Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 18

May and Dawn dragged the semi-coherent jungle boy towards the river to give him a good scrub for their three-way date. Dawn had Ash's left leg and May his right. They dragged him while his legs were spread, giggling at his 12-inch hard on.

Translation (May): I wonder what he's thinking about?

Ash had a little fantasy where he was in a large castle made of mud, rocks, twigs, leaves and who knows what else.

The buck-naked and mud-covered jungle boy was being dragged by two black knights towards the bedroom of the Evil Empress, Misty Ketchum... his wife. They dragged him in front of her throne where her golden high-heel pressed down onto his groin, the toe part on his cock while the pointy heel poked into his ball-sack. Misty said, with sweet venom dripping from her voice, "So Honey, enjoying yourself?"

Ash spoke only in his jungle boy language, causing Misty to roar, "SPEAK PROPERLY!"

However, Ash still spoke like a jungle boy. He couldn't speak properly if he tried. Misty picked up her foot and had the pointy end poke into the King's durable scrotum... making him climax in pleasure rather than pain. Frustrated, Misty growled, "God, you really are a masochist, aren't you?"

When Ash still spoke like a caveman and nodded, she took that as a yes, then turned to her knights and said, "Leave us."

Once they were gone, all hostility left the queen as she began straddling him while purring, "I'm sorry I was so rough dear. I have to keep up appearances, but you loved it anyway, didn't you?"

The king/jungle boy nodded eagerly in response. Smirking cruelly, Queen Misty walked over to the nearby fireplace and picked up a poker, holding it over a burning flame. When she pulled it back out again she pointed the glowing and burning end at her husband. She said while smiling evilly, "Bend over dear."

Ash got on his hands and knees and shook his plump butt at her invitingly. Misty whispered, "God, you really don't have any shame, do you?"

In response, Ash shook his head and wiggled his muddy bum again, spreading his cheeks open and invitingly. Without further ado, Queen Misty was just about to shove the burning hot poker into his hole and-

Ash woke up from his dream, coming back to the real world as another log of shit exploded out of Ash's arse like a cannon and landed near a tree.

Translation (Dawn): GNARLY!

Translation (May): Watch it, Ash! We're almost done!

Indeed, Ash's flawless skin was now once again visible, even his cock was free of smegma and mud. However, Ash... did not notice. He was too busy climaxing with his tongue dangling out of his mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head.

Translation (May): Gee, I wonder what he was dreaming about.

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