Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 20

Ash was currently dangling from a tree-branch upside down with his hands behind his head as his erect cock let off a stream of piss. In a nearby tree, Dawn was sitting on a branch, her eyes were shut and she was grunting as she let out a very long and very thick log of shit. In the branch above Dawn, May was doing various gymnastics swings. As soon as Dawn was finished letting out her horse sized dung from her rear, she grabbed May's feet as they swung in front of her and she got taken along for the ride. She eventually let go and did a spinning swing while curled up in a ball before landing feet first on a branch in the tree next door.

Then Ash came into the picture as his feet slid on a branch near Dawn's, tossing Dawn a banana as he passed her before jumping off the branch and swinging through a few of the vines. He then landed on another branch (May and Dawn were following him in the background while sharing a vine) and slid on that one as well, then onto a giant anaconda which he slid off and used it's tale as a vine while following his girls.

After hours of acrobatics and bathroom breaks, the sun was setting and the trio now found themselves sitting around a campfire grilling fish and bugs while drinking... wine from Ash's "stash" (or maybe it was just animal blood). Dawn was already punch drunk as hell, her face beet red as a goofy smile spread across her face. She clung to Ash giggling like a schoolgirl, with a hand cupping his balls. Ash and May were a little tipsy too... though not as much as Dawn obviously was. May was a little red in her cheeks, but was smiling seductively as she stroked Ash's boner, which was already leaking pre-cum.

Tonight would be the stuff of legends! However, all three of them wiped their bottoms clean with some large leaves soaked in water.

Ash pulled May in roughly for a sexy, intimate kiss that left them gasping. He pinned her down against the ground and May moaned when his slick cock rubbed against her drenched sex, teasing with the head of his cock, making her writhe and moan in absolute need. Slowly, Ash slid into May, who arched her back as he filled her inch by delicious inch. Dawn was masturbating, clearly turned on by what she was seeing.

It felt like their bones were melting as he bit down on her neck and thrust into her. Both of them were lost in their maniacal fucking as he grinded into her with unrestrained desire and white-hot lust. He frames her face with his hands and stared into her eyes, making her cunt ache while they grunted like the cavepeople they were.

Translation (Ash): "I love you."

Translation (May): "I love you too."

Suddenly, Ash slipped himself out of May and turned her around so she was on her tummy. When he slipped back inside her and pulled her hair, she tried not to scream too loudly. He started fucking her so hard that he was making her breasts sway and her legs shake. Letting out a playful growl, he wrapped a hand around her neck and lightly squeezed her airway and lightly nibbled on her neck, grunting softly.

Translation (Ash): "Cum for me, I can feel you squeezing my cock... you're so wet and tight. I love your pussy."

May's whole body convulsed as she buried her face into the dirt beneath her and screamed in absolute pleasure. She could feel the wetness seeping out of her cunt and onto his cock while he continued to fuck her so hard and good. Roughly, Ash grabbed her hair, and she moaned when he sucked on her earlobe to make her tremble again. Her sensitive body lost complete control under his erotic touch.

With a finger making "come here" gesture, Ash had Dawn get closer and brought his hand down to her clit so he could rub it while he grinded against May in hard, rough thrusts. Both May and Dawn grunted.

Translation (May/Dawn): "I want more."

All three of them were panting and sweating and as he looked around, he watched his middle finger sliding up and down Dawn's slick, wet clit. She was dripping onto his hand and mumbling unintelligible things now because she was about to cum. May felt the same way from being pounded so much as both ladies squirmed.

Translation (Ash): "Are you two going to cum with me? Do you want to orgasm from how I am pleasuring your tight pussies?"

Translation (May/Dawn): "Yes! Give us your cum! We need it!"

Everyone tensed as they screamed in ecstasy while losing all control. They all could have sworn they had the most amazing orgasms so far as Ash drove his cock deep inside May's cunt while fingering Dawn's. All of them groaned as they finally came, moaning each other's names over and over until they spilled every drop of their sexual fluids before collapsing together. Ash grunted.

Translation (Ash): "You both were so amazing, I love you so much."

Translation (May/Dawn): "We love you too."

They closed their eyes and rested, not before Dawn quickly milked one last gush of seed from Ash to fill her vulva.

Back at camp, Delia still looked pregnant and Johanna was clutching Rockington between her boobs as they both woke up just in time to see an angry Misty and a smug Iris carrying a nude honey-blond brunette hogtied to a steak... there was also a slim tan-skinned green-haired girl skipping after them with tribal makings similar to Iris's on her body.

Translation (Delia): Misty, honey, what are you doing?

Translation (Misty): Can it, hag!

Translation (Delia): *Deep Breath* I know you're still irritated about Dawn's near betrayal so I'll let that "hag" comment slide. In the meantime, please tell me what you intend to do with... THAT.

Delia was pointing at a hog-tied and teary eyed Serena.

Translation (Iris): Simple, we're gonna have some fun with her! *licks lips*

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