Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 3

Three months after Ash's fever dream, Ash had gotten himself more accustomed to his life in the jungle.

For starters, he's covered his body from head to toe in mud, his hair has grown out to his shoulders and his manhood has become...longer and...thicker. He's also learned to swing from the the vines and his diet consists of bugs, coconut milk and mushrooms that have drugged him enough to make him really high. All the while, Ash was being watched from a distance by four wandering eyes.

Those eight eyes kept watching Ash for a while the four before they would eventually eventually revealed their presence. It was right then and there that Misty, May, Dawn and Delia were not mere hallucinations, but they were really, very, totally real. Ash did not know that just yet.

The four ladies watched over Ash from a safe distance away and tend to sneak up on him when he goes on his mushroom high. When Ash felt normal again, he could hardly believe that Misty, May, Dawn and Delia were joining him in being naked in the jungle.

From what Ash saw, the girls themselves have also let themselves go. Ash saw that they had covered themselves from head to toe in dry mud, they let their hair grow out and become messy and they had grown patches of very bushy armpit hair. Also, the women had let the bushes between their legs grow wild too, so wild that it went down between their legs and even up to touch their butt cracks.

Furthermore, Misty, May, Dawn and Delia had also given up human language and started talking like that of Pokemon. Misty talked like a Staryu, May talked like a Torchick, Dawn spoke like a Piplup and Delia spoke like a Mr. Mime. All of them grunted unintelligibly, but it sounded like they had reached an agreement where they would all live in the jungle together.

Today, the girls were watching Ash as he performed a stunning acrobatic display of swinging through the vines while on his mushroom high, yelling a Tarzan-like call. Ash then proceeded to land near the den of a pack of cheetahs. Due to Ash being covered in mud, the cheetahs didn't even attempt to attack him.

However, Ash was still on his mushroom high starts and taunted the cheetahs, calling them names and making funny faces before eventually letting loose a stream of piss at them. That did it!

Ash, the buck naked feral jungle boy, was running for his life from a pack of angry cheetahs. Eventually, he scurried up a tree while the pack angrily snarled at him from below. Feeling smug, Ash smacked his left buttock, telling them with grunts that translated to, "You kitties will have to do better than that if you all want a piece of me!"

He then grabbed his already erect cock and pulled it out of his foreskin, revealing he hadn't cleaned underneath due to the fact that it was covered fully in dry mud, Ash starts jerking off over the herd of cheetahs. Before climaxing hard, he pointed his cock down towards the alpha-male of the pack, resulting in its face getting covered in Ash's jizz.

Smirking down below at the outraged alpha, Ash decided to do something even more stupid, he jumped down and landed before the herd of cheetahs, strutted towards the alpha male and turned around to spread his butt cheeks in front of its face. By surprise, the alpha pinned Ash to the ground and pounded his ass.

With the four females watching Ash getting gang banged by the cheetah herd, Misty grunted in Staryu sounds.

Translation: "We have to help him! What do we do?"

The jungle women took some time to think of plan to save Ash.

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