Any Characters reacting to ships @crusherboy93
Group Chat 01

(A.N.:All Sentences are in messenger format because they are all in one big Group called traveling friends.)

Brock: So, we're the first five Crusherboy93 had review ships with ourselves in them, what did you guys think?

Ash: I fucking hated it.

Misty: You're not the only one.

Mallow: Same

Serena: Agreed

Brock:Why did he even want that?

Crusherboy93: I just wanted to see how you guys would react…


Crusherboy93: My Stories, I can do what I want.

Misty: I sure Wish I knew where you are rn so I can hit you in the head with my Mallet

Crusherboy93: I'm in ur house.

Misty: WHAT?!

Crusherboy93: Jk, I'm at Ash's House

Misty: :(

Ash: WHAT?!

Crusherboy93: Jk again, I'm at Brock's Gym

Ash: :(

Brock: Really?

Crusherboy93: Jk again XD, you guys are really making this too easy for me.

Brock: :(

May: Hey guys.

Brock, Crusherboy93, Ash, Misty, Mallow, Serena: Hey May.

May: Whatcha guys talking about

Crusherboy93: Oh they were just talking about the chapters of them reviewing ships they are in.

May: Really? Did they do all of them?

Ash: No, we just did a few, some were good.

Brock: Some were not so good.

Misty: Some were just fucking stupid.

May: Huh, I wonder what ships there are of me?

Brock, Ash, Misty, Mallow, Serena: No you don't.

Crusherboy93: If you want me to May, I can make the next chapter your chapter where you review Ships you're in.

May: Sure, what can go wrong?

Brock, Ash, Misty, Mallow, Serena: A lot

May: What are you guys talking about?

Crusherboy93: They're upset because I had them look at the ships that they are a part of that they didn't like.

May: Well, I'm sure that when I see the Ships I'm in, that won't happen.

Brock, Ash, Misty, Mallow, Serena: Yes it will.

Crusherboy93: Don't listen to them. It'll be fine.

May: Okay, I'll do it.

Crusherboy93: Great, see you in the next chapter May.

May: See you then.

(A.N.: The Three :( are supposed to be angry faces, but the Greater than sign won't show up

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