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Class E singing songs @crusherboy93
Aladdin songs (Names in chapter)

It was the E-Class Movie night and they decided to watch a classic, the 1992 version of Aladdin. John had Toka on his lap since he was also invited as well. Then Nagisa said, "Man, I freaking love the classic Disney movies." Everyone agreed before John said, "Yeah, not to mention in the English version, the genie is played by Robert Williams in 1992. But Will smith acting as Genie does the Newer version of the movie justice as well." That was when Karma said, "Especially when they sing the song Never Had a Friend Like Me."

"Damn straight, and I can sing that song pretty well." said John. Everyone looked at John as Toka said, "Then my darling boyfriend, why don't you sing it for us." John smiled and said, "Okay, if you all insist." After picking up Toka and placing her on the floor, John walked to the front of the room and as the Song was starting, he sand along too.

[John]: Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves

Scheherezad-ie had a thousand tales

But master you in luck 'cause up your sleeves

You got a brand of magic never fails

You got some power in your corner now

Some heavy ammunition in your camp

You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how

See all you gotta do is rub that lamp

And I'll say, Mister Aladdin, sir

What will your pleasure be?

Let me take your order Jot it down

You ain't never had a friend like me (Ho, Ho, Ho)

Life is your restaurant And I'm your maitre d'

C'mon whisper what it is you want

You ain't never had a friend like me

Yes sir, we pride ourselves on service

You're the boss, The king, the shah

Say what you wish, It's yours, true dish

How about a little more Baklava?

Have some of column A, Try all of column B

I'm in the mood to help you dude

You ain't never had a friend like me

Soon John began dancing as the music break played, and everyone saw that he was really good. Soon the Lyrics came back and John started singing again.

[John]: Can your friends do this? Do your friends do that?

Do your friends pull this out their little hat?

Can your friends go poof? Well, looky here

Can your friends go, Abracadabra, let 'er rip

And then make the sucker disappear?

So don't cha sit there slack-jawed, buggy-eyed

I'm here to answer all your midday prayers

You got me bona fide, certified

You got a genie for your chargé d'affaires

I got a powerful urge to help you out

So what-cha wish?, I really want to know

You got a list that's three miles long, no doubt

Well, all you gotta do is rub like so - and oh

Mister Aladdin, sir, have a wish or two or three

I'm on the job, you big nabob

You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

You ain't never, had a, friend, like, me!

You ain't never had a friend like me, hah!

"Damn John, you probably could have given Will Smith a run for his money." said Nagisa. John rubbed the back of his neck and said, "Aw shucks. I wouldn't say that." Then Toka said, "I would say that. Do another song, I wanna hear you sing like the Genie again." Soon everyone was cheering along with Toka for John to do another song. John chuckled before he said, "Alright, What do you guys want me to sing?" Soon Toka stood up and said, "How about we sing There's a Party Here in Agrabah." That was when Nagisa said, "Yeah, I like that one, I call being Genie, you can be Aladdin John." Soon Karma also stood up and said, "I'll be Aladdin's Father, Terasaka and his gang can be the Forty Thieves." Then Nagisa said, "Then I'll be Iago as well." Soon Yuma brought the music up and they all started singing.

[Nagisa]: There's a party here in Agrabah,

There's excitement in the air

People pourin' in from near and far

'Cause Jasmine and Aladdin are gonna have a weddin'!

There's a party here in Agrabah,

Everybody will be there

So if you're a pauper or a shah,

Do somethin' with your hair!

You mustn't wear an outfit that's naughty

A turban that's unraveling just won't do

No earrings that are tasteless or gaudy

You're gonna look gorgeous when I get through

There's a party here in Agrabah

So I'm goin' to paint the town

If you want to see what colors are,

Follow me around!

[Everyone]: Aladdin's gettin' married, and it's gonna be

The wedding of the century

[Nagisa]: My buddy's gettin' married, and you're gonna see

Just how much I can do!

You've heard of your safari, bar mitzvahs, (Aah!)

You've all been to a luau, or a sweet sixteen (Huh!)

Well, none of them compare to what this is!

The food will be disgusting, by evening you'll be busting!

[Nakamura]: There's a party here in Agrabah,

And it's got us all aglow

[Nagisa (Best Sylvester Stallone impression)]:If a street rat could've come so far,

Maybe I could do it. Sure, there's nothin' to it!

[Hara]: There's a party here in Agrabah,

But we're not sure that we'll go

For although the bride is lah-tee-dah,

The groom is awfully low

[Nagisa (Best Walter Cronkite impression)]: And now we take you down to the palace

Where everyone has celebrated all night long

Without Jafar and all of his malice,

Everybody's happy!

What could possibly go wrong?

[Terasaka and his gang]: There's a party here in Agrabah

And we're gonna rob 'em blind!

[Karma]: While they're all munching caviar

Create a small disturbance, I'll sneak up from behind

[Maehara (Best Iago Impression)]: There's a party here in Agrabah

And the loot is pourin' in!

I like this wedding stuff so far!

Maybe if I'm pleasant,

I'll get to keep a present!

[Nagisa]: We've ordered just a few tasteful flowers

And valets who'll carefully park for you

The bridesmaids have been dressing for hours!

Girls, you look just lovely, and so grown-up too

There's a party here in Agrabah

Guests are filling up the room

But there's something missing...

Yes, aha!

[Yuma]: Where is the groom?

[John]: There's a party here in Agrabah

And the party's all for me

Just look, you guys, at where we are,

And how our dreams have come to be!

[Toka]: There's a party here in Agrabah

And I can't believe it's true

After all this waiting, here we are

We'll finally get to say, "I do!"

[John]: I never, ever had a real family

[Toka]: I never, ever had a real true friend

[John & Toka]: Someone who could just understand me…

[Maehara (Best Iago Impression)]: Hey, c'mon, Aladdin, this mush has gotta end!

[Nagisa]: There's a party here in Agrabah

And it's starting right away

Let's get you dressed, 'cause you're the star!

Hey, c'mon, it's your wedding day!

Soon everyone joined in for the rest of the song.

[Everyone]: Aladdin's gettin' married, and it's gonna be

The wedding of the century

Amazing how Aladdin could've come so far...

[Nagisa]: They're finally gettin' married!

[Yuma]: They're finally gettin' married!

[Terasaka and his gang]: They're finally gettin' married!

[Maehara (Best Iago Impression)]: Look at all these presents!

[Toka]: We're finally getting married!

[Sugino]: You're finally gettin' married!

[John]: I'm finally gettin' married!

[Everyone]: They're finally gettin' married

At the party in Agraba-a-a-ah!

(background (mumbling))

Such a sight to see

Come on, go with me

There's a party in Agrabah!

"Hell yeah! Man I love how we are all able to sing along to any Song." Said Maehara as everyone went back to their seats to continue watching the movie, but everyone was agreeing with Maehara and they went back to watching the movie.

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