Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 10

Ash fell onto his back with a blissful smile on his drunken face, as Misty pressed her foot against his groin, her face flushed red due to mushrooms and alcohol.

A while back Ash had discovered a hidden cellar chock full of an assortment of wine, which he would use to get drunk while on his typical mushroom high to put him in a blissful state. It was only on his date with Misty today that he let her in on the secret.

Misty rubs her foot up and down Ash's groin making it go hard.

Translation (Misty): Oh? Looks like someone likes getting stepped on.

Misty rubbed her toe on Ash's manhood before sliding it down to his ballsack and bringing it back up... and STOMPING back down on Ash's cock and balls making it climax all over Ash's chest!

Translation (Misty): You like that big guy?

Translation (Ash): Ooooooh, yes! Give me more!

Misty smirked cruelly and jumped up with both feet... both landing on Ash's ballsack! Ash screamed more in pleasure than pain as he continuously came up to his neck while Misty's feet mashed down on his durable balls.

Translation (Ash): *pant-pant* More, Misty! I'm a filthy dog, do whatever you want to the very thing that defines me as a man! Give me the ultimate pleasure!

Misty then hopped off his balls and gave him a look.

Translation (Misty): I'm not doing that! I want to have children with you in the future! How can we do that if you're fixed?!

Ash surprisingly looked disappointed at not being neutered.

Translation (Misty): You have no shame whatsoever, do you?! Well then, if you want me to humiliate you, *picks Ash up off the ground and puts him over her knee* , let's try something more traditional you masochistic man-whore!

Misty smacked Ash's buttocks hard. She spent a full hour turning his butt beet-red and calling him names, all while Ash climaxed into her already wet legs. When she was done, she threw Ash into the mud where he promptly sank.

Tasting some of her cum, Misty smiled as she saw a now mud-covered Ash arise from the pit. Stepping out, he undid his ponytail before walking back to Misty.

Translation (Misty): Was that good for you, baby?

Translation (Ash): I feel so good! Everything hurts and yet I still can't stop dripping pre-cum!

Translation (Misty): You really DO have no shame, don't you?

Translation (Ash): Nope! My biggest fantasy was to walk naked into a news station during a live report, get in front of the camera and take a big shit in front of it while denouncing my status as a human.

Translation (Misty): You're such an idiot... *Cups his face lovingly* ...But you're my idiot.

The two were slowly about to kiss when they heard a ship horn in the distance. Turning to look, they both saw a cruse ship off in the distance. Ash smirked and looks back at Misty.

Translation (Ash): You wanna raid the kitchen on a fancy ship?

Translation (Misty): Are you crazy?! We're stark naked and can't even speak basic human anymore! If we're caught, we'll probably be thrown in the loony bin! Why would you want to do that?!

Translation (Ash): Because Misty, *Puts his hands on his hips as his twelve inch cock becomes fully erect*, I have no shame!

Meanwhile, Delia, Dawn and May were getting ready for bed. Iris was still up in the trees, looking at them in their makeshift leaf-bed.

Translation (Dawn): Come join us down here, Iris. It's more cozy snugging up to three warm bodies than sleeping in that cold tree.

Translation (May): Yeah, we'll also show you a gooooood time!

Translation (Iris): I'm perfectly happy where I am.

Translation (Dawn): Please Iris?

Seeing Dawn give puppy dog eyes, Iris gave in after three seconds and came down.

While the four members of Ash's harem were getting it on with each other, they neglected to notice the crazy bald woman in a wooden mask (with a smiley face rock at her side) that was looking at them while holding a spear. Johanna moaned as she ever so slowly began to forget how to speak human, "FooooOOOoooooooOOOooD~."

However, Johanna was not the only one spying on them. Up within the trees was another girl, one with dark-skin, green hair and the same white tribal markings similar to Iris's. She smirked down at Iris and her new "human" friends.

Translation (Mallow): So... this is where you've gone off to, Iris. I hope you're willing to share.

If that weren't enough, right at that moment, another nude 18-year old female was swimming up to the island's shore. She swam here all the way from the cruise ship mentioned earlier. Her name was Serena, she was Ash's childhood friend before her family had to move away. Now she was back. Serena thought to herself as she made it to the shore, "I left you once Ash, but I swear to god, I will NEVER leave you agin!"

Once on shore, Serena let out a Tarzan like yell as she beat her fists on her chest.

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