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Halo 3 Rap Remake by JT Music

(A.N.: I got Full Permission to do this from JT Music, I asked and everything, so if you like JT Music, here's a Classic one, and there will be more on the way. Also I don't own Halo, I claim no rights to it or this song. Thank you and enjoy the chapter) As Nagisa and Karma Played a round of team Slayer on Halo 3, Nagisa said, "Man, playing this game reminds me of this one Rap remade by this one Youtuber." Then karma said, "Oh the Halo 3 Rap remake by JT Music." Nagisa looked at the screen and said, "You watched that one." Then Karma said, "Yeah, I freaking loved it."

"Glad you guys liked my Video that much." Said a Voice Both Karma and Nagisa recognized. Soon another Character came into Nagisa's View as he was on his team and Nagisa said, "SkullCruncher13…" and the man himself replied, "Nice to meet you Bluenette_Assassin_243 and Karma_Killer132. You guys must really love my Music." Karma was the first to respond and he said, "Yeah, Absolutely Mr. SkullCruncher13 sir." SkullCruncher13 chuckled before he said, "Just SkullCruncher is fine. I guess you listened to that rap a dozen times huh?"

"Three dozen times actually, I know the Lyrics by heart." Said Nagisa. Then SkullCruncher13 said, "Really? Mind if I hear you sing them." Nagisa was speechless before he said, "Are you being Legit right now?" and SkullCruncher13 said, "Yeah Dude, I wanna hear it. Here, I'll even play the Music for you." Soon afterwards, the music started playing and Nagisa started rapping.

[Nagisa]: I got a bag of Doritos and a Can of Cherry Coke

I turn on the Xbox and I'm already stoked.

Because I know nobody can step up to me.

While I'm Dominating everyone on Halo Three.

The Assault Rifle is lame., The Shotgun's insane.

But I prefer the battle rifle when I'm fighting long range.

You'll be minding your own business when you're POW! BEAT DOWN!

And by the time you know it's me I won't even be around. (around)

And without a sound, you can try to find me but you're the one to get found.

Then I'll pump you full of lead, or lay you out with a grenade.

If life was based on Halo then I know I had it made.

"Nice, let's hear the rest." Said SkullCruncher13

[Nagisa]: It's not that easy being me, I've got a lot of battlescars.

Take a look at my Rank, a Golden Crest with stars.

And my highest skill reached in case you hadn't guess

Is a number that the System can begin to assess.

Because I'm the best, best not lose your head,

You know you're playing against me and that's enough said.

Accuracy of a hawk and the skill of Jiu jitsu,

I'll come down on you so fast you'll never know what hit you.

"Alright Nagisa, keep it going!" said Karma as they continued to listen to Nagisa rap and play the game, which they were winning.

[Nagisa]: So you want to party up well I guess that's too bad,

I don't party up with anyone because I'm too rad.

You'll only make me lose and that will make me mad,

So the best you'll get from me is a friendly Teabag.

I'll splatter you, beat you down and maybe play you later.

I don't care if you get angry you're just another Hater.

SkullCruncher13 is my Live I.P.

Am I'm the kind of guy that makes you wonder, "How'd he kill me?"

Beating and defeating every meeting of the cheating little Campers

Their Manliness could match Exotic Dancers.

So don't be camping son

Because I've got a spartan Laser and I see you don't got one.

With a bing zap BAM!

You'll be singin' hot damn

You got lasered by the Skullcrunch

And that's who I am.

So no matter where you run,

No matter how much luck.

I'll be the one to bring you down and make a fella yell dawn!

"Alright Nagisa, let's hear the next set of lines. This is getting good" said SkullCruncher13.

[Nagisa]: The mongoose, the warthog, and the Scorpion too.

I've got a licence for them, and I'm ready to kill you.

You hear the Engine revving and you don't know what to do

But when you think you're on the ready, you're already run through son.

Yea, you know it's what I do best,

If I'm snapping your neck or making you a total mess

And if you're new to Halo, Just call this a hazing

Give me just a pistol and I make it look amazing.

There's something red on my Motion Detector,

Punk you don't want to come up into my sector

Batting off shots with my laser Deflector

I'll fight for my Halo and I'll always protect her

Halo is the most incredible game

When I get online, I see that people are lame.

Cause they all play a game called Call of Duty Ghosts

I would love that game if I was seven years old.

"Last bit of the rap, here goes." Said Nagisa as he got three headshots in a row.

[Nagisa]: I started off, I was friendly and nice

But now I've turned into a legend and my heart turned to Ice

I talk smack to the haters I play

And I can beat them all down so I don't care what they say

Isolation, Last Resort, and even the Rat's nest

I can never stop playing cause I'm kind of Obsessed

If you want to fight, I'll rise to the test

Cause you're gonna find out Halo's what I do best!

"And that's game!" shouted Karma as their team won the round. Nagisa smiled as it was shown he got the most kills for their team with SkullCruncher13 behind him and Karma behind him. Then SkullCruncher13 said, "Not bad you two, you guys have skill." and Nagisa said, "Well… Let's just say we got taught by the right people." SkullCruncher13 chuckled before he said, "Well, I'm getting off for the night, later dudes." Nagisa and Karma said night to SkullCruncher13 before getting on the phone and both geeking out. (A.N.: Like I said at the beginning of this chapter I got Full Permission to do this from JT Music, I asked and everything, and I plan on adding more raps and songs done by them to this because those are the only ones that come to my mind right now)

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