Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 11

The cruse ship slowly sailed past Ash and friends island... well, it would have already if it wasn't moving very, very, VERY slowly. Good for a mud covered Ash as he rose from the sea, hands crossed over his chest and his legs spread wide open while riding two crocodiles.

Misty arose from the ocean next to Ash while riding a Blastoise. She had abandoned her flower necklace and the rose in her hair, she now had her skin covered in mud once again. Ash pulled on the his foreskin of his erect cock, wiped some mud off his chest and started smothering his cock with it. That made Misty glare at Ash before angrily grunting in Staryu.

Translation (Misty): SERIOUSLY?! You couldn't have done THAT behind the privacy of some trees back at the island?!

Smiling cheerfully like the shameless man-whore he was, Ash let out his "jungle-boy-grunts" that translated to:

Translation (Ash): No shame, remember? Besides, you're stark naked just like me, why should we have to hide the vulgar things we do? We're no longer bound by the rules of society!

Misty blushed and squeaked out her Staryu grunts.

Translation (Misty): Y-yes well... we still need at least SOME boundaries otherwise-

Translation (Ash): THIS from the girl that comes to secretly fuck me when it's not her nightly turn to sleep with me?

Translation (Misty): You were AWAKE?!

Translation (Ash): Nope! Mom likes to peep on me when I have sex with you girls, when it's not her night anyways, she always stays for your surprise grand finale.

Translation (Misty): I'm ALPHA-FEMALE! May and Dawn know their places, that bitch Iris thinks she can just waltz in and be the head of this harem?!

Translation (Ash): Why can't you BOTH be alpha female then? Mom tells me how your fights for dominance always end with kissing and-


Translation (Ash): Yup! I can smell it even from here!

Translation (Misty): Then let's get to it! I want sweets and I want them NOW! MEN!

A herd of water pokemon arose all around them

Translation (Misty): Hold that ship captive so we can get on board! SO I DECREE! CHAAAAARGE!

Back on the island, Dawn made her way to a pit of quicksand. Her unblemished skin was free of mud.

Dawn had been debating something for awhile now; Misty had her athletic swimmer's build, May had the biggest boobs out of all of them, Iris was a tribal Amazon, and Delia was a sexy MILF... while Dawn was 18 (the same age as Ash, Misty, May, and Iris) and yet she still has an under developed body of a child... how could she compare...? No, she decided it was better if she just disappeared and grunted, "Good luck, May."

As Dawn thought with a soft smile, tears were flowing down her cheeks while she grunted, "Thank you for inviting me into this relationship... but you deserve him more."

With no regrets, Dawn lifted her foot up and prepared to step into oblivion.

Unknown to Dawn, her feral mother was quietly approaching her from behind, her spear raised and ready to attack. She was originally going to get that MILF first, but she was always in a group... this blue haired one was the first to break away from said group.

Johana thought, "Uuugh... Geeehhhhh... Phhhhhhhttttt!"

Now Johana was thinking in incomprehensible gibberish, her sanity having long packed up and left her, leaving her with the intelligence of a monkey. Besides, Rockington did all the thinking for her now anyways, and right now it was telling her to EAT HER DAUGHTER.

"...Foooooooooooooooooood..." Johana grunted the only English word she remembered as she prepared to strike!

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