Any Characters reacting to ships @crusherboy93

Hello everyone who is reading this story, my name is Lana Reyes and I'm here to look at Ships I am a part of and give my Opinion on it, now in the last Chapter May liked all the ones she read, so I'm confident I'll like all the ones I read." Just then, the door to the room Lana was in and in walkled Mallow, Ash, Brock, and Misty. Lana then said, "I take it you're here to see me react to the ships I'm in." and they all nodded their heads and Brock said, "Our friend May liked all of the ones she read and we want to see your reactions." Lana was silent for a few moments before she went on with her task

AkalaShipping - Kiawe, Lana, Mallow & Olivia

"This Ship is okay." said Lana. Mallow then shouted, "What, you can't be serious, I read that ship and I don't like it." Then lana said, "We can have our own opinions."

AquariumPlantShipping - Mallow & Lana

"Sorry Mallow, but I like this one too," said Lana, getting a look of shock from Lana.

BlueAngelShipping - Ash & Lana

I'm down for this one.

BlueHairedAlolaShipping - Dawn & Lana

So this Dawn person has blue hair too, nice. These ships are really good

FishInTheShadowsShipping - Marlon & Lana

Isn't he a water type gym leader, that's so cool.

IgneousPohakuShipping - Kiawe & Lana

"Didn't Crusherboy93 do this ship in Broken Friendship 2- the War?" asked Lana and Ash nodded his head and said, "Yeah he did."

IngredientShipping - Kiawe, Lana & Mallow

This is a good one.

MysticBubbleShipping - Acerola & Lana

This is a spooky one, it reminds me of the episode where I told you guys that Story and you were all scared shitless at the end.

ShineGlassShipping - Max & Lana

Max, isn't that May's younger Brother, I would definitely date him.

SwordfishShipping - Gladion & Lana

That's Lillie's brother, I can see this one being done

TrialCaptainShipping - Ilima, Kiawe, Sophocles, Acerola, Lana, Mallow & Mina

Before Lana could even speak, Mallow said, "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE SAY YOU LIKE THAT ONE!" But Lana said, "But I do like it."

WaterWarriorShipping - Lana & Misty

Our love for Water types is unmatched. I can definitely see this as a story.

"That's impossible, there's no way two people in a row can like ships they are a part of." Shouted Ash. Lana stood up, looked at Ash and said, "Well it happened, later guys." Lana then walked out of the room and afterwhich, Mallow said, "Do you think Crusherboy93 had something to do with this?" and everyone agreed. Then Misty said, "It's the only possible way two people in a row would like all of the ships they look at." Then Brock said, "Unfortunately, we can't prove it without any evidence." Ash nodded his head and said, "Let's come back here when the next person who does the Reacting does the same thing, if that person likes all of the ships they react to, then we know that Crusherboy93 is behind this." Everyone agreed and left the room. Soon, Crusherboy93 opened the closet door and pressed a number on his phone and after a few rings, the person he called picked up and Crusherboy93 said, "Hey Gary, I have a proposition for you…" after the call is over, Crusherboy93 sent another number a message saying, "Dawn, I need to speak with you A.S.A.P. Meet me in the Park in a few minutes." Crusherboy93 then opened the door to make sure the coast was cleared and he left the room.

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