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DM V JR & Mei V Pyro by JT Music (both)

One Saturday morning, Nagisa and Karma were going through all the Overwatch vs Team Fortress two rap battles made by JT Music when they came across a very catchy one, Demoman vs Junkrat. Nagisa was the first to speak and he said, "This was a good Rap battle. Very Upbeat." Karma nodded his head and said, "Yeah, better than the Widowmaker Vs Sniper in my opinion." Now Nagisa nodded HIS head and said, "Yeah, anyone of them is better then Widowmaker Vs Sniper. Who do you think won this one?" Karma told Nagisa that his personal Opinion was Demoman. Then Nagisa said, "Same, wanna lip sync this Rap battle?" Karma smiled and said, "Hell yeah, dibs on Demoman." Nagisa nodded his head and pressed the play button for the music and as the Lines were being said, Nagisa went with it.

[Nagisa (Best Australian Accent)]: Ya know, I'm no DJ

But you can always count on me to spin that sh-!

[Nagisa]: Like a rip-tire, to a lit match

I'm about to explode on this track

That's right, Junkrat primed and ready

I'll have you bouncin' high as Betty

Send you flyin' right outta your boots

I'd call that a fine howdyado

Demoman, better head back to your base

Oh wait, I flattened the place

I get paid loads thanks to payloads

No joke - I'll leave your bank broke

Lay low, 'cause I'm on a roll

Get it? Fire in the hole

You look sad like a bomb that got defused

Are you mad that I have more balls than you?

PhD, call me Doctor Boom

Hope you got a plan B, you're getting knocked up

[Karma (Best Irish Accent)]: Ew, I smell trash a-burnin'

Must be this disgusting scrappy vermin

No worry, I'll demolish the freak

After all, he's a homage to me

Talkin' explosives? I wrote the book

Everything you know, you just took

You're not my rival, you're just a fan

Junkrat's first name must be Stan

All he wanted was an autograph

I'll sign a grenade and launch it back

Mine move faster, hide you bastard

Area controlled, time to capture

I've got plenty of sticky-bombs

Your wimpy mines are gimpy ones

So come a little closer, click you're done

Bloody hell, me whiskey's gone

[Nagisa & Karma]: This town ain't big enough for both of us

Stick around, and someone's bound to blow it up

Settin' you on fire, then I'll liquify ya

[Karma]: Time to meet your maker, [Nagisa]: time that you retire

[Nagisa]: Oh what a day, what a lovely day

For mayhem, wouldn't ya say?

You call me a fan but I do your job better

Whenever you're off on another long bender

What a role model, hungover much?

Throw you in the drunk tank - sober up

Even if you're not in my line of sight

I got a bangin' bankshot - dynamite

I'm immune to any mine I drop

Boohoo, you lost an eye, Cyclops

I lost my whole leg and yet

I still find a way to stay a step ahead

I take no fall damage, ain't afraid of heights

Survived an apocalypse, it was a delight

Even if you kill me, I'm not done explodin'

Can't keep up? You're stuck reloadin'

[Karma]: You've got a few tangled wires

Forget explosives, stick with tires

You may have range, I'm an expert in melee

I'll take a nine iron right to your brain mate

What a pansy, prancing around

Head full of eyeballs, I'll whack 'em out

You want the high ground, I wouldn't dare

I can strate while I'm in the air

I've got skill, you need only luck

Guts and glory! Mostly guts

They'll have to glue you back together in hell

With a closed casket at your wake as well

Keep your gold, I have intelligence

You're a psycho, I fight with elegance

Turn this rat to a pile of junk

Even while I'm half blind and drunk

[Nagisa & Karma]: This town ain't big enough for both of us

Stick around, and someone's bound to blow it up

Settin' you on fire, then I'll liquify ya

[Karma]: Time to meet your maker, [Nagisa]: time that you retire

[Nagisa]: I do have a high IQ, by that I mean income quota

The only cache you'll take from me is the kind that'll blow up

Nobody knows who you are anymore, this rap is your resurrection (you're welcome!)

You're nowhere near my level, then again you lack the depth perception

Just read the comments under this song

Something tells me you're gonna bomb

My bodyguard will bust you up

Argh, what is gonna shut you up

My limp won't hinder victory since I have the better hand

You laid the blueprints for me, you're truly a demo man

[Karma]: If I'm your blueprint, why aren't you an improvement?

You're a lightweight and a nuisance

With a sidekick who thinks you're useless (true!)

The outback taught you survival skills

But you're not built for fightin'

If you're so rich then where'd you get your weapons, dumpster diving?

Now we're talking trash since you've actually set that standard (dumbass!)

Beware the dangers of radiation, wait, you are the cancer

My liver's in better shape than you

And I drink as much as you weigh - times two

Not so bloody cocksure now?

