Class E singing songs @crusherboy93
Angel in Blue Jeans

Isogai took a big breath in as he carried a radio to a secluded area on the Mountain his classroom was. As he got the Radio set up to play the song he had set up, he heard a voice call his name and he saw that it was Megu Kataoka, his girlfriend. She wore a yellow short sleeve shirt, her hair was in a pigtail and she was wearing skinny blue jeans.

"I'm wearing what you asked me to wear, blue jeans, now can you please tell me why I had to wear these." Megu asked her boyfriend and pulled her to sit on a log as he said, "I just wanted to make sure that you were in proper clothing for this song. A song that I would like to sing to you, my Angel in Blue Jeans." Kataoka realized that Isogai was going to sing her favorite Song, so she said, "Very well, go ahead." Isogai smiled and pushed a button on the radio that began to play the music and Isogai began singing.

Isogai: "And though I never got her name

Or time to find out anything

I loved her just the same

And though I rode a different road

And sang a different song

I'll love her till my last breaths gone

Like a river made of silver

Everyone came running to the scene

I was shot down in cold blood

By an angel in blue jeans"

Soon the two of them heard three people say oh long and drawn out. When they looked, they saw Nagisa, Karma, and Mearhara. Isogai smiled and continued singing.

Isogai: "Late that night she got away

I chased her to the turnpike

Then lost her where the music never plays

And though I rolled upon the stones and fell into the water

I'll love her till my judgment day

Like a sunrise made of white lies

Everything was nothing as it seems

I was shot down in cold blood

By an angel in blue jeans."

Nagisa, Karma, and Maehara walked up to the two as Isogai sang the second verse and when he got to the end, they said oh long and drawn out. Signaling to Isogai to sing the bridge.

Isogai: "I hear voices calling all around

I keep falling down

I think my heart could pound right out of me

I see a million different ways

To never leave this maze alive."

Kataoka began to shed tears as Isogai sang the song, she felt who Kayano felt when Nagisa sang Drive By to her.

Isogai: I woke up in somebody's arms

Strange and so familiar

Where nothing could go wrong

Barely alive or nearly dead

Somehow awake in my own bed

And there you are

Like a highway, headed my way

Life is but a dream

I was shot down by your love

My angel in blue jeans"

And for the last time, Nagisa, Karma, and Maehara sang the Oh long and drawn out as the music died down.

Isogai walked up to Megu and brought her to her feet and asked her, "Did you enjoy the song?" Megu's response was to kiss Isogai passionately. When they separated their lips from each other, Megu asked, "Does that answer your question?" Isogai smiled and said, "Yes, yes it does." Megu smiled and the two shared another passionate kiss, as Karma and Maehara took pictures

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