Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 21

Ash pulled himself out from in between the sleeping forms of Dawn and May, then he went to find a nearby bog to cover himself up from head to toe in mud. Honestly, he didn't know WHY his mates wanted to see his skin, it was just a reminder that he was in some ways still just a human.

As he rubbed mud over his skin, he looked down towards his cock that had become erect yet again. Even after all that sex, he was still horny. He began to jerk off as he remembered how small his cock use to be... back when he lived within human society. Smirking as his mud-covered hand hand went up and down on his 12-inch member (that was now leaking pre-cum), the feral jungle boy knew it was by accepting what he truly was that caused his member to level up and "evolve" into the beast that it was now. His hands began jerking faster and faster until-


Ash climaxed, howling like a horny beast. Rope after lengthy rope spewed out of his cock... followed by a few Pokeballs he had inexplicably crammed into his dick a while back.

Translation (Ash): *Phew* I was starting to think those last few were stuck in there.

Picking one up, he placed it on the tip of his penis... and started pushing it back in. Savoring the awkward stinging sensation of sticking the small ball back into the small opening of his cock almost made the horny jungle boy climax and spew the ball out... but he held back and continued to force it down his manhood until it was back in his nuts.

Translation (Ash): Haaaah, that STUNG! *Spews out a rope of cum* I need more!

After covering every inch of himself in mud, the jungle boy decided it was time for a midnight snack. Wandering over to a nearby stream he plucked a fish out of the water and, without cooking it and while it was still alive, bit into it, savoring the sweet juicy taste of raw meat. After eating every ounce of meat on the fish, Ash tossed the bones over his shoulder and was about to move away... until he caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection of the river.

Squatting down, he looked at his face... and glared. He STILL looked human.

While his hair was long and messy, his eyes looked like that of a hunters, and his entire face was covered in mud it was still obvious he was a human covered in mud. Maybe it would have helped if he grew a beard... but he never seemed to have any facial hair on his face even after he hit puberty so that idea was out. What he needed was something to hide the human features of his face... but what-

It was then that Johanna's wooden mask floated to the surface over his reflection... that's it! This mask would surely hide his identity and make him even more feral.

Putting it on over his face, Ash felt his mind slip into that of a TRUE feral beast. He couldn't remember EVER being a filthy human nor the weaknesses that were associated with them. All that flowed through his mind were the basics of needs such as eating, breathing, and having sex... he couldn't even remember his own name.

Giving a feral grin under the mask, Ash howled at the moon. He was HUNGRY! It was time to eat the only things that made him human now... his HUMAN MATES!

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