Ash of the Jungle @woodyk
Chapter 1

Unlike most jungle boy stories, Ash wasn't born and raised in the jungle. Instead, on his 18th birthday, he planned to tell his mother that he was going to forgo becoming a Pokémon master, but he was also not going to go to school so he can eventually go to college and get a job.

Instead, he decided that he wanted to head to the large island at the edge of Kanto and live the rest of his life as a buck-naked feral jungle boy, but to convince her, Ash explained that he wanted to live in a quiet secluded area so he could live a peaceful life and learn to fend for himself. Surprisingly, his mother was okay with it.

A few days later, Ash and his mother took a ride on a boring tour boat that passed by the island. In the middle of the boring monologue by the tour guide of lore about the island and stuff, he sneaked out and made his way towards the railing.

However, before he jumped off the boat, he realized that he was in front of the window where the guide is monologuing away, and the tourists can see him. Since, he would not be around to face repercussions, Ash figured it would be okay for him to give everyone a striptease. Ash slowly and teasingly took off all of his clothes. First, the hat and shoes came off, then socks, shirt, pants, and finally his underwear. Ash was completely naked, and he was really turned on by that, he smiled at how hard his penis was and how everyone was staring at his nakedness, he looked down and grinned as he thought to himself, "As a jungle boy, I won't need clothes. I'll keep my penis and buttocks exposed as long as I like."

Next, a naked Ash was showing off his tan-lined arse and his small yet thick cock to the tourists before masturbating. When Ash saw his genitals were erect and starting to leak precum, he reached for his shaft with his left hand and grabbed his balls with his right hand. Nude in public, no clothes on him, no way to hide himself from anyone and no way Ash cared how many people saw him. A wave of adrenaline rushed through Ash's naked body and with that, he began jerking off.

As Ash stood there naked, unashamedly getting off in the nude, he was imagining his mother as well as several other women, all within viewing distance, witnessing his brazen sex show and cheering him on. Back and forth, up and down, Ash pumped his penis with his legs spread wide and the veins in his shaft were straining, now a sharp blue against the pale skin on his balls and ass.

Ash could've taken his time savoring every moment of his exhibitionism, but he decided to just double his strokes and wildly jack himself so he could jump ship sooner. Sensing his own orgasm, the nude boy stared down at his hands attacking his cock, his left hand was almost a blur as he jerked. Realizing that he was about to cum, Ash's head tilted back, he opened his mouth and shouted to the window, "I'm about to cum!"

Then, as his orgasm swept over him, Ash gasped and stream after stream of semen splashed all over as he was jizzing all over the window.

Laughing, Ash slowly stroked himself, his erection beginning to fade. Breathing heavily, Ash barely heard two angry security guards yell, "Hey!"

Seeing the danger coming, Ash jumped overboard as security arrived, he was now swimming to shore. Once he made it, Ash put his hands on his hips and smiled as he waved goodbye to the departing boat and waved hello to the jungle before him.

Now that Ash was a naked feral jungle boy, he was ready to get started on learning how to survive in his new home.

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