5-Volt's Naked Adventures Continue @woodyk
Old Feelings Return

Having supposedly given up nudism, 5-Volt had gone back to being a stay at home mom, taking care of their new baby in addition to 9-Volt. However, in the back of her mind was a longing to be naked again and regain her sense of freedom, a longing that grew as days turned into weeks.

Eventually, the feeling became too much, and it just became unbearable to the point where 5-Volt wanted to be naked and show off her lady parts in public once again.

After that citation she got a while ago, 5-Volt didn't think she could just go out and expose herself in public lest she actually be arrested for it... could she?

On this day, 5-Volt was watching sports channels at home while her husband was at work the kids were at school. A soccer game was to be broadcasted live all over the world in the evening. The day she watched sports on TV, the games that were played had... interruptions that were was rather coincidental and eventful to say the least.

5-Volt saw a 20-year-old man running naked in a baseball stadium at noon. This surprised the mother, who reminisced about when she did something similar. She actually felt her underwear get a little wet. The man on TV ran halfway across the baseball diamond before being tackled by security guards. When 5-Volt felt more aroused by the public nudity that was ensuing on television, she almost considered doing it herself, but then realized, "No, I can't. Not after getting fined. I can't risk it."

At 1:00 PM, 5-Volt was watching the football channel as a 30-year-old woman streaked across the field and easily grabbed a football from the confused players. She was pinned down by police just as she was 50 yards across. Trying to resist the temptations, 5-Volt's eyes twitched a little and she felt a little wet spot on her pants, she tried to keep cool, "Don't do it. I can't go to jail."

At 1:00 PM, 5-Volt was watching the football channel as a 30-year-old woman streaked across the field and easily grabbed a football from the confused players. She was pinned down by police just as she was 50 yards across. Her eyes twitched a little and she felt a little wet spot on her pants, she tried to keep cool, "Don't do it. I can't go to jail."

By 2:00 PM, a couple comprising a 25-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman were being nude in the middle of a basketball game, fucking and having public sex right in the middle of the audience. That forced the game to pause and 5-Volt soon saw the words, "PLEASE STAND BY" on the screen.

That did it for 5-Volt, who couldn't take it anymore. She felt that she HAD to strip, she felt that she HAD to streak. When a reminder about the soccer game set to be broadcasted live worldwide was showing on the TV, 5-Volt decided to be naked there, telling herself, "Who am I kidding? I can't fight it anymore, I need to stop fighting it. I need to commit public nudity, it's the only way I can feel free again."

At 4:30 PM, while everyone else was in their rooms, waiting for dinner, 5-Volt started stripping in the living room by taking off her socks, then her shoes, then her yellow apron, then her red hoodie, then her green pants, then her bra and finally her underwear. Now, 5-Volt was completely naked. She folded her clothes neatly and left them on the couch in front of the TV.

Smiling at her nakedness, 5-Volt walked to a nearby mirror and looked at her naked body. 5-Volt's breasts were C-cup, but were firm and looked like they stood the test of time. The naked woman happily patted her tummy, admiring how toned and flat it was, and she even poked her cute innie belly button. Then she felt the hairless crevice between her legs, beautiful, wet and smooth. She moaned a little from feeling her pink folds, "Oh man, I missed this."

To wrap up, 5-Volt grabbed her luscious behind and squeezed both buttocks. The nude mom turned around to see her own ass. From what she saw, the cheeks on her bare butt looked tall and mature, like a mother's buttocks should be. After her body check, she blew a kiss to her reflection and said to it, "You're so beautiful, 5-Volt."

5-Volt made her reflection say, "Thank you, 5-Volt. You're beautiful as well."

After kissing her reflection and leaving a smudge, 5-Volt grabbed some Windex to clean it up.

Before leaving, 5-Volt left some grilled chicken and steamed vegetables she had been making on the dinner table along with a note saying, "Out doing some errands. Have dinner without me. Love you."

Exiting her own home, 5-Volt missed the feeling of being naked outside. She passionately admired how the afternoon breeze blew on her breasts and hardened her nipples, and she loved how her aroused vagina dripped on the ground. Hugging her breasts, 5-Volt squeezed them before licking and sucking on her pink nipples, moaning, "I'm completely naked in public for the first time in ages. It still feels exciting."

Giving herself a quick body check, 5-Volt let her hands feel her entire body, she felt only soft skin. Looking down at herself, 5-Volt confirmed that she was 100% naked, smiling, "Big breasts and little nipples exposed? Check. Smooth vagina showing? Check. Thicc butt uncovered? Check. Being completely nude means that even my dainty feet are bare. I also like showing my stomach and my navel."

After a while of sneaking naked across town, 5-Volt made it to the Diamond City Stadium, where the soccer game was being broadcasted live. Because of that, the police presence was higher than it was in 5-Volt's first stadium streak. 5-Volt somehow sneaked past security and where staff asked for tickets by climbing fences and hiding behind whatever she could when a security guard was close by.

