Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 4

Ash, still high on mushrooms, contained to be gang-banged by the cheetah herd still...although he seemed to be enjoying it.

Suddenly, a makeshift smoke bomb came crashing down and covered the whole area in...well, smoke. Who the fuck knows what was used to make it?

During the diversion, the girls stealthily took out the cheetah herd with makeshift spears one by one. When the smoke cleared, the only member of the herd left was the alpha male, who became scared and fled into the forest after seeing what happened to his fallen comrades.

Walking over to Ash, who was still slumped on his belly with his mud-covered arse still up in the air and dripping out cheetah cum, Misty stormed over to Ash, upset with his carelessness. Then, Misty kicked him over onto his back and placed her foot on his groin (Ash was still high on mushrooms and the afterglow, he really seemed to be enjoying it). Misty began making scolding grunts in Staryu with Ash chiming in with his grunted jungle boy language:

Translation (Misty): "What the hell were you thinking, Ash? Do you enjoy putting yourself in danger?! Do you get a kick out of making us get worried sick?! Do you WANT to die?! You're lucky that May, Dawn, Delia and I wouldn't kill you ourselves! It would be easy too, we're the only inhabitants here besides the animals! No one would EVER know and no one else could save you from a scrape like that. DO YOU FEEL ME?! DO YOU?!"

Translation (Ash): "Mmmmmm, yeah, I feel you alright!"

Misty blushed before swinging her foot up, getting ready to kick Ash's mud-covered balls.

Translation (Misty): "Oh? Do you enjoy that? Well how about THIS?!"

Misty promptly used her foot to kick his ballsack, sending ripples of pain and pleasure through Ash's body, resulting in him bending his knees and covering his crotch in pain before cumming once again in his hands.

Just when Misty was about to assault him again, she was hauled away from Ash by Dawn and May while Delia came over and helped him up. Delia then grunted in Mr. Mime.

Translation (Delia): "Are you okay, sweetie?"

Translation (Ash): "Yeah, I'm fine, but I wanted a lot more where that came from."

Translation (Delia): "*Giggles* You're just like your father. All nerve, but no sense, but that's what made me fall in love with him...and in turn, fall in love with you. Although, Misty has a point, your reckless actions could have killed you and that just terrified us. We don't want to lose you."

Ash didn't know how Delia knew his dad, he looked at the women and made some grunts that sounded like he was guilty.

Translation (Ash): "I'm sorry, ladies. I didn't mean to scare you four out of your wits, I just wanted to get some danger-induced thrills, you know?"

May and Dawn hugged him.

Translation (May): "It's okay, Ash. We forgive you."

Translation (Dawn): "We're just thankful you're not dead."

Translation (Misty): "Just please be more careful the next time you look for trouble."

Then, Ash looked up at the sky and grunted.

Translation (Ash): "...I wish you were really here, mom."

Translation (Delia): "*Giggles* Don't worry, dear. Your mom is closer than you think. *Winks at him*"

With that, Ash climbed up the tree again and looked down at the girls before grinning and giving his muddy behind a slap. The girls nearly drooled from watching his cute little butt jiggle before Ash went swinging off again on his vines.

Misty, May and Dawn all looked at the departing jungle boy with hearts in their eyes while Delia looked at her son longingly. She then looked back at her fellow harem members and grunted at them in Mr. Mime.

Translation (Delia): "Well girls, let's get ourselves another layer of mud on our skin before keeping an eye on the man of our dreams again."

The four of them set off to find the nearest mud pit, bathing in it for at least five minutes.

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