Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 14

It was chaos on the cruise ship. An army of water type Pokémon were running amok and turning the place inside out.

Among the chaos, the two feral jungle humans have snuck their way into the kitchen and were now stuffing their faces full of wedding cake. After eating, the naked mud-covered human savages were full and made their way towards the the dance hall and began... well, dancing naked among the ensuing chaos.

While dancing nude, Ash's cock swung around, occasionally letting out a stream of piss while Misty's knockers bounced up and down while letting out milk.

They now found themselves in the ship's bowling alley with a few of the water Pokémon where the duo challenged each other to a bowling competition... though Ash and Misty clearly lacked any skill with said sport due to the fact they kept hitting the gutter.

Said competition evolved into a farting competition and the water Pokémon fled just as the room filled up with their natural stink. Eventually, Ash and Misty's fun and games came to an end as the SWAT got on the boat to apprehend Ash and Misty. The SWAT team came up to bat, resulting in the feral couple being forced to quite literally jump ship, giggling all the way.

Once they returned to the island, the couple didn't seeing anyone pursuing and assumed the SWAT either gave up or lost them. Ash and Misty began to make out passionately.

Translation (Ash): Enjoy today, hon?

Translation (Misty): You bet. I'm glad I gave up being human for this, I haven't felt this alive in ages!

Eventually, the feral couple walked hand in hand back to their campsite... and find the head of a naked bald woman sticking out of the ground with a banana shoved in her mouth (there was also a rock with a smiley face drawn on it next to her) along with May and Delia paddling a hogtied Dawn (her booty was so red that it was obviously stinging). Dawn could not stop crying while being paddled. Delia greeted her son.

Translation (Delia): Oh, hi honey! This young woman forgot her place, so we were just reminding her where she stands.

Translation (May): Is it already over? Hooray, that means it's time for Dawn and I to go next!

Meanwhile, in the trees, Mallow and Iris conversed.

Translation (Mallow): I never thought I'd see the day, what happened to "All men are unworthy of my glorious form"?

Translation (Iris): He's different... underneath that shameless exterior... he's got the PERFECT BUTT!

Translation (Mallow) No way? Seriously?!

Translation (Iris): Yes, it's almost as perfect as my behind too!

Translation (Mallow): But... what should we do about her?

Mallow pointed at Serena who, was hiding in the bushes while observing Ash and his family. Iris wasn't too worried about Serena.

Translation (Iris): Nothing for now, let's wait to see what her intentions are.

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