Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 16

Dawn and May's date wouldn't happen immediately like it did with Misty's (Dawn had to let her sore buttocks heal from Delia's spanking), so Ash found himself down with some personal "me-time" (though Misty and Iris were watching him from the trees to ensure he didn't do anything too stupid like he always did).

Currently, Ash was covered head to toe in mud once again and laying on a log with his arms behind his head as he gazed up at the sky. Left alone with his thoughts, Ash thought about his little stunt on the ship where he stripped in front of the passengers and jerked off in front of them (he became erect at the thought). He then frowned as he realized he could have done something SO much more risky before leaving for the jungle (he wouldn't be around to face the consequences after all) and then he remembered that his school was suppose to go for a field-trip to be the audience in a talk-show broadcasting all over Kanto... god if only he told Misty about his desire to live buck naked in the jungle she most certainly would have done something to ensure his final day in civilization would be memorable.

Ash could just see it now:

While clapping with his class in the audience of the talk-show, Ash was currently wearing his school uniform; a white short-sleeved button up shirt that was untucked, a loose red tie, jeans, and red converse sneakers. Watching attentively, he suddenly felt a hand on his groin, making him stutter, "M-Misty?! Wha-?"

Misty, dressed in her blue and white Sailor School Uniform, grinned wickedly at him, "You want to renounce your humanity and be a feral jungle boy, don't you?"

Abruptly, Misty ripped Ash's jeans zipper open before tearing up his underpants, "Why not do it in front of an audience on TV? Then we can leave and be a feral jungle couple!"

Ash felt his shoes get pulled off along with his ruined jeans, Misty then ripped his tie off and ripped open his shirt as he moaned, "I-I-Ahhhh... Ahhhhh!"

With his final trapping of humanity removed and tossed aside, Ash felt his lust removing his common sense from power as he realized, "I'm naked... in public... so many people will seeeee meeeeee!"

Misty straddled her naked stud, revealing that she was going comando underneath her skirt as she giggled, "Don't worry, Ash. Clothes are only for people, but you're not human are you? No, you long to be a free animal!"

Ash cried as he creamed all underneath Misty's skirt, "Y-Y-YEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!"

Then he looked into Misty's eyes with newfound confidence, "Time to show these humans I am NOT one of them!"

The talk show host then announced, "Next, I'll need a volunteer. Does anyone-"

"I'll do it!"

Everyone turned to see a buck-naked Ash strutting onto the stage, swaying his tan-lined arse as they all gasped, the host complained, "What the?! You can't come up here like tha-!"

However, Ash cheered as he rudely pushed the host aside, "Yes I can! Clothes are for people, and as of today, I've decided to STOP BEING HUMAN!"

The whole crowed gasped as Ash spread his butt cheeks in front of the camera, "Yes! Look upon me! Ash Ketchum is NOT is a filthy feral animal! I will no longer abide by human laws!"

As he said that, he immediately started to take a dump right then and there for all of Kanto to see. He continued, "I'm not one of you! I'm not human! I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPEAK HUMAN! GRUNT-GRUNT-GRUNT-GRUNT-GRUNT!"

Ash's speech devolved into inhuman gibberish...

Suddenly, Ash awoke from his fantasy, climaxing harder than he ever had. After regaining his breath, he looked down to see Misty sucking him off. She looked up at him and grunted something in Staryu, "Your stick was leaking so much pre-cum Ash. It looked too delicious to pass up."

She then helped her mate up to his feet and grunted latching onto his right arm, "Come ooooon. Let's do something fuuuuuuun!"

Iris grunted as she suddenly appeared by Ash's left arm and latched on, "Count me in!"

Misty puffed up her cheeks at her rival, butting into what should have been personal time, and pushed up closer to Ash mashing her boobs between his arm. Looking down at her nearly flat chest, Iris puffed up HER cheeks as well before moving Ash's hand to grope her perfect rear!

Ash didn't know what was going on... but he was already hard and leaking pre-cum once again, so he didn't care and just rolled with it.

Truly, there was never a boring day in the jungle.

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