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Crusherboy93's plan

Crusherboy93 waited at the Park for the people that he needed to talk to when they arrived. Crusherboy93 stood up and said, "You're both late." and Gary said, "Sorry Crusherboy93, had to make sure I wasn't being followed." then Dawn said, "Same here, I couldn't shake the feeling I was being followed." Crusherboy93 nodded his head and said, "Alright. Now onto the reason I called you both here." Crusherboy93 lead Dawn and Gary off the walking path and said, "So you know about the Story where I'm having People from Pokémon read off ships they are a part of, so far I did Brock, Misty, Ash, Mallow, Serena, May, and Lana. Next chapter I want you two to do a review together, at the same time." Gary and Dawn looked at each other before they looked back at Crusherboy93 and Gary said, "Why?" to which John said, "I want you guys to give Honest opinions, that way, if Brock, Misty, Ash, Mallow, or Serena watch you two, they can get off my back."

"Well, why would they be?" asked Dawn, to which John said, "I may have used bribery in the last two chapters. Money with May and A special Water-type for Lana." Then Gary said, "So you expect us to lie?" and John told him, "No not lie, I honestly want you two to help me out, Mr. Senator of the Poké Republic in Star Wars Pokémon Rebels, and White Ranger in Power Rangers Poké Fury. I gave you those spots, I can take them away." Gary and Dawn looked at each other, then back at Crusherboy93 and Dawn said, "Your Bluffing…" and Crusherboy93 crossed his arms before he said, "Am I?" Not wanting to lose either of their positions in the Stories Crusherboy93 mentioned, Gary and Dawn agreed to do the Co review. Crusherboy93 smiled and said, "Good, now get ready, I'm going to start working on it soon." Gary and Dawn nodded their heads and walked off. Crusherboy93 smiled and said, "All according to plan."

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