Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 8

Now, Ash was being fucked by a well endowed elephant. Also, the mud-covered jungle boy was on another mushroom high, so Ash felt that he could probably take getting hit by a tanker truck too without feeling too much pain. After climaxing, the elephant left a tired Ash in a heap on the on the ground.

Even with how big and strong the elephant was, Ash was completely unharmed as he rested to let his insides gradually recover and normalize. Basking in the afterglow, Ash then found his face being pushed into the ground by a feminine foot, followed by angry sounding Staryu grunts.

Translation (Misty): Really? Are you fucking kidding me?! You have FIVE gorgeous naked girls that wanna fuck you day in and day out, and yet here you are allowing yourself to get raped by all of these goddamn wild animals! Are we not good enough for you? Do you think we are not attractive enough?! Huh, huh, HUH?! What do we have to do to make you stop doing all of these ridiculous and brainless stunts?! I swear to God, you're going to be killed one of these days if you're not careful!

Translation (Ash): Oooooh yeah, I've been a bad boy, Misty! Hurt me all you want! Pain makes me horny! Kick my butt if it'll make you fell better!


As if on cue, May and Dawn restrained a volatile and potentially hostile Misty.

Translation (May): Stop! Jeez, calm the fuck down, Misty! Being pissy will only make things worse!

After calming Misty down, May mentioned something to Ash.

Translation (May): Misty does have a point, though. Us jungle girls want to have a turn sleeping with you too.

Translation (Ash): I know, you'll all get your chance soon.

Dawn then said to Misty.

Translation (Dawn): Don't forget the main reason you came looking for him in the first place!

Translation (Iris): You wanted to ask him to go on this thing called a "date" right?

All three girls stopped and looked back towards Ash to see Iris sitting on his naked ass as if it were her own personal throne.

Translation (May and Dawn): Who are you?! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!

Translation (Misty): Get off of him! GET OFF OF HIM RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

Translation (Iris): No. If I do that, you may do something we'd all regret.

Translation (Misty): Geh! G...GRRRRAAAAAHHHHHH!

Translation (Iris): So, would one of you kindly explain what this "date" thing is?

Translation (Dawn): It's where two people who love each other go out and spend time with one another.

Translation (May): It's been unanimously decided that Misty will have the first date...she was just coming up to ask Ash out on their date when she found him being raped by an elephant.

Translation (Dawn): Is it really rape if getting fucked by an elephant is what he wanted in the first place? I don't think so, he gave the elephant his consent.

Translation (Iris): Ah, I see. Well, no matter. It won't make a difference in the end.

Translation (Misty, May, Dawn): Huh?

Translation (Iris): Ash is my King, it's been foretold that we will end up together in the end. Nothing you do will change that, so don't even try.

Misty gritted her teeth and pushed aside May and Dawn before getting up close and personal with Iris.

Translation (Misty): You BITCH! You haven't known him as long as we have and YOU think YOU'LL take him away from us?! Ash is ALL OURS *points at herself then towards May and Dawn*

Translation (Iris): No, he's OURS...but I'm the queen, so I am the "Alpha-Female" in this harem!

Misty was now on the warpath! She freaked out in a very childish fasion, violently shrieking like a toddler.


Translation (Iris): Ha! I'd like to see you TRY!

May and Dawn are cowering in the background...they would later swear to God that they saw the silhouettes of a Rayquaza (behind Iris) and a Kyogre (behind Misty).

Translation (May and Dawn): ...Scary...

Meanwhile, a mud-free Delia bathing in the lake, allowing the sunset to shimmer through the trees and give her silhouette an almost angelic appearance. She was not alone, though. Delia didn't know, but the recent arrival, Johanna, was masturbating and fondling her double-D boobs at the heavenly sight of Delia. Johanna moaned, "Oooooh. You are just so cute...and soon, you will be all MINE."

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