Cohabitation @woodyk
Chapter 3

Yoshi and Birdo indulged in the fanciest restaurant in New Donk City, wearing fancy clothes and ordering some fancy food and dessert to boot. They posted themselves having a good time, which managed to get some of those remaining stubborn people online to leave them alone, but one person remained and admitted he started the rumors, saying bluntly that it is impossible to make him stop becuase nothing will convince him that they would not leave each other.

Birdo grunted, "Nothing, huh?"

Yoshi narrowed his eyes, "We'll show him."

They paid the bill, which was 200 coins. They made it back to Yoshi's house, walked into the bedroom, used the camera on their phone to film and got on the bed. With Birdo's eyes locked on Yoshi's, she reached for him. Yoshi gasped Birdo's felt his cock in her hand. He looked down at her hand wrapped around his shaft, her pink hand stark against his green body. Yoshi eased her backwards and Birdo sat on the edge of the desk before swinging her legs up and turning, stretching out with her arms above her head,her fingers gripping the edge of the bed. He moved between her legs, sliding his hands along her thighs, groaning as she let her legs fall open and her pussy stared back at him, naked and wet.

Yoshi pulled her towards him and drove his cock into Birdo, who moaned, needing to be fucked hard and not wanting to wait. He slid his hands under her ass, lifting her, pulling her onto his driving cock, fucking her with her balls slapping against her ass as Yoshi held her and drove his cock into her, deeper, harder and faster. Her back was arched, Birdo noticed her knuckles were white as she grip the bed edge above her head that was rocking from side to side. She stifled her screams as she came. Yoshi fucked her through it all, trying to help her relax and plunging his cock into her, only stopping when his own cum erupted from him, then he drive into Birdo one last time, holding his cock deep inside her as his torrent of cum mixed with the juices flooding from her. They gasped for breath, his cock still inside her.

His cock slipped from her and for a moment, Yoshi could see a trickle of his cum and her juices sliding towards her ass. He looked at his cock, hard again and shiny with cum and juices. Birdo was now straddling him, holding his cock before dropping down onto him. This time, she took control, riding his cock, her hands on his chest. She slid her body forward, letting his cock almost fall from her before pushing back, taking his cock back inside her. His hips pushed up, meeting her movements and driving her deeper. She sat up, her arms behind her, resting on her legs as he drove his cock into her, her body riding his cock, meeting her thrusts, grinding against him, her body alive with pleasure.

He grabbed her hips, pulling her down onto his cock as she rid him as he fucked her. Their hot flesh slapped together, the bed was creaking, his cock was reaching deeper as her pussy moulded around him, taking and wanting him. Her orgasm exploded deep inside her, shockwaves flashing through her and her body was on fire and she covered her mouth as she started to exclaim, his cock pumping cum into her. They fucked each other as their climaxes crashed together.

Finally, they were tired. They posted the sex video online, hoping it would finally get the last guy to stop. It was taking a little while for him to respond.

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