Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 15

The day after his date with Misty found Ash bathing in the lake once again. He currently found himself laying on a rock, his wet, mud-free skin glistening in the sun. Also, he still had his morning wood that was throbbing and begging for release.

Ash sighed contently at the feeling of his pent up hard on, wanting it to last as long as it could. Looking up over his chest, he saw his pride and joy fully erect in all it's twelve-inch glory, it was even pulled out of it's foreskin revealing the length to be once again covered in mud and smegma. At the tip, a small drip of pre-cum was already dribbling down.

Laying his head back and closing his eyes, Ash started to thrust his hips in and out, almost as if he were fucking something. Eventually, a small bit of ropey cum shot out and Ash stopped thrusting, reveling in the feel of the pain of cock-block.

It was then that Ash looked up again and noticed a crocodile on the shore looking at him hungrily. Ash, being all nerve and no sense, slowly slid down from his safe perch and landed in a squat with his legs spread, his hands behind him, and his "sword" standing ready.

Shifting into the position of a "crab-walk", Ash slowly made his way towards the croc, thrusting his hip in and out again. Ignoring his common sense screaming at him that he was going to be this animal's lunch, Ash let his lust guide him and ignored any and all traits that had to do with common sense, Ash was horny and needed satisfaction... he was going to become the lunch of this crocodile and go out in a blaze of pleasure!

Finally getting close enough to the croc, Ash stopped thrusting and went back to squatting... just in time for a few more bits of rope cum to squeeze out of his manhood. Looking at the croc seductively, Ash began to softly stroke himself off, he eventually shifted his position into doggy style so he was now face first in front of the croc. The croc opened his mouth and Ash climbed inside, deeper and deeper until only his feet were visible outside the croc's mouth... soon they slipped insid-


Ash was pulled out by his feet by Delia and May while Misty beat the crock to death with her "mallet-san". Dawn crawled up between Ash's legs and gave him "head", finally granting him his climax. Then, Ash let his tongue fall out of his mouth as his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he came into Dawn's mouth. He basked in the afterglow in the arms of his mates... then Misty punched him in the balls grunting angrily in Staryu, clearly upset about Ash feeding himself to the wild animal.

Reckless as they come, Ash grunted out a whine before grinning perversely and thrusting his hips out, making his cock bounce about. Misty just growled and grabbed Ash's balls and started pulling on them as if she were trying to tear them off, she grunted and growled in Staryu something that sounded like, "That's it! If I can't have your babies... NO ONE CAN!"

Once again, May and Dawn had to pull their alpha-female away from Ash before she did something she'd regret.

All in all, a typical day in the jungle for our heroes and heroines.

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