Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 19

Translation (Dawn): … like this?

Dawn was currently bent over, her hands on her knees and her anus pointed at a nearby tree. She began to grunt a bit before eventually a short log of shit shot out of it and... landed on the ground by her feet.

Translation (Dawn): Awwww... it didn't work!

Translation (Ash): It was a good try... but now watch the master!

A now fully cleaned and smooth skinned Ash squatted down, pointed his ass upwards and spread his butt cheeks. After letting out a long grunt, a lengthy log of shit exploded out of his anus like a cannon and splattered onto a bullseye carved into a tree. Nearby, May clapped her hands while Dawn wolf whistled. Ash, the buck naked jungle boy, grinned sheepishly as he picked a few leaves to wipe his behind unashamedly in front of his two mates.

Translation (Dawn): Your ass is TIGHT! It can have so much shit stuffed into it and then be shot out like a cannon... I wish my butt could handle stuff like that.

Translation (May): Seriously Ash, it's like you were made for the jungle, it's like you belong here!

Ash put his hands on his naked hips and wiggled them around as his cock stood at attention.

Translation (Ash): This is where I belong. I've always hated clothes and the rules of society. Here, I can be naked and vulgar to my heart's content! *Lets out a stream of piss*

Translation (May): *Claps her hands together* Okay, this "shooting shit contest" has been fun and all... but let's get back to our date, shall we?

Translation (Dawn): Ooooooh, right *slaps forehead* I forgot!

Translation (Ash): Well then ladies, follow me.

Ash walked ahead with a sway in his hips as Dawn and May hypnotically followed him, entranced by his perfect tan-lined arse.

Up above the treeline, a mud-covered Misty and tribal-tattooed Iris followed along via swinging by vines. Even with mud covering her face, it was easy to see that Misty was red with anger on how well Dawn and May seemed to get along with Ash... she would have to remind them that she was the "ALPHA-FEMALE" when they got back tonight. However, there was something else on her mind at the moment.

The mud covered Misty let go of the vine and did a flip, bouncing off several branches before landing perfectly on her feet with her arms spread. In front of her was the naked Serena crouching behind the bushes, watching her childhood friend... only to fall on her rump in surprise when the wild jungle girl landed in front of her.

As Iris landed behind Misty, Misty pulled out a stone dagger from... somewhere and held it in front of her while grunting angrily in Staryu.

Translation (Misty): Who the hell are you, and why are you spying on my man?!


Serena responded in confusion, "Huh?"

Translation (Iris): Misty, I don't think she understands... your accent.

Misty blushes in embarrassment.

Translation (Misty): I-I Knew that! I... I was just trying to intimidate her... yeah that's it!

Opening her mouth again, Misty attempted to speak a language she had all but forgotten, "Wha-wha dowing heer byotch?!"


Serena asks, "What?"

Translation (Iris): Okay, I never spoke human before... but even I know THAT'S not right.

Misty began screaming in incomprehensible gibberish as she swung her arms around like a child throwing a tantrum.

Back at the campsite, the Bull had finally finished fucking Delia and was now sleeping. Delia and Johana lied on it like a make-shift cushion. Delia's belly was full of SO much cum that she looked a few months pregnant.

Translation (Johna): … And here I thought your son liked getting his brains fucked out by wild animals.

Translation (Delia): Who do you think he got it from? Before I met his father, I'd be constantly having sex with all sorts of wild animals and Pokémon I could get my hands on. Besides, this *pats her belly* is all in preparation for when I have my own son impregnate me with his seed!

Translation (Johana): Oh GOD, that is sooooo HOT!

The two begin to make out passionately for a little bit before getting too tired to carry it on any longer. They slept.

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