Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 7

When Iris came to, she found herself tied down on a boulder with her naked arse sticking upward in the air, unable to get unstuck. A mud covered Delia then came up behind her with a pair of makeshift drumsticks and started beating on Iris's butt cheeks as if they were two drums.

Upon the sound of makeshift drumming, May and Dawn popped up from behind trees and started to belly dance around a mud pit before finally reaching the front of it where Delia and Iris were. The girls bounced their buttocks together and squished them around before separating again, dancing some more and then coming back in to French kiss each other.

They then fell over and splashed into the mud pit before sinking deep into it. Then, as if on cue, a mud covered Ash started to rise from the pit, with Misty's head coming up between his legs giving him...well, "head".

Misty let go of Ash's mud covered cock with a loud "POP" as drool extended from the tip to Misty's mud filled mouth. Swallowing both the mud and cum, Misty lifted herself out of the mud and began to kiss Ash deeply. May and Dawn's heads arose from the mud and began to circle their entwined bodies as if they were sharks.

Delia then stopped banging Iris's bare butt like a drum and untied her before throwing her into the mud pit where May and Dawn hungrily lunged at her. While the three way lesbian orgy was getting on, Delia made her way toward Ash and Misty, her hips swaying with every step. Upon reaching them, she pulls Misty out of her kiss with Ash and into her bosom.

Smiling at her son, she grunted in Mr. Mime.

Translation (Delia): See, Ash? I told you I was closer than you thought.

Translation (Ash): Mom?

Translation (Delia): That's right, son. I am your mother. I know it must have been awhile since since you last saw me. You may have had trouble recognizing me, but I can tell very well what my son looks like, even with with wild hair and muddy all over.

Ash eagerly hugged his naked mother.

Translation (Ash): I love you, mom. Let's stay here forever!

Translation (Delia): I love you too, Ash. Trust me, we're never gonna leave this paradise.

Ash and Delia made out with Misty in between them while May and Dawn kept making out with Iris. Neither Ash nor Delia cared that they were committing incest, they loved each other and loved being naked together. Whenever Delia fondled Ash's cock, Ash grabbed his mom's butt and gave it a tight squeeze. Misty rubbed their stomachs and poked their navels while inbetween them, often grinding against them.

Meanwhile, May grabbed Iris's breasts while Dawn fingered her vagina. Iris fingered their pussies in return.

Even though they all climaxed at a rate of one orgasm every five minutes, they had enough energy to keep fucking until they all had about thirty orgasms apiece.

Sometime after their epic jungle orgy, the story then cut to the shore where Ash first arrived and began his journey to become a buck naked feral jungle boy...except now a fully nude MILF with blue hair was swimming up to the very same shore. Upon arrival, she looked around and smirked. The MILF's name was Johanna and she licked her lips like the cougar she was while saying to herself, "Alright, Dawn. Let's meet the man of our dreams that you have talked about a lot."

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