5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
VR Giantess Mayhem

5-Volt was told by Dr. Crygor about his new virtual reality chamber and he invited her to try it out.

After streaking and sneaking naked in public all the way to Dr. Crygor's Lab. The mad scientist mentioned to the naked woman before he forgot, "Please do not make a mess. I promised Penny I'd let her use it later."

Nodding and understanding, 5-Volt was being naked in the VR chamber. It was a small room with circular walls and a door. Putting on her VR headset, she asked, "How does it work?"

Dr. Crygor explained, "Just say what you want to happen inside the chamber."

With that, 5-Volt wanted live out a fantasy of hers as she said, "I want to be a buck naked giantess at least 100 feet tall and destroying Diamond City."

From 5-Volt's perspective while wearing the headset, she was nude in the middle of a public intersection as she grew, inching up slowly. 6, 7, 8 and then to 9 feet. Her breasts were getting so large, her ass had grown too huge as well and she thought, "This is fantastic!"

Inching up higher, 5-Volt's naked body stretching and inflating each second. Even though standing still, her bare feet swallowed up more and more space on the ground. To a distant viewer, it would have seemed like character zooming in a movie as the naked mom kept getting bigger and bigger with each passing moment.

5-Volt grew and grew, first reaching 10 feet, then 15, then 20. Her hairless legs grew longer and thicker, swelling and swelling like a cylinder-shaped balloon being inflated, and her bust was truly gigantic now.

As 5-Volt passed the 25-foot mark, her feet stretched to the point where they bulldozed a few cars, forcing everyone inside the cars to get out of them. At 30 feet, people in the street were looking at the nude woman with surprise as her form rose higher, wider and thicker.

40...50...75 feet. 5-Volt stopped growing at 100 feet. The giant 5-Volt stood completely naked in public, hands on her incredible hips, looking down upon the city and smiling mockingly. She let her bare feet plough through a few cars and buildings, destroying their contents and making everyone inside them flee before they could get hurt.

5-Volt turned to the crowd, who had swelled to about a hundred people. They were taking pictures of her, filming her, gawking up and pointing at her while having discussions with each other. A huge, 100-foot tall naked woman! Lots of them stared at 5-Volt's beautiful face, enormous tits, shapely figure, towering legs and huge feet. She was a sight to behold!

Standing in front of the crowd, 5-Volt looked at them, hands again on her hips. They were so tiny and the nude mom was a colossus, a living monument of silky, gorgeous, exposed female flesh.

Bending over the crowd, 5-Volt roared and made that angry face she made when she caught 9-Volt playing video games past his bedtime. Screaming, the people ran away, some walking backwards, and holding up their mobile phones for some last footage. 5-Volt laughed as she saw them all flee. She was powerful now and snickered, "This is going to be fun!"

Walking naked on the streets of Diamond City, 5-Volt loved how her breasts and buttocks bounced. Even though the bare woman was being careful not to squash people, she occasionally turned a parked bicycle or car to scrap, splintered a small tree, used her toes to rip a street lantern from the ground while taking a step and even smashed a few mailboxes. People had to know whom they were dealing with, after all.

The tiny men and women at 5-Volt's feet scurried away from her, some screaming and some crying. Others were just standing still, staring open mouthed when she passed by. She even saw one guy jerking himself off while looking at her and pondered the thought of picking him up to rub him against her tits. Because 5-Volt was gigantic, she heard everyone else squeak like little mice.

While 5-Volt's bare feet damaged roads, sidewalks and grass, her hands ripped the tops off of tall buildings so she could intimidate everyone inside and scare them away.

After 5-Volt felt that she caused enough collateral damage, she walked back to where she started and sat her naked butt down the road. Everyone had to get out of the way to avoid being sat on. They also had to watch themselves when 5-Volt spread her legs as wide as possible.

Without another word, 5-Volt started rubbing vigorously against her crotch. Her silky vagina was dripping wet and her fingers were going in and out of her vulva, soon covered with her slimy love juice.

5-Volt masturbated in public for five minutes, uncaring if anyone could see her. She felt powerful and free to do whatever she wanted, including public nudity and masturbation. Anyone disagreeing was scared off, anyway. Some police officers tried to arrest 5-Volt, but the bare mom made them all drive away in fear just by glaring and roaring at them.

Before she knew it, 5-Volt felt her orgasm coming by thinking that she could get away with anything by being a giantess and stimulating her vagina with her own fingers. Suddenly, 5-Volt screamed, "AAAAaaaaaahhhhhh!"

That was when 5-Volt came violently. She flushed part of the city with her juice. Her orgasm was like a big wave at the beach. Anyone in the way was soaked in cum. Finally, 5-Volt was sleepy and fainted.

Opening her eyes, 5-Volt noticed that Dr. Crygor removed her headset, looking a little annoyed as he said, "I thought I told you not to make a mess."

5-Volt sat up straight and saw that she orgasmed for real on the floor. She giggled nervously, "Sorry."

Dr. Crygor sighed, "I-It's fine. Don't worry about it, I'll clean this up."

"Thanks for letting me try the VR chamber."

"No problem."

Once 5-Volt left, Dr. Crygor put on a face mask and used a mop to wash her cum away, then sprayed the chamber with disinfectant to eradicate any germs on the floor from 5-Volt's butt with help from Doris 1, Doris 2 and Doris 3.

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