Before the game started, 5-Volt was hiding behind the wall that separated the seats from the field. She was naked in the front row, but no one noticed or even cared because 5-Volt was hiding under an empty seat and everyone was focused on the game, scheduled to start at 5:00 PM.

A few minutes after the game began, a naked 5-Volt was ready to make her move by coming out of her hiding place, jumping over to the soccer field and running naked across the field, shouting, "Woohoo! I'm fully, wholly and totally naked in public!"

Everyone gasped as cameras were now focused on the naked mom, parents covered the eyes of their children as 5-Volt making her presence known caused the fuzz to be on her tail almost instantly as the announcer stated, "It seems that a naked woman is streaking and interrupting the game. Can someone get her out of here?"

The whole ordeal turned into a long chase sequence where the police chased 5-Volt through the stadium. While the players simply stood and stared, 5-Volt kicked the soccer ball into one goal, then happily screamed, "GOAL!"

Running out of the exit of the stadium, two cops kept chasing the naked woman down the streets. 5-Volt was admittedly a little scared that the police were still after her. She didn't have the wings of an angel or the magic powers of a goddess, all she could do was keep running.

Thankfully, 5-Volt was light on her feet and also jaywalked several times to avoid wasting time crossing the streets. She had to keep moving. Her love of nudity meant that she did not want to find some cover or take a moment to hide before someone saw her. Plus, the cops chasing her were little slow, apparently having eaten too much doughnuts.

Being fully exposed to the public, a nude 5-Volt loved being so conscious of her own nudity and did not use her hands to cover her private parts. Also, 5-Volt knew that she was so beautiful that her naked body was more enticing to the eyes of strangers than most other naked women. While evading possible arrest, 5-Volt simply picked directions at random.

Two lefts and a right, then the naked mom saw a shopping mall and ran inside, 5-Volt's naked body being exposed to strangers made her exclaim, "I feel so alive!"

Once again, being seen naked in public undoubtedly made 5-Volt feel very aroused. Instead of going from cover to cover, she would just let her exposed breasts and naked butt cheeks jostle out in the open for all to see as she ran from the police. She also liked feeling her bare feet make contact with the floor.

5-Volt went in and out of every store, making sure she was nude in every single one. From toys to clothes, from furniture to video games, from electronic to restaurants, she streaked everywhere.

All the while, 5-Volt hardly ever felt excitement like it, since the last time was long ago. Being naked in front of others really turned 5-Volt on. Many cashiers and customers were surprised by her nakedness.

When 5-Volt exited the mall, she noticed the police weren't chasing her. They must have gotten lost, so she sat her butt down on a bus stop bench to catch her breath. Once her breathing normalized, a cop yelled, "Hey! Stop!"

5-Volt hurriedly scampered down more streets used by who knew how many people.

Also, 5-Volt didn't know or even care how many people were in the supermarket she just barged into. Still, she didn't want to cover herself with her hands because of the adrenaline from being nude in public propelling her forward. The arousal that built up within her as she ran naked down every aisle meant that she was wet.

While 5-Volt didn't want to have her hand clamped over her exposed pussy, she briefly let her fingers naturally rest between her lips to verify how wet she was, her nude body telling her she was eager to be touched.

Knowing that it was more thrilling to be seen completely exposed from her head to her feet, 5-Volt continued to bear the sensation of arousal without covering her genitals, keeping them uncensored always provided greater stimulation. After all, she knew she could move more quickly if she wasn't hobbling about with her hand between her legs, she also didn't mind her lack of modesty.

From one aisle to another, seeing melons made 5-Volt want to squeeze her own melons, seeing jugs of water and milk made her want to squeeze her own jugs again, seeing containers of various juices made 5-Volt's vagina drip some of her woman juice on the floor and seeing hamburger buns made the nude mom squeeze her own buns.

Seeing the officers slip on a wet floor bought 5-Volt some time.

Taking advantage of how the cops slipped on a wet floor, 5-Volt left the supermarket and a few blocks later, slowed down to a walk to catch her breath again. Looking down at her exposed breasts, 5-Volt giggled at how they bounced up and down with every step, then she giggled at how her bare bottom jiggled as she walked.

The roads were busy with traffic, 5-Volt smiled at how passing cars and pedestrians saw her naked. The streaking woman even blew kisses to some of them.

Eventually, 5-Volt approached an empty school. There was nobody in the classrooms at all since it was well after closing time and the place was locked. 5-Volt went to play naked on the empty playground, going down slides, using monkey bars, swinging on the swings and playing in the sandbox.

It wasn't long before the fuzz caught up with her and with an adrenaline kick-up-the-arse, 5-Volt bolted as quickly as she could away from the playground and down more streets.

By the time the chase resumed, the sun was setting and the cool wind blowing on her bare skin reminded 5-Volt yet again of the sensation of being utterly naked in public. Still, the streaking mom kept her privates uncovered while running as if she were clothed.

Dashing naked around Diamond City, 5-Volt saw someone giving away a red convertible (or maybe it was a sports car). She approached the man getting rid of the car and asked, "Excuse me. How much is the car?"

The man was a little awestruck by 5-Volt's naked beauty and answered, "No charge. A beautiful naked woman like you deserves a free car."

