Any Characters reacting to ships @crusherboy93

"Hey Guys, My name is Misty, and today I will be reviewing some ships I am a part of," said Misty as she sat at a Computer. Just then, Crusherboy93 and two movers walked in and he pointed to the Gun cabinet and said, "There it is boys, you know where to take it." Misty looked at Crusherboy93 and asked, "What are you doing?" and Crusherboy93 said, "I was hoping my real life counterpart wouldn't make your chapter yet. But when your chapter came, I'm having these movers move the gun cabinet to a safe location, anywhere where you are not is a safe place for them to be." Misty was confused for a while, but she decided to ignore it and typed her name into the Find part of the list of ships Brock, Mallow, Ash, and Serena used and she saw that she was a part of and started looking at them.

3PShipping - Ash, May & Misty

"Okay, I would like to know who would ever create any kind of Story with this combination of people." Said Misty before Crusherboy93 said, "Luckily on the Site I use, no one has done that...yet." Misty shot Crusherboy93 a glare that could kill him if looks could kill before looking back at the computer

AcceptanceShipping - Ash, Clemont, Misty & Serena (XY)

"Me, Clemont, Ash, and Serena? Seriously?"

AdvancemotherShipping - Misty & Azurill

"I'm not even going to question this one."

AlbumShipping - Trip & Misty

"Me...and Trip, not in a Billion Years."

AllgrownupShipping - Misty & Togetic

"Togetic is like a child to me, so if that's what the name means, then this is okay."

LaserTridentShipping - Misty & Octillery

"What, me and an Octillery? Never, absolutely never."

FirstGenerationShipping - Ash, Brock, Gary & Misty

"I can Understand all of us being from Kanto, but I'm pretty sure none of the Guys would agree to this."

FizzyWaterShipping - Misty & Oshawott

"Who in the Distortion World would ship me with a Pokemon, even if it's a water type?"

FloatingheartShipping - Misty & Lillie

"Doesn't she have a thing for Ash?"

FlowerShipping - Mikey & Misty

"He's a little Young for me, don't you think?"

GyaradositeShipping - Lysandre & Misty

"I get that he and I have A Gyarados, but he's a little old and too evil for me."

GymShipping - Brock & Misty

"Seriously, me and Brock, I'm not his type, I'm not married." said Misty, get a loud Hey from Brock, who heard her.

HandkerchiefShipping - Ash, Misty & Serena (XY)

"Ash would enjoy this way too much."

PokeShipping - Ash & Misty

"Ash and I got enough of that from Team Rocket and Tracy."

PokevanceShipping - Ash, May & Misty

"Seriously, neither May or I would Agree to that." then Crusherboy93 said, "Lucky you, there aren't any Stories with you three in a Pairing."

"That's it, no more, I am done with these ships." said Misty. But Crusherboy93 said, "Well, next Chapter I am going to have you and the four people before you talk about the Ships you all read." Misty looked at Crusherboy93 and said, "Where is the Shotgun case Crusherboy93, I'm going to FUCKING KILL YOU!" and Crusherboy93 ran for his life.

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