelped as Devil 5-Volt kissed her vagina until she climaxed and squirted some more. Feeling that 5-Volt was getting too sensitive, Devil 5-Volt kissed her inner thighs and then her lips.

Both completely sated, they said to each other, "That was awesome."

Finally, they drifted off to sleep together.

When 5-Volt woke up, her she-devil was gone. Apparently, Devil 5-Volt disappeared into nothing. 5-Volt walked naked as she headed home, leaving her clothes behind.

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