Any Characters reacting to ships @crusherboy93

"Hello everyone, my name is Serena Yovonne. Today I will be reacting to ships I am a part of, I wonder how many there are with me a part of them, let's find out." said Serena before she typed in the Ship Search bar her name and the results popped out. She was in utter shock before she said, "Wow, 986 ships that I am a part of, If I did them all, I'll probably be here for a long time. Let's do a few and we'll call it."

1000RosesShipping - Drew, Iris & Serena (XY)

"From What I heard about those two from Ash and May, absolutely not."

4WeeksOfSummerShipping - Ash, Trevor & Serena (XY)

"Who in their right state of mind would put this into a Story?" asked Serena when Crusherboy93 said "People who like threesomes with a BGB fetish." Serena looked at Crusherboy93 with a questioning look before he said, "Hey now, don't get any Ideas Serena, it was just a guess." Serena just rolled her eyes and went back to the ships list

AbandonmentShipping - Emma & Serena (XY)

"AbandonmantShipping? What the Hell is AbandonmentShipping?"

AdvancedAmourShipping - Ash, May & Serena (XY)

"I'd Like this better if May wasn't a part of it." Said Serena, causing Crusherboy93 to say, "Well it wouldn't be called AdvancedAmourShipping if May wasn't in it, then it would be just AmourShipping." Serena looked at Crusherboy93 before she turned to the computer and typed in what Crusherboy93 said.

AmourShipping - Ash & Serena (XY)

"Now this one I love, matches how I feel about Ash immediately."

GeekChicShipping - Clemont & Serena (XY)

"Me… and Clemont? Oh my, I mean in Crusherboy93's Story Broken Friendship We are together and we have a kid coming, but I would never see Clemont like that, he's more like a cousin to me."

FondantShipping - Miette & Serena (XY)

"Okay, I'm not a Lesbian, neither is Miette. Besides, she tried to take Ash from me, I'm not cool with that."

FrenchDreamShipping - Drew, May, Misty & Serena (XY)

"That Drew guy would like this one too much."

BoutiqueShipping - Serena (XY) & Shauna (XY)

"Wwwhat…. Me and Shauna, who would come up with a ship like…." said Serena before she slowly turned to face Crusherboy93 as he sat in his chair before he said, "Don't look at me, I haven't done a story like that." Serena kept staring at him before she went back looking at the computer as Crusherboy93 said in his head, "At least not yet, hint hint my dear readers, I MIGHT do a story where Shauna and Serena get together, I believe that anyone should have happiness, no matter which Gender you love." (A.N.: I only added that part because of all the hate about Gay couples. I'm not Gay myself, but if two men love each other and two women love each other, we should not judge them for it. As it says in the Declaration of Independence, the beginning of the second paragraph, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." We must accept people for who they are, and not be judgemental for what they believe in or who they love. I also looked into the rules and guidelines, nothing says I couldn't put this bit in.)

ZweilousAmourShipping - Ash, Serena (XY) & Shannon

"Who is Shannon and why is there a ship with me and Ash with her?"

HermioneGrangerShipping - Serena (XY) & Braixen

"Who would ship me and my Pokémon together and why is it called HermioneGrangerShipping?"

HolyAmourShipping - Ash, Serena (XY) & Arceus

"Ash, Me, and the god of all Pokémon, I can't even describe my feelings right now"

AzaleeShipping - Bonnie & Serena (XY)

"Who would ship me and Bonnie?"

TinhYeuDichThucShipping - Ash, Clemont, Bonnie & Serena (XY)

"This one doesn't even make sense, no one can pronounce that and why would Clemont and Bonnie be in a ship?"

"That's it, I'm done. I don't want to read anymore ships that I'm a part of." Crusherboy93 then said, "Aww, but there's one more that I think you should read." Serena looked at Crusherboy93 as he typed in a ship.

CuteBruiserShipping - Serena (XY) & Pancham

"Seriously, me and Pancham, I ought to kill you for that Crusherboy93." said Serena but saw that Crusherboy93 was already gone and the Gun locker was locked up tight.

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