Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 5

While soaking in the mud bath, the girls were all rubbing themselves up with mud and even feeling themselves up by squeezing their nipples and rubbing between their legs. Eventually, they stopped bathing naked in mud and started to admire their naked selves in a nearby river, they have mostly noticed how much they've let themselves go with their wildly grown body hair, muddy skin and generally unkempt nature.

Misty grunted in Staryu. Translation: "In my honest opinion, we are no longer humans. Instead, we are what they should have been in the first place...animals."

Delia grunted in Mr. Mime, translating to, "I wonder how you three younger harem buddies fell for my son in the first place. I clearly do not remember Ash inviting any of you over to my house when he was younger."

The other three women all looked at each other, than Misty revealed with Staryu grunts, "You see, Ash actually knew us all from school...though out of all three of us, I was Ash's best friend while May and Dawn were more of...acquaintances. Ash and I became friends due to our love of full nudity and exposing ourselves publicly. Both Ash and I would get high on mushrooms often and he'd tell me about how he was going to ditch society and become a wild naked jungle man...and eventually become KING of the jungle... though I am not exactly sure if the King phase of the plan was due to him being high."

May grunted in Torchic, translating to, "I would eventually join both of them in their naked adventures while Dawn would get naked and just watch the three of us from afar due to her being rather shy about the whole thing at the time."

Hearing this, Delia's face froze as she recalled some old news. Her flashback consisted of reports of three streakers. She remebered a male wearing nothing but a Pikachu mask, one female wearing only a Psyduck mask and another female wearing only a Blaziken mask. All of them were running naked through Pallet Town and being chased by the police.

Dawn grunted in Piplup, translating to, "Upon May and Misty finding me, we all made the unanimous decision to share Ash...only for Ash to leave behind society and head to the jungle the next day before we could tell him."

Delia then took over, recounting with grunts translating to, "You know, if I recall correctly, I met the three of you on the tour ship some time after Ash's striptease while I was getting undressed and dumping my clothes overboard before I got off the ship as well."

Misty then grunted to Della, Translation: "Also, I recall upon discovering that we were heading to the island to be with Ash as well, you convinced us to ditch our clothing as well."

Translation (Delia): "Yes, then we all performed another strip tease for the unwitting audience on board the tour boat. It was nearly a close call when security come to address the matter again with me almost being caught and cuffed in the process, but we all managed to escape the boat and onto the island."

Delia then asked in Mr. Mime grunts, translating to, "How did you three manage to convince your families to let you come here in the first place?"

Misty, grunting in Staryu, spat into a corner and angrily made grunts that sounded like, "I don't want to talk about my family."

May, grunting in Torchic, put her hands on her cheeks and blushed, stating with grunts that sounded like, "My family was supportive about the whole thing than Misty's, I remember my mother stating how I should "follow my heart", so here I am."

Dawn, grunting in Piplup, grinned happily and stated with grunts that sounded like, "At first, my MILF of a mother was against the idea of me supposedly throwing away my life for a man I barely knew. She didn't change her mind until I showed her a picture of Ash in all of his naked glory. Mom was so mesmerized by Ash's hot bod that she not only gave me her blessing to leave, but she also stated she would come to that same island to join Ash and I in the VERY immediate future. I don't exactly know when she will be here."

Delia smiled happily, grunting to say, "Wow, this new lifestyle is going so much better than I thought it ever would. Now I have no regrets selling off the house and all of my wardrobe before coming to this island. No clothes, no financial complications, no schedule, no worries, no nothing. I can say once and for all that this is where we belong."

Finishing up applying the new layers of mud to their skin, Delia grunted in Mr. Mime to tell the others, "Ash should be finishing up his bathing in the creek nearby. If we hurry, we might be able to see his body in all its naked glory before he puts on a new layer of mud on it."

Misty grunted, "Let's go!"

The four naked women scampered to the creek to get a glimpse of Ash.

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