Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 6

Ash rose from the lake, water dripping off every inch of his naked body. His unblemished skin was free of mud, his nipples were erect and his lengthy cock was resting between his balls... it was rising, standing at attention, pulling free of his foreskin and revealing that his length still had not been cleaned underneath as it was still covered in dry mud. Putting his hands on his hips, Ash looked upward to see what caused his erection.

When Ash looked up, he saw a dark-skinned and purple-haired jungle girl with white tribal tattoos all over her naked body, she was standing atop a tree branch...looking down at him longingly...and was also ignoring the four sets of eyes that were glaring daggers at her from the shadows.

The girl hopped down, landing perfectly on her feet. She and Ash stared at each other silently for a long moment before the girl then spoke in a grunting language that sounded similar to Ash's jungle boy talk.

Translation (Jungle Girl): I thought I was alone on this island.

Translation (Ash): I thought I was too.

Translation (Jungle Girl): I'm Iris.

Translation (Ash): Call me Ash.

"Iris" leaned in to observe Ash's body before smirking.

Translation (Iris): Yes, I think you'll do quite nicely.

Translation (Ash): Nicely?

Translation (Iris): Yes, I'm Queen of this jungle...but I need a King, so would you be willing to-

Translation (Ash): Pass.

Iris face-faults onto the ground before picking herself up, looking upset as she did not take rejection well.

Translation (Iris): WHAT? How can you say no to such an offer?!

Translation (Ash): I didn't come to the jungle to become King, I came to the jungle to be free and to do whatever I want. All I want to do is eat, explore, have sex and live a simple life of peace and quiet.

Translation (Iris): You WILL be my King! We will rule together and get married-

And just like that, she was kicked in the face by a fuming Misty. Grunting in Staryu, Misty angrily said, "Dammit! Get away from OUR man, BITCH!"

Ash blinked in surprise before suddenly, both of his arms are grabbed and squeezed by a jealous Dawn and May, confusing Ash.

Translation (Ash): Wh-What?! How are you all...I'm not even high yet!

Misty then turned and stomped over to Ash, childishly ranting and raving.

Translation (Misty): Yeah, that's right! We're REAL! We've been REAL this WHOLE time! Did you really think you could escape us by running away to the jungle?! We LOVE you Ash and now we'll be with you FOREVER! That's all we fucking want!

The revelation caused a long period of silence. Ash was quiet for a minute, then he grunted.

Translation (Ash): If...If I had know that, I would have invited all of you to come with me. You all should have told me before.

Misty blushed, before putting an arm under her breasts, grabbing her other arm and glancing away shyly.

Translation (Misty): I-idiot, you can't just say things like tha-

Translation (May): Lay off the tsundere act, Misty!

Translation (Dawn): Yeah, we already bagged the man we love, there's no reason to keep acting like you do. Now calm the fuck down and cool off, will you? *Playfully sticks her tongue out at her*

Translation (Misty): B-b-bu-but, I've acted this way for so long...I'm not sure I-

Translation (Iris): HELLO?!

Everyone looked at the now apoplectic Iris, who was grunting furiously at them and began throwing a temper tantrum like a spoiled brat!

Translation (Iris): I've just found my KING! If you BITCHES think you're gonna just take him from me, then you-

Before Iris could finish her pissy rant, she was knocked unconscious by Delia, who was wielding a club.

Delia started grunting, "Oh my, it seems like we need to teach the quote unquote Queen some manners."

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