As the man gave 5-Volt the keys, she hopped in the car and drove away before the police could catch her. They wouldn't give up, so they alerted all the other cops, "Calling all cars. A young woman has been running around naked and took off in a red convertible. Be on the lookout for a red convertible."

While 5-Volt was driving home in the nude, she shivered excitedly from feeling her bare back and bottom against the car seat, her vulva actually dripped a little on the seat as she masturbated in the car and moaned, "Oh man, I nearly forgot that being naked in a car feels good."

However, 5-Volt's enjoyment of naked driving was cut short when sirens blared and it looked like police cars were after her. It turned into a high-speed chase on a highway, 5-Volt succumbed to road rage as she exceeded the speed limit while merging lanes a lot, narrowly missing other cars. Sometimes, she would steer with one hand and rub her pussy with the other.

A few miles later, it was nighttime and 5-Volt was near a bridge above the ocean when she noticed a traffic jam up ahead and hit the brakes. She slowed down and stopped before she crashed into a pickup truck in front of her, though she lightly bumped into it, causing a rear end collision.

5-Volt got out of the car, but before the nude woman could explain anything to the person she just rear-ended, the police cars were approaching fast. With no other choice, 5-Volt made a dive off of the bridge and into the ocean below.

Unfortunately, 5-Volt's attempt to swim away failed because she was quickly caught by the Coast Guard. Some cops on the boat pinned her down and cuffed her, saying, "You're under arrest for public nudity."

Then, 5-Volt was dried up, taken back to land, put in a police car, had her mugshot taken and was finally locked up in the slammer with an orange jumpsuit on.

Meanwhile, back at home, the baby was asleep in his room as 9-Volt asked his dad, "Did mom come back yet? Running errands doesn't take this long, does it?"

5-Volt's husband replied, "Don't worry, kiddo. Maybe she's being held up or stuck in traffic or something."

While 9-Volt went up to his room to play video games past his bedtime, the husband called 5-Volt to see if she was ok, but he had noticed that her phone was ringing in the house and saw that she left her purse and phone behind.

Then, he noticed something that he had not noticed before, 5-Volt's clothes were on the couch. Her apron, hoodie, pants, bra and panties were all discarded. Even her socks and shoes were taken off, making him wonder, "Oh jeez, did 5-Volt really do it?"

When the husband turned on the TV for any breaking news, he saw 5-Volt. She was completely naked while being arrested and put in a police car. He gasped loudly, but quickly covered his mouth to not wake up the kids. Thankfully, no one heard him. Quietly, he panicked, "Oh man. She actually went and did it. This is heavy."

After her adrenaline high wore off, 5-Volt soon worried while she was in jail, "Oh god, did I... go too far?"

5-Volt gradually felt like she had made a huge mistake and had ruined her marriage and the lives of her family, "I just wanted to have some fun, I just wanted to rediscover the thrills that I abandoned a long time ago. Was that so wrong?"

Tears formed in her eyes as she whimpered, "Maybe it was so wrong, I think I really screwed up. What have I done? What would my family and friends think of me now?"

Feeling terrible, 5-Volt then cried herself to sleep, filled with regret over her actions. She even had nightmares about her husband divorcing her and about 9-Volt and his little brother being taken away by Child Protective Services. Also, 5-Volt fearfully imagined her friends giving her hell and not letting her hear the end of it.

The next day, 5-Volt's husband paid for her bail, allowing her to go home. In the car, the husband conversed, "Honey, we should talk about what happened..."

5-Volt swallowed nervously and said, "I can explain."

However, her husband was surprisingly okay with the stunt she pulled and told her, "It's ok. There's no need to explain anything."

5-Volt was a little surprised with how calm he was, "Really?"

"In fact, I think I actually know your motive for doing all that crazy stuff yesterday."

"You do?"

"Yeah, you just wanted to enjoy the freedom of public nudity for old times' sake, does that sound right?"

"... yes, actually. That's exactly the reason."

"Well, let's just be thankful the kids don't know. I doubt 9-Volt would be as understanding as I am."

"Me too."

"Just as long we keep it secret, you should be fine."

"Agreed. We'll keep it secret."

"Also, your bail was surprisingly inexpensive because everyone in jail admitted that you were really beautiful when naked."

5-Volt giggled, "I know."

"After all, both of us being naked together caused people to throw a lot of money at us, so we're still rich."

Over the next several days, 5-Volt ended up doing community service in an orange jumpsuit with a tracker on her ankle. Her husband made sure the kids did not know about her escapade. Because even the judge admitted that 5-Volt was very beautiful without her clothes on, she was given a very light sentence, which is why she only did community service for days instead of weeks.

5-Volt then began musing over the events in her head while cleaning up litter, making public service announcements, and doing other types of work. Although she now had to do community service and was stuck at home for a while because of her tracker, everything that she did was TOTALLY worth it!

After 5-Volt was done with community service, she kept the tracker hidden while waiting for the day it would come off. Once her house arrest expired, her debt to society would be fully repaid.

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