Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 22

(Author's Note: The following takes place between chapters 2 and 3, so naturally some things are different. Ash and the girls have yet to cover themselves in mud and they still speak human.)

Ash found himself asleep on a rock, a cartoonish snot bubble blowing from his nose. In the time that he'd spent on the island, his skin got darker and was covered in scratches, his hair was longer and messy, his man-hood had grown to be about 12 inches than the pathetic two inches it had once been, and he had grown a thick messy bush between his legs that was dirty from his constant masturbating.

Emerging from the shadows were May and Misty, just like Ash, they too had acquired a suntan and scratches on their skin along with their hair losing it's lush and becoming messy as well. May walked with a strut while Misty came along more hesitantly, her hands covering her crotch... she was still clearly not use to being naked in public. May asked Misty, "I still can't believe Delia ditched us to fuck a stupid hippopotamus and not her own son! What type of mother does that?!"

Misty mumbled, "A mom fucking her own son isn't quite normal either."

"That's HUMAN society laws you're thinking of, Mist! We're JUNGLE gals now!"

"Couldn't we at least make those fur bikinis those jungle girls always wear on television, though?"

"ACTUAL jungle girls don't WEAR clothes Mist! They do things RAW and in the BUFF! Speaking of which..."

Both Misty and May were now on top of the rock Ash was sleeping on, he hadn't woke up, which was good for the duo as May started to pull Ash's smegma-covered cock out of it's skin and started to pump it. May purred as she stroked the cock, "Hey, good looking. Did you miss us?"

Misty, forgetting her embarrassment, eagerly started sucking Ash's hairy cum-encrusted balls with his pubes tickling her nose. While she did, May squatted on Ash's stomach. However, Ash was not waking up, so May needed Misty's help to orgasm by asking her to finger her vagina while opening Ash's mouth and pulling his tongue out to kiss him.

Ash must have been a super heavy sleeper because neither of their actions woke him up. Even being kissing by May did nothing, not even their moans made Ash stir as Misty fingered May's g-spot while sucking on Ash's penis.

Occasionally, Misty jiggled Ash's balls. Other times, she poked his belly button. Other times, she reached under his posterior and squeezed his ass.

Meanwhile, May planted rough kissed all over Ash's forehead, lips, and cheeks. She even licked his chin and nose like a dog would. There were even a few times where she pulled on Ash's lips and tongue with her teeth. Too bad for her, no biting woke him up.

He seemed capable of not feeling pain.

May and Misty eventually switched places. When they did, May masturbated Ash by stroking his penis with her hand moving back and forth rapidly. The reason she didn't put it in her mouth was because she didn't the pubic hairs to tickle her nose and make her sneeze.

Now tending to Ash's face, Misty kissed with her tongue going into Ash's mouth to make him taste his own cock. Again, Ash was still being asleep and difficult to wake up.

This time, Misty and May fingered their own vaginas to make themselves cum too. Neither of them had to wait very long before they climaxed since both of their vaginas were wet and sensitive long before their sex session. May came between Ash's legs and Misty came on his tummy.

At the same time, Ash ejaculated. May swallowed a handful of his seed before warning Misty and letting her sample his cum as well. Each of them took turn putting Ash's squirts of semen in their mouths, but he quickly dried up after several spurts for both ladies.

As May and Misty slid down the rock and enjoyed the afterglow of post-orgasm, they peered up the rock to see a still sleeping Ash, who was still hard and leaking pre-cum as Misty complained, "Awwww! He didn't wake up!"

May whispered, "Just as well. Delia doesn't want him to know we're here."

"But whyyyyyyy?! We're all alone on this island with the man of our dreams, but he thinks we're nothing but hallucinations!"

"That's just the way Delia wants it... unless YOU want to stand up to her."

Misty crossed her arms and pouted like a child who didn't get her way. She'd really thought that Ash would wake up this time and the charade could end... instead he was still asleep and thus, they had to keep up with the status quo... talk about blue balling! May said as she got up, "Come on. It's time to go back. Delia probably needs help walking after getting fucked by that hippo."

Misty stayed their for a moment before climbing back up on to the rock and giving Ash a kiss on the cheek, whispering to the love of her life, "Good night, my love. Sweet dreams."

With that, the duo slipped back into the shadows.

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