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Class E singing songs @crusherboy93
Beautiful Star Wars by JT Music

Nagisa, Karma, Sugino were taking turns playing Star wars battlefront with Kayano, Manami and Yukiko watching them. Then Kayano said, "So you and Karma met JT Music in a match of Halo 3?" Nagisa nodded his head and said, "Yeah, and he even listened to me singing the lyrics for his Halo 3 Rap Remade edition." Karma nodded his head and said, "Damn straight. Now since we're talking about JT Music, this game's making think about his Star Wars Battlefront Rap." Sugino then said that he was thinking the same thing. As did Nagisa, who then said, "You guys wanna lip sync that song?" Sugino nodded his head as Karma said, "Sure." Nagisa then pulled out his phone and brought up the Instrumental Lyrics for the rap. Soon the music began playing and Nagisa started them off.

[Nagisa]: Didn't see that coming, huh?

Alright, let's blow this thing and go home!

Woo Hoo!

Grab your blasters, pack your things, to the Battlefront, it's happening!

Hoth, Endor, Tatooine, back on the front line and I'm glad to be

It's Star Wars, Beautiful Star Wars, beautiful Star Wars

Love it so much

[Sugino]: Don't mess with the rebel alliance

I'm all up in your face, don't you get up in mine, bitch

I'm the next best thing since the X-Wing

Call me J.J, cuz I'm directing

Every single attack

On your pathetic empire

Making Vader look bad

He might get fired!

Every soldier you have sent will die!

[Nagisa]: Do or do not, there is no try!

[Karma]: Hmm... force is strong with this one...

[Nagisa (Best Grand Moff Tarkin Voice)]: Lord Vader, you may fire when ready!

[Karma]: Yo! You can not hide from the dark side

I'll freeze your asses in Carbonite

I don't got the time for you rebel scum

Stormtroopers, show 'em how it's done!

[Nagisa]: Nobody's flyer than the empire

Comin' down on you like a TIE Fighter

You're gonna hate me, hate me

When I stomp on you with my AT-AT

Yo Boba!

[Sugino]: What?

[Nagisa]: No homo, but I think you're handsome

[Sugino]: Huh?

[Nagisa]: Cause I'm your clone bro!

Lookin' so dope, take a photo

I can Lay ya, no Solo!

[Sugino]: The name's Skywalker, this may sound corny

But I'm a Jedi like my father was before me

And I can promise that I won't be the last of 'em

After I take out all the trash on this Battlefront!

[Nagisa (Best Emperor Accent)]: So be it Jedi, your fate has been sealed

All your friends will die too, they won't even get past our shields

When they learn this battle station is quite operational

And if you work for me, remember death is occupational!

[Sugino (impersonating Han)]: Hey Chewie, get us outta here, time to make the jump to

Light speed, it's game on!

Let's see you do that with the Slave I

I hold the record in the Kessel Run

If you know the odds, never tell me them!

Next stop, Death Star

Construction won't get far

Ask Obi-Wan or Skywalker

The name is Han, and I shot first!

[Karma]: You brought your fleet? I'll send you back

Like Ackbar said; "IT'S A TRAP!"

I'll wipe you out like Bantha Fodder

Tell me now Luke, who's your father?

[Sugino]: Sorry dad, but I don't think you're bad

You got no friends and you're just sad!

[Karma]: I will do my master's bidding

[Sugino]: That's one wrinkly ass you're kissing

When you die no one's gonna miss ya!

[Karma]: Well at least I don't kiss my own sistah!

Obi-Wan has taught you well

Tell him I said hi!

[Sugino]: Tell him yourself!

[Nagisa]: Try to follow me, on my speeder dodging trees

Ewoks got your chicken walkers falling on their knees

[Sugino]: Just a minor setback, check this, jetpack!

Puttin' bounties on your head

Call up Boba Fett; STAT!

[Nagisa]: Rebel snowspeeders go

Get intel from 3PO

Got your Storm Troopers screaming

"Help me, you're my only hope!"

[Karma]: Reinforcements, send them in!

[Nagisa]: Lock and load, let them rip!

[Karma]: Rebels, you will never win!

[Sugino]: Lightsabers, get them lit!

[Karma]: Father-Son, Jedi-Sith

[Sugino]: The Force is calling

[Everyone]: Let it in!

"Yeah!" Shouted Nagisa as the music ended and Kaede, Manami and Yukiko clapped their hands in applause to the three boys who were all Star Wars fans before going back to the game they were playing.

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