Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 2

Picking up where we left off, Ash began his life of primitive tendencies by wandering naked around the jungle looking for what he'll have to eat now that he lives like a nudist in the jungle. Upon lifting up a rock and finding a large amount of bugs, worms and grubs, Ash was immediately reminded via flashback of when he was a toddler and how his mother would repeatedly stop him from eating bugs, always telling him that he should not ingest insects.

However, now that his mother was no longer there with him, Ash felt like he could make his own choices and picked up a long worm which he slurped down like a spaghetti noodle before chomping down on a few small beetles. To Ash, they surprisingly they tasted like chicken and he said, "Mmmm. Yummy."

He then found and climbed a coconut tree, he saw some coconuts and they appeared to be brown, he pulled one of the coconuts down and then Ash mashed a hole in it with a stick before drinking the milk inside. As Ash drank all the milk down, he felt some of it dribble down his chin and onto his chest, he wiped it off with his hand and licked it.

After a while of exploring in the nude, Ash decided to sleep in a nearby cave, he even found a nice squishy place to rest his naked body on. Ash then realized that the squishy spot he was sleeping on was actually a pile of rare and exotic mushrooms known for letting out a special gas that caused whoever inhaled it to immediately start "tripping balls".

Ash began to hallucinate on how he was now the willing sex slave for three very familiar naked jungle girls. One of them appeared to a naked Misty with her hair down, another one was a nude May and the last one was an unclothed Dawn, who also had her hair down, they all greeted the jungle boy, "Hey there, naked guy. Are you in need of release?"

An erection of Ash's penis spoke for him, they said, "Guess that a yes."

Misty, May and Dawn began some sexy belly dancing. The way did it involved a lot of hip gyration and breast jiggling. As they danced, they also wanted to ride his penis. While Misty went first riding his cock like a cowgirl, May and Dawn kept doing some belly dancing where they would sometimes bump their butts together until Ash came inside Misty.

Now it was May's turn, she slid her vagina up and down Ash's penis a little faster than Misty did while Misty joined Dawn and they belly danced together. Once May felt Ash cum in her, Dawn went next and was a little slower than Misty as May went back to belly dancing with Misty. When Ash squirted his semen in Dawn, they all stopped to relax and recover their energy.

Soon, a fourth woman came into the mix. That fourth woman was actually his mother, Delia. This surprised Ash, who asked, "Mom? Why are you here?"

His mom explained, "Well Ash, the reason I was okay with you decision to move to the jungle was because I have secretly always harbored feelings for you."

"I'm your son, how can you have feelings for me?"

"Since we are no longer bound by the laws of society, I do not need to hold back longer. I love you, son."

"I love you too, mom."

"May I have sex with you now?"

"Yes, you may."

Delia held Ash in a motherly hug, they kissed as Ash fondled his mother's breasts and she responded by fondling her son's penis. Misty, May and Dawn pitched in by hugging and kissing Ash from behind, they grabbed his buttocks while rubbing his back in addition to kissing his neck, back and shoulders. They even helped his mom make Ash climax by rubbing his penis and testicles.

Feeling his penis by fondled by four women was enough to finally make Ash let out his seed. He spurted a few load of semen, then passed out.

Ash woke up in the cave he slept, he saw that he was cumming for real, asking himself, "Wow. What happened?"

Also, he felt like he was still a bit high after the ordeal, wondering if that really was all just a dream, he did not know for sure, he just knew his penis felt really good either way. He said oh well and went back to sleep, never noticing the four female figures hiding in the shadows and looking at him longingly.

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