Head on home to Junkertown

Oh that's right, you got locked out

[Nagisa & Karma]: This town ain't big enough for both of us

Stick around, and someone's bound to blow it up

Settin' you on fire, then I'll liquify ya

[Karma]: Time to meet your maker, [Nagisa]: time that you retire

"Man that was good." Said Nagisa as he sat down on the bed. Karma nodded his head and said, "I'll say. " That was when their girlfriends showed and Kayano said, "What are you boys talking about?" Nagisa told her, "He and I just got done lip syncing Demoman vs Junkrat Rap Battle By JT Music." Then Manami said, "Oh that was a good one, but not as good as the Pyro ve Mei one." Kayano nodded her head and said, "Yeah, and it was way better than the Widowmaker Vs Sniper Rap Battle." Karma then looked at Nagisa and said, "Didn't you say that?" Nagisa nodded his head, looked at Kayano and asked her, "Wanna do it?" Kayano smiled and said, "If you mean sing the Mei vs Pyro Rap Battle, you're on." Nagisa smiled and pulled that rap battle up and got ready as JT Music said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Humans and Omnics alike. Prepare yourselves for a battle of the Ages. The Frosty Fiend, and the flaming freak show. A song of Ice and Fire, but who, would wear, the CROWN?" (A.N.: I did my best to make sure this was accurate to the actual Intro for the actual Youtube Video. If I made some mistakes please let me know in the reviews, no on with the second Rap Battle.)Then Kayano started the rap battle.

[Kayano]: I woke from cryo, all iced-out like White Gold

Do you find it surprisin', that my rhymes are ice cold?

Time freeze - nice pose, zero degrees - you'll die slow

For a psycho, you're not so bright

I'll snuff out this Pyro

Nope, he's not a gifted linguist

His fire's been extinguished

I'll turn him hypothermic

It's a blizzard, he's in the ring with

I'm the worst elemental menace

A weathered and level-headed chemist

You're a guy with a fire fetish

Could be female - take your guesses

[Nagisa]: Caring and giving make my life worth living

Rainbows in the sky, watch the colors turn

The sun is getting brighter and I can feel it - burn!

You blood will bubble

There'll be nothing left but guts and rubble

Agh! Welcome to hell

I'll cook you 'till you're well-done or melt

I came to fire this ice queen

I'll vaporize her just like steam

Here's a fire warning that I'd obey

Just go back to cryo, Mei

[Kayano]: Want some ice for this spankin'?

You're only good for flanking

But I'll block you with my walls

Some might even say I'm tankin'

Think of all that time you're wastin' makes me so unlikable

When I'm in your face slowing down your pace and I snipe you with this icicle

Headshot, that was critical. Then I'll make myself Invincible

So don't come closer, hell froze over, better pull out your winter coat

Why the mask? I won't ask, underneath it must be a mess

End of the verse - kill confirmed. Pull some cold on those burns

[Nagisa]: Feel the love and laughter growing, colorful balloons a-floating

Join me friend, for fun and games

Dreams of hope and beauty form, lollipops and unicorns

Walk with me into my world of - flames!

I'm turning up the heat anywhere upward of 32 degrees

No cryo-freeze, you'll cry all night

Why'd you bring ice to a firefight?

Don't try to snipe me, bad move

I'll airblast it back at you

Stop drop and roll - you're still in danger

Build an igloo, it will be safer

Got myself covered head to toe

Thought I ought to let you know

Somebody hired me for pest control to exterminate pesky eskimos

It's time for Mei to hibernate until I melt this ice away

Still got beef? I would leave it

You'll wind up just like your team did

[Nagisa]: I'll fry you up and put you on rice

[Kayano]: Tie up your skates, I'll put you on ice

Let's see how long you keep in the freezer

[Nagisa]: You won't bring me down with a fever

Thinks she'll walk away unscathed - Mei is that absurd

'Cause all she'll take away today is painful afterburn

[Nagisa]: I'll give you a headache

[Kayano]: I can haunt your dreams

[Nagisa]: Flaunt your every mistake

[Kayano]: How I love your screams

[Nagisa & Kayano]: It's true, I'm a brutal nuisance

Cold-hearted, cruel and ruthless

[Nagisa]: Spreading like a cancer

[Kayano]: Worse than a disease

[Nagisa]: Stirring up your anger

[Kayano]: Murder all I see

[Nagisa & Kayano]: Don't you try to hide or run from me

You know misery loves company

Karma and Manami were speechless after Nagisa and Kayano finished, as if they were watching the actual Mei from Overwatch and Pryo from Team Fortress 2 duking it out, before Nagisa looked at the two and asked, "What did you guys think?" and Karma said, "It was like we were watching the actual Mei from Overwatch and Pryo from Team Fortress 2 duking it out. You guys were that good." Nagisa and Kayano smiled at that comment and thanked Karma before heading downstairs for movie Night